Tool Time Tuesday – Rotary Tumblers & Another Giveaway

Hey everyone. Yes, I know it is Friday. But, the video was posted to my YouTube channel on Tuesday, so technically it is still Tool Time Tuesday, right?  Hey, when you are a mom to three busy girls, you just have to roll with it sometimes. That, and Sales Taxes caught me off guard. I looked at the due date wrong. D’oh! So glad I looked again.  And, I owe a whole whopping $2.46 in Sales Taxes. LOL. That is good and bad, as it is an indicator of my sales for this past year. However, I believe I squeaked out a tiny bit of profit. Like maybe a hundred dollars or so. WOOT! Last year was probably my worst year emotionally and everything, so that tiny bit of a profit made me smile all night long, even now. 😀 <== See? Big Smile.

When I asked about topics for Tool Time Tuesday, a couple of people asked about Rotary Tumblers. I have a couple of them here in my studio so I thought I would give a quick comparison between the two of them.

If you are interested in getting a 3A Lortone Tumbler (the one featured in the video) and Mixed Stainless Steel Shot, let me know. I do sell those, however I do not keep them in stock. They do meet my minimum purchase amount from my supplier, so I can have it sent directly to you. Just let me know.

GIVEAWAY – Pepetools Jump Ring Maker


That is right, Pepetools has graciously offered a Jump Ring Maker (JMR2). Same deal as the last giveaways. You are just giving us (Pepetools and I) to add you to our email lists. You can always unsubscribe if you would like. Pepetools only sends out a few a year. There will be a few more than that from me, especially as I would like to just have my blog posts go out to my email list. That way I can have everything in one tidy little place.

** Oh, and no worries. You won’t be added to the list multiple times. I know it says you are, but you really aren’t. So you shouldn’t receive two emails and such. But I do still need you to actually enter the drawing through the link provided below.

When will the giveaway be done? Well, that depends. Pepetools has asked that we have a certain number of entries before we do the giveaway. We are currently about a 1/4 of the way there. So please share and share and share. I am dying to find out who is going to get the jump ring maker.


Here are a couple of videos for you to get you excited about winning it.

9 thoughts on “Tool Time Tuesday – Rotary Tumblers & Another Giveaway

  1. Shirley Walle

    Hi, Melissa. I just entered the Pepetools Jump Ring Maker contest. But in doing so, it appears I signed up (again) for the newsletter. If I was already receiving your newsletter, would I have been automatically entered in the contest? If so, I believe I have two entries, now (sorry); and possibly two subscriptions to your blog. FYI.

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      Hi Shirley,

      Thank you. I edited the post. You won’t be entered twice. I know it looks like you are signing up again, and you kind of are, but the lists will be merged so you will only be on the mailing list once. So no worries. And you still did right by entering as I need you to actually sign up for the entry to count. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Robin

    Hi Melissa,
    I always enjoy reading and watching your posts. I’m so glad to see the one on tumblers because I purchased the Lortone 3A myself a while back and I have the same issue with the barrel and gunky water that you have with the Harbor Freight model. I’ve tried everything to clean it and keep it clean and nothing works – I feel better now after seeing your video because it sounds like it’s a problem with the material used to make the barrel and not anything I was doing wrong.
    Thank you!

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      Robin, I am actually surprised to hear that you are having this issue with a Lortone tumbler. I know it can happen though. You may want to consider buying a new barrel. I have also heard some people will put the shot, water and pieces into a jar and place that inside the barrel and run it that way. So perhaps that is another method you could try.


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