Tool Time Tuesday – Hoop Earring Tutorial

Did you miss me? I know, it has been a couple of weeks. Why did it take so long? Well, quite honestly, I am in a funk. One of those really really really bad ones. It is almost worse than Writers Block for Authors. It is one of those funks of “I can’t create anything, it must mean I stink and should just sell everything off.” I was pretty close to doing it too.

What stopped me?

You guys did.

Without knowing what I was going through, I received emails and messages telling me how much people appreciate what I have been doing and how much I have helped them. I can’t tell you how much that has helped me. I am still not completely out of my funk. I am still having a very difficult time coming up with designs that work, or any designs for that matter. HA! Dang, I hate it when I get into these funks. What do you do when you get into funks like these?

So guess what I did these past couple of days? I came up with a tutorial for an earring design. Pepetools demonstrated their tools at Basel World in Switzerland last week and my videos were played quite a bit of the time. I heard there were requests for another video on making jewelry with the Superior Ring Bending Tool. I have already done one that shows how to make a Spoon Ring and another that shows how I use it to make a Cuff Bracelet. Well, today, you get to see the one for making a fun little pair of hoop earrings.


Aren’t they fun? I love wearing them. Now, you do not have to have the superior ring bending tool to make these, but if you happen to have one, or have it on your list of “I want that tool” list, then this is just one more design you can use that tool for.

Here is the video now:

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15 thoughts on “Tool Time Tuesday – Hoop Earring Tutorial

  1. Julie Engel

    Hi Melissa,

    I think the depression is in the air. I forgot where you are located but I am in central New York and it has been far too dreary for far too long. Ironically, I have been feeling the same way; nothing seems to be going right with my jewelry making – things don’t look good or look right and I can’t seem to make things work right. I have asked the Lord if I am still suposed to be doing this and so far, He didn’t tell me “no.”

    I guess the best advice I can give is to continue to pray and try to be gentle with yourself. It’s in these times when I am especially reminded that I can’t manage life all alone without God’s help.

    Please hang in and continue to pray and let others in like you did today. We all need the support of our friends.

    With His love,


  2. Beth Brolick

    Thank you Melissa for a great tutorial. Keep the faith…you are invaluable to so many people! I look forward to each and every post and tutorial from you. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

  3. Janice

    Thanks for another great video! I had seen your previous video on the Pepe Superior Ring Bending Tool and it’s now on my must have list.

  4. WhitneyStudios

    My last block was in 1994 (it was a doozy!).
    I was in B & N (trying some retail therapy) and this book almost leapt into my hands: “The Artists Way” by Julie Cameron.

    Worked for me and I haven’t looked back.

    The book is for serious and profound blocks. A funk, on the other hand, is another animal altogether. To my mind, a funk is nothing other than growing pains.

    Please know you are respected and appreciated beyond anything you could ever imagine.

    Hang in there!
    Kristine Whitney

  5. Ruth Scott

    Melissa….hang in there! Your work is beautiful and your tutorials are informative, we’ll done, and inspire us to go and make a nice piece of jewelry! Hang in there. …it’s been a tough, brutal, long, winter! Blessings to you! We all go through funks! Ruth

  6. Angie S

    Hi Melissa! Loved the tutorial! Great as always!
    You may want to verify the link in the email and the one posted above the embedded video – both of them lead me to a link broken page.
    I know your funkiness will lift soon, hang in there sweetie!

  7. Melissa Muir

    I have seen that book. I will look into it a bit more. Thank you. Yeah, I think we are beyond just a funk at this point. It has been rough. LOL.

  8. Melissa Muir

    You know, I love the tool and find that I use it quite a bit. It isn’t a NECESSARY tool for me, but it sure comes in handy. It makes quite a few projects so much less time consuming. I have a lot less clean up time vs that of a project done with a hammer and mandrel. 

  9. Melissa Muir

    You know, I wish I could even blame it on the weather. Here in Utah, we didn’t really have one of those. As I watched what the rest of the nation was dealing with, we were just hoping for a few inches that would come and stick… never did happen. But I do think I have been hibernating far too long. And I have to agree with you, I have been seriously debating on selling things off and closing it up. But it just doesn’t seem to be the right thing. And I do believe that He sent messages with each of the emails and personal messages that were sent to me in the past 2 1/2 weeks. They were exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear them. 

    Thank you Julie! 
  10. Melissa Muir

    Thanks Angie, Not sure why it is doing that for you. It worked on mine, but I did reset it just in case. Hopefully it will work now.


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