Tool Time Tuesday – Riveting Essentials

I know it is Wednesday. But due to traveling last week and starting a new business this week with my husband has delayed things just a little bit. But here it is. You may remember I did a post and video a while back using the Riveting Essentials Kit from my friend Gwen Youngblood, well, she is giving away a kit to one lucky winner. Thanks Gwen.

Gwen Youngblood Riveting Essentials

Gwen Youngblood Riveting Essentials

I have decided to give this away in the same manner that I did the last giveaway. Check out the  YouTube video to see how to use this great tool and enter the drawing. I will announce the winner, along with the new name for my Friday Video Feature. Be sure to ask any questions you have that you want answered on Friday.

Good luck and I will see you all on Friday.

Video Link:

11 thoughts on “Tool Time Tuesday – Riveting Essentials

  1. Emily

    Hi, one of the members of my jewelry club bought Gwen’ss riveting kit and demonstrated it at one of our meetings. Unfortunately I was unable to attend that evening. So I am glad to see your demonstration and how easy it is to make just the right size rivet.

  2. Virignia Shelton

    OMG, this would make things sooo much easier! Can you tell us again where you found the decorative rivets?

    Can you tell me if there is a reason you prefer the hammer you show in the video with the rounded head as opposed to one with a flat head on it?

  3. Nanci Weatherhead

    I am 100% on tools that create more speed, efficiency, and a more professional look in my jewelry! New tools are a lot of the fun for me.

  4. Becky Carpenter

    I would love this kit!!! I’ve always wanted to work with metal and this would be a great starting point!!! Please pick me

  5. Kathy Lowe

    Melissa, that is the cutest little pendant!
    Did you texturize it with a hammer or rolling mill?

    Thanks so much for doing these great videos!

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      For the most part I make them all myself. This way I never have to worry about getting the rivet the right size and fit. There are times that I use a decorative rivet and that is one of the only times that I will use a ready made rivet.


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