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A couple of weeks ago I got a request from one of the cutest girls in the world. She lived pretty close to me when I lived in Virginia. She also used to babysit my little girl. My daughter adored her. When Riley would draw pictures of our family (there were only three of us at the time) she would draw four people. Me, my husband, Riley and Kiley. Riley also liked the fact that Kiley’s name was spelled close to hers. She had no problems spelling it.

Well, as time goes on, Riley is no longer 3 years old and Kiley is getting married. I cannot believe that much time has already passed. But I believe Kiley is already older than I was when I got married. I was quite honored when she requested that I make her wedding jewelry. She asked me to keep it really simple and not flashy. She also wanted something that was based on her wedding ring. So this is what I cam up with. I am still working on the earrings.


It is sterling silver. It began life as 16 gauge wire which I forged and soldered together. I have tube set 3 CZ’s (5mm & 3mm). The bail on the back is just a 1/2 ring. The pendant is just shy of 1 3/4″ long.

I also worked on another wire ring tonight. I wanted to see what the Heart ring would look like in Sterling silver. This has been made in the same fashion as the one in copper, woven shank, formed heart and forged. I have oxidized this to bring out the details and gave it a matte finish with some Pumice powder.



We are supposed to get some good snow here, though I doubt we will have anywhere near what they predict. We always seem to fall short of that here in Norton. But I am sure glad we aren’t living in Virginia this weekend. They are supposed to get upwards of 30″. Stay warm and dry my friends.

Have a good weekend everyone.

6 thoughts on “Wedding Pendant

  1. Anita

    She will love this because it’s beautiful, and she will cherish it because you made it for her. I know the earrings will be just as lovely.

  2. Jeanne

    How lovely to be able to make something so beautiful for a friend’s wedding. Love the pendant. Can’t wait til you show the earrings. Love the heart ring.

    On another note, my granddaughter’s name is Reily…pronounced like your Riley’s name. lol

  3. Linda

    What a beautiful pendant! She will absolutely love it. It’s very simple in design, but very elegant also. I know there was a lot of thought behind it. You always such nice pieces.

  4. Melissa Muir

    Thanks Anita, Linda And Jeanne. I am happy to report that she does in deed love it. This one actually took a long time to make, and I had to make it more than once. The first time, the frame was just too big. This one is much better.

    Jeanne, You have to love the Riley’s. 🙂

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