Tool Time Tuesday – Textures: Hydraulic Presses vs. Rolling Mill

Okay, I know today is Wednesday, but my friend Francesca Watson is here photographing steps for the upcoming hydraulic press book, so I didn’t get it done yesterday. Lately, I have had a LOT of questions about getting textures from the hydraulic press vs those from the rolling mill. I figured it would be easier to just show you. 🙂 Of course. So here is a quick little video explaining the difference and showing you some examples.


3 thoughts on “Tool Time Tuesday – Textures: Hydraulic Presses vs. Rolling Mill

  1. June

    This helped me make my decisions easier for what my add on purchases will be from Potter USA. I am now in the mist of making my hydraulic press purchase.
    When do you think you book about hydraulic presses will be out?

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      I am so glad I was able to help June. I am estimating the release of the book to be in May. If I can get some good work done on it this week, I should still be on target. I will keep everyone here posted and you will all be the first to know.

  2. ML

    Thanks! In planning stages of a project and now have a better idea of which way I should proceed. You probably saved me hours of work and disappointing results. Yeah!


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