Tool Time Tuesday – Moving Metal

The response to the giveaway has been wonderful. Thank you. I knew it would be because, well, how could it not be with all the great gifts we have to give?

Well, the giveaway just got better. I have another wonderful sponsor. Michelle at is donating a gift bag worth $25. Simply put, the winner of this glorious gift will be rewarded with mixed metals, beads, silk ribbons and all sorts of luscious surprises. Hmmmmm, I am tempted to enter and rig the contest so I can get one… Er, no, not really. LOL. But what great gifts!
I said that I would also add another item. I have decided to offer a finished piece of jewelry also. I will donate one of my spinner rings, made to the size of the winner.
Please be sure to visit my sponsors. They have been such a good source of support to me as I have been learning various techniques that I share with you on my Tool Time Tuesday posts and such. And their generosity has gone to new heights as they are willing to donate and support this giveaway as well.
Potter – Hydraulic presses, stakes and all matter of glorious metal forming tools. – Get your creative on with all the luscious beads, metals, materials and tools. You can also purchase my small Black Walnut Swage blocks at Fundametals. I only have 5 left, Fundametals has more than double that.
Thank you Kevin and Michelle for your support! 
I mentioned that I only have 5 small swage blocks left. Well that is because when I went to buy more wood, they didn’t have much of that size. So I had my Father In Law change the design a little bit for me. I had him add some extra grooves that were a little more shallow. The wood was a bit more expensive, okay, a LOT more, but the price didn’t go up all that much. But they are just as pretty as the original blocks. They are listed in my online store at

Lgswageblock2Isn’t it pretty? There was one piece of wood that I found that was so beautifully marbled that my Father-in-law refused to cut it. hahaha. It may still find itself cut into beautiful little blocks yet.

On to Tool Time Tuesday

The topic of forging metal and how it moves came up in one of the groups I am in and I thought it would be a great one of the post. I apologize for the bad lighting, I can’t wait to get back into a studio with decent lighting. This video shows how the wire moves using two different types of hammers. I show what happens when you use a cross peen hammer (such as a raising hammer) and rounded hammer face (such as a planishing hammer or embossing hammer.) I also discuss how to get your metal to move the way YOU want your metal to move.

I will be back tomorrow with the winners of the blog giveaway. I will have my daughters draw the names after we wake up. So get your entries in now if you haven’t already.

See You All Tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Tool Time Tuesday – Moving Metal

  1. Jeanne

    Great Tool Time Tuesday demonstration with the wire… I guess I already had an idea of this, but it’s nice to see it demonstrated. I used to play with silly putty a lot as a kid and it did the same thing. lol Dang I’m sorry I missed out on the giveaway entry, but then again, I’ve got my hands full with BoHo Bliss currently. Can’t be greedy. 🙂

  2. C Mara Lee

    First time blog visitor and now subscriber. I’m sure I will find much good info and many great links here. Haven’t done metalwork in ages.


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