Tool Time Tuesday – Potter USA Saw Review

I love good neighbors. We haven’t met too many of our neighbors since we moved in here in our rental home, but yesterday I met the gentleman that lives across the street. They have been living in Arizona over the winter and have just returned home a few weeks ago. We have waved, smiled and nodded when we or they are driving in or out, but that has been the extent of it until yesterday when I went over and introduced myself and asked him to break into my house. How is that for an introduction? “Hi, I am Melissa Muir. I live across the street, can you please help me break into my house?” Yes, that is exactly how it went.
I had to take my vehicle over to the dealership to have some work done on it and they brought me back home. I gave no thought as to how I would get into the house and had forgotten that we don’t have a keypad for the garage door. I don’t keep house keys on my keyring as I never use them and had left my keys with the dealer. Luckily, the night before I had left one of my windows unlocked as it is easily 8 feet or more off the ground and I wasn’t too worried about anyone climbing up to get in. Normally I do lock all the windows though, so I am lucky that this one time I didn’t.
So our nice new neighbor brought over a screw driver and tall ladder, popped out the screen and climbed in through my window to unlock the door for me. Like I said, I love good neighbors. It just goes to show you the kind of week I have been having. I just had to laugh.

On to Tool Time Tuesday, okay, so we will call it Tool Time Thursday for today. As you can see, my plans didn’t work out so well last week. Luckily, I have had a little bit of studio time, though not very much. This week I was all set to have 4 full days in the studio. My older girls are in Utah visiting with my parents and the baby was set to go to the sitter Tuesday through Friday of this week. It was going to be HEAVEN, until Tuesday morning when I woke up to the sound of a baby seal barking in my baby’s crib. Oh how I hate that sound. I walk in and there she was, looking up at me with red puffy eyes and a wheezing sort of breathing. My baby has the croup. I was really hoping it was mild, but we are now going strong on day 3. Day 3 of me not being able to do ANYTHING because I have a baby that will not let me get 5 feet from her.

I honestly have no idea how I was able to get so much jewelry made after Kate was born. I was able to blog, make jewelry, grow a great business with both finished pieces and teaching. With Kiari, I am not able to get ANYTHING done it seems. I swear, one of these days I will get it figured out again. Actually, I think I do know how I did it before. I worked from 10 pm to 5 am. However, I am much older now and I become a pumpkin at 10 pm and there is no possible way I can work in the studio after the girls go to bed because of its location and their bedroom location. Sigh. I miss my studio.
Today Kiari has taken a decent nap. I was able to quickly shoot a video that I have been trying to get since last week. It doesn’t flow as well as I would have liked, but hopefully it does the job. I am the proud owner of many beautiful tools. Most people (my readers excluded) won’t see the beauty I see in a pair of pliers, a dapping set, a grooved block or even a jewelers saw, but they are all pretty to me. But this jewelers saw goes beyond pretty. It is BEAUTIFUL. The style is graceful and it actually helps its function. Its solid frame helps its rigidity and keeps a constant tension on the blade, which in turn helps in controlling the cuts made, whether they be straight lines, curves or corners. It is a little heavier than some of the saws offered, but I didn’t find it to be so heavy that it was uncomfortable. In fact, I have other saws that weigh about as much. So for me it, it was a non-issue. Yes, it is heavier than the Knew Concepts saw, but that is because the materials are so different. And everything is heavier than the Knew Concepts saw.
Currently the saw comes only with a 3″ throat. If there is enough interest, larger frames may be available in the future. I found my cuts were true and straight and I had no issues that were related to the saw itself. I found it quite easy to control and loved the ridged frame. The wing nuts are larger and make it easier to get the correct tension on the blade.
Kevin makes no claims that this saw will help you in making you better with a saw. He says if you are good, you will still be good. If you are bad, well, you may still be bad, but at any rate, you are going to look really good while doing it. I must say though that I did find this to be a superior saw to some that I have in my workshop. I even had Riley (my 12-year-old) give it a shot and she too, noticed the difference and is a fan as well. The results of her trial are shown in the video.

I like this saw so much that mine will not be housed with the rest of my saws. I am currently working on making a piece of functional wall art that it will rest in. This way it can hang on my studio wall as a piece of art, but will be within easy reach so that I can use it when needed. I will be sure to post pictures when I am done. I love it when tools are so pretty that they can easily serve as art as well, and this one can certainly do that.

3 thoughts on “Tool Time Tuesday – Potter USA Saw Review

  1. Melissa Muir

    LOL. Thanks Marilyn. I love wearing funky nail polish. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t because I am too old to do it, but certain colors I will still do anyway. I love the purples and blues that change color depending on how the light hits them. I also really LOVE that saw! It is great.

  2. Jasmine Ottosson

    Is your friend interested about to
    sell one saw to me. Can you ask him?
    The same with PandP
    I wait for your answer


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