Tool Time Tuesday – New Tools in the Studio

My last post was so full of pictures that I didn’t want the videos to be lost in all of the other information. I did post about a few of the new tools that I brought back with me from Tucson, but let’s look a little more closely at them.

First, I am finally the owner of one of Potter USA’s Bench Top Shears. I know, I know, “But Melissa, you already have a guillotine shear. Do you really need this one too?” The answer to that is YES! And you should too.
The way that this shear has been modified by Kevin Potter is so that it will be a good alternative to a guillotine until you have the funds to buy one should you desire to go that far. It doesn’t cut the same way, so it really isn’t a replacement. But the table will support your material so that you can make more precise cuts. So why do *I* need this in my studio? Well, there are certain cuts that are much more easily made with this tool that I am not able to do with my guillotine shear. The throat in this shear is open so I can feed larger pieces of metal through it continuously. I can also make curved cuts that are not possible with the guillotine shear.
The bench top shear will curve your metal slightly, but for me that isn’t anything that my hands or a rawhide mallet won’t take care of. The shear will easily cut 1/4″ thick material all day long. There is also a hole that allows you to feed wire or bar stock through for cutting as well.
In this video I show you how I mounted it to my shear table and give a quick demonstration on how to use it.
The next tool that followed me home is a bright pink hydraulic press. Doesn’t it look so pretty with the others? I am totally not a pink girl, but I have to admit that the pop of color is fun to have in the studio. And that great big black thing on the side? It is the electric motor. There are a LOT of new videos coming soon.

So in this next video I show you some of the changes that Kevin Potter has made to the press frame. All the frames that are coming out now are upgradable to the electric cylinder. So even if you can’t afford to go electric now, and perhaps you never will need to or desire to, but if you do, it is ready to go in the future.

People have also asked how you get the darn presses together. Putting a jack into the press can be quite the difficult ordeal. Well, it isn’t any more. Kevin has made some great changes and I show you how to assemble your press easily.

Video Link:

Stay tuned for even more videos on the press coming soon.

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