Tool Time Tuesday – Tool Review: Gwen Youngblood’s Riveting Essentials

Well, they still aren’t done with the roof. Darn spring weather. However, today it was very windy and snowing at this very moment. So I finally had a day to work in the studio and film really quickly. I was going to try to knock out three videos, however, I only got one completed. But hey, it is Tuesday and I have an Actual Tool Time Tuesday to post.

I had the opportunity to meet Gwen Youngblood while down in Tucson for the gem show in February. She is an absolute doll. I spoke to her at that time about doing a review of the riveting tool she had developed. I then got to spend a week with her in Texas a month later at the retreat I taught at in March. Gwen teaches at a lot of the large bead shows, so I am sure that many of you may be familiar with her already. She also has a fantastic studio located in San Antonio, Texas. You can find her and class listings on her website at

Gwen Youngblood Riveting Essentials

Gwen Youngblood Riveting Essentials

If you have seen my work, you will know how much I love riveting. I would like to think that I have rivets down to a science. So when I heard about this tool, I have to admit, I kind of thought,  “Well, I am sure it will be helpful for some, but perhaps just another tool for tool junkies and not necessary.” Well let me tell you, I have changed my tune. I have used it for the past three weeks in my studio, mostly on projects for my book, and I am pretty sure it will be rare for me to not use them to make my rivets from here on out. I love this tool that much! Well, just check it out for yourself.

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