Tool Time Tuesday – Hydraulic Press Essential Setup

Hi Everyone. I know the title reads Tool Time Tuesday, and that is because that is what this was supposed to be. However, I updated my Final Cut Pro – the video editing software I use for my videos – and it wouldn’t let me import my videos. I worked on it for three days. Finally had to load it on to my old computer with an older version of the program. UGH. Otherwise this would have been done on Monday. I did get the video up last night though, and even that was a miracle considering I am not feeling well right now. My productivity has gone right out the window. Even once I get done here, I am going to go back to bed.

A while back I did a blog post about the tools I consider essential when getting a hydraulic press set up. Well, this is a companion video to that post.

As you all know, I totally love the Hydraulic press. It has completely changed my body of work. The book I am currently writing is how to use the hydraulic press to make jewelry and is nearly finished. So of course, you will see a LOT of pieces by me made with the press.


There are a number of presses available out there, and they will all pretty much do the same thing. I happen to have purchased a press by Potter USA and that is what will be featured in my book and videos. However, the information and suggestions will work for any number of the presses.

Video Link:

2 thoughts on “Tool Time Tuesday – Hydraulic Press Essential Setup

  1. Cindy

    As always, a fantastic video, chock full of good info. I am REALLY interested in using the bracelet formers and most of the bracelets I make are simple straight sided cuffs (not anticlastic nor synclastic) . In your video, it looks like you have a former like that, but on the Potter website, there isn’t one listed for sale. Is that from somewhere else or is it just “coming soon” to Potter? I love the magnetic system and would like to get it, as long as I know that I can do straight sided bracelets.
    Thank you Melissa!

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      Cindy, Apparently my computer doesn’t want me to answer your question as I have done it a couple of times and my response still isn’t here. I don’t believe that Kevin keeps that one listed on his site. But just give him a call and he will get you one. He is great to work with that way.


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