Tool Time Tuesday – Removing and Smoothing Metal

Last night there was a discussion in one of my hydraulic press groups on FaceBook about removing the burrs left from cutting out metal shapes with some pancake dies. Of course, this also applies to any rough metal edges that may occur with any cutting process. I had mentioned that I use a belt sander followed by a medium abrasive wheel on my polishing lathe. This in turn, brought about even more questions. So I figured I would do what I always do, make a video.

The abrasive wheels I love to use work well with a polishing lathe without any special attachment. They slip right onto the tapered spindle. If you use too hard of pressure, you will blow through them quickly. But if you allow the tool to do the job, they will last quite a while. I use mine quite often and am able to make mine last at least a couple of months, if not longer. They are basically a compressed scotchbrite type of material. In addition to deburring the metal, they are also great for imparting a nice satin finish.

Medium Abrasive Wheels

Medium Abrasive Wheels available at

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2016 Workshop Schedule

Stay tuned later this week as I will announce my 2016 traveling workshop schedule. I have some great places I will be visiting (including Texas, Tucson, and Las Vegas) and look forward to adding more. If you are interested in having me come to your shop or studio, let’s talk.

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