Tool Time Tuesday – Prototypes, Bracelets and Electric Tools

I have been working so hard for the past three days trying to do videos, editing and uploading while also being a mom of little kids. So even though it is no longer Tuesday, I figured a little late is better than never. So for this edition of Tool Time Tuesday on Wednesday we have some fun things to look at…. including THREE new videos.

When I got home from Tucson I had a package waiting for me with a prototype set of mandrels for the Superior Ring Bender. Pepetools has asked me to evaluate these and ask YOU what you think of them. They are trying to decide if they should be put into production. I have had quite a few people ask me about the Superior Ring Bender. Is it worth the cost? Do I like it? Is it as easy to use as I make it look? Why would they need this tool if they can just hit their metal around a mandrel with a hammer? All are very good questions.

Is it worth the cost – are any of our tools? What do you want from it? What was the purpose for buying it? I know that as I have spoken with people who have purchased it, for the most part, with a few exceptions, they love it. The largest group of happy owners are those that have a hard time shaping their metal on a mandrel with a hammer. Some of them have shoulder injuries, arthritis or just don’t possess the hand strength. I have to say I personally really like it as it really is as easy to use as I make it seem. That doesn’t mean to say that you don’t sometimes have to apply a lot of pressure, but it is an easy tool to use.

The prototypes they sent me were the mandrels in Nylon. The Superior Ring Bender comes with Steel Mandrels and Formers. There is an option to buy the nylon formers. But now they have added the nylon mandrels. Why would you need that? I used it when I was forming pieces that had high relief patterns or very fine wires that are easily crushed and broken with the steel mandrels.

So here is my review of the tool and how I would use it in my studio. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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I have also had questions about making bracelets with this tool. They don’t have large mandrels specifically for that purpose, but in this next video you will see how I make a cuff using the Superior Ring Bending Tool.

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Last week I shared my new press with you just a tiny little bit. Now let’s really look at it. There will be many more videos using the electric press coming soon. But for now, I introduce you to how it is setup and works. I show you very quickly how easy it is to use and how quickly you can create a bracelet from start to finish. Oh how I love this machine.

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