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First of all, I know it is Tuesday, but I am running behind. So Tool Time Tuesday, is going to be Tool Time Wednesday this week. Sorry. Hopefully it will still be a good one and worth the wait.

In the meantime, here is what I have been feverishly working on. The following images are class project proposals. I will be teaching them here at my studio in Norton as well as a few of the shop locations. I am trying to get my schedule together as fast as possible. I am also working on June, so hopefully we will be able to have a forward plan.

Let me know what you think.

I love this pendant. I did it in the wee hours of the morning (like around 2:00 am) As you can see from the top picture it is actually 3-D. There is a layer after layer on this pendant. First, The silver design is actually a button I got from my local craft store. It is riveted onto the copper flower petal which is then riveted onto the plexi glass. Then the plexi glass is then connected to the copper with brass hexhead bolts and screws. There is a little silver bead acting as a spacer between the acrylic and copper. The leather is a beautiful navy blue Greek leather. I love how supple this stuff is. And it smells great!

This is another tab setting. I am teaching this on Thursday night here at my studio and still have 2openings if anyone is interested. It is a fun one and you will get REALLY good with a jewelers saw.


This is a pair of earrings I made while teaching the telescoping rivets during my riveting class last week.

This is what I call a turtle setting. I will be teaching this one on Tuesday, May 4th at my studio in Norton. It is a soldering project. It is a great alternative to wire wrapping or bezel setting your stones. There is another variation of this that is done without soldering and I will be teaching that one as well.

So between that and counting and sorting all those stupid copper pieces, you now know why I am not prepared for today’s Tool Time Tuesday. I would do it later tonight, and I still might, but I am teaching a tube setting class. It starts at 5:30 if anyone wants to join us. We still have an opening.

Oh, and also, we need less than 20 people to subscribe to my design journal and I will do my Celebration Prize give-away. So continue to spread the word to those who might enjoy learning about various tools and techniques.

6 thoughts on “Upcoming class projects

  1. Linda

    They are fabulous! And you say your muse left you. Hah. Great work, keep it up. I always look forward to what you make.

  2. Terri

    Love the plexi. I think I would have put one more rivet in the eidlweiss button (artistic three).

    Count me in for the turtle setting. It is so cool.

  3. Cindy Palance

    I agree with Nancy, I think you ought to start putting your classes on Skype and then us far away ppl could take your classes. They are all beautiful, but I really love the first one.

  4. jenherbert

    I reaaly like the top two, but especially the plexi one. I have really enjoyed watching your work evolve! I was recently given the Beautiful Blogger Award and would like to pass it on to you. Details are on my blog.

  5. Melissa Muir

    Linda, Sometimes she comes, and sometimes she goes. I think she is gone again. 🙁 BUMMER!

    Terri, There was no other place to put another hole. There were only two. 😉

    Thank you Nancy and Cindy. I am playing with the idea of doing some videos. I just haven’t figured out how to work it just yet. I think my camera is a really good one, but it is hard to film yourself when you are the one that has to do the work. 🙂

    Thank you JEN. That is very sweet. I am off to find out what is involved. 🙂


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