Tool Time Tuesday – Hammer and Tool storage – Another New Feature

Today’s post is going to be a really quick one. I am often asked how I store some of my tools. I thought that would make an easy and very quick post. When I was building my studio I knew I wanted to have a way to store my hammers and the tools that I sell to my students that take classes from me. I had looked at slat boards, peg boards, building various cases and such, but in the end, I decided to go with the peg boards. But I didn’t just want peg boards, I wanted my peg boards to be pretty. HA!

I actually have fewer peg boards than originally planned, but they work for now. To go along with the decor of my studio, I have painted them black and framed them with door molding that has been painted with a metallic pewter colored paint. But more than looking pretty, they needed to be functional. In order for that to happen, I had to locate the pegs, which was actually quite difficult.

It was a lot of fun to go into the hardware stores and ask for 2″ double pegs. They would show me a package of two and way too costly for the amount I needed. I informed them I was looking to buy a minimum of 50 and possibly even 100. They would ask why I needed so many pegs and it was always fun to see their faces when I told them I needed them for my hammers.

I finally found a place online where I was able to order a larger quantity of pegs, though I am still in need of more. I used the shorter 2″ double pegs for my hammers, they were perfectly spaced and the majority of the hammer heads hang nicely in the middle. I have a second peg board where I hang the tools I sell and also some other random supplies that I keep for my use. On this board I have used 4″ single pegs to hold my items.

hammers    1885

Another little holder that I use that has totally saved my sanity is a home made design stamp holder. I took a 2×4 piece that was left over from the framing of my studio walls and drilled holes down about 3/4 of the way through the block. This way I am able to store all my design stamps with their face up and I can easily see their designs. Before I made this tool, I kept all of my stamps in a little bag and had to sort through them each time I wanted to find a stamp.


Because my stamps aren’t the same diameter, I did drill a couple of size holes. This works much nicer than trying to pick them out of a jumbled mess in a bag.

I have a couple of other storage ideas that I will share with you in the coming months.

Studio and Artist Feature

Back in January when I introduced the Tool Time Tuesday posts I had also mentioned that I was thinking of doing a studio or artist feature. Well, the time has come and I would like to get that started. If you are interested in being a featured artist, please email me and let me know. I will send you a list of questions for you to fill out. I would like to show a couple of pictures of your workspace and a couple of your pieces. This is a great way to get some exposure and also to learn about others in the jewelry and metal arts field. Depending on the response from artists, I would like to do a feature once a week or at a minimum of once a month. But hopefully I will have enough interest to do more than one a month.

Just let me know by way of a comment or send me an email at

8 thoughts on “Tool Time Tuesday – Hammer and Tool storage – Another New Feature

  1. Valerie Jewell

    I have something similar to your idea for holding stamps, but I took the picture of the stamp from the catalog and enlarged it and glued it to the board, this makes it easier to see what the stamp looks like and lets you know if one is missing what it is. Love your tool time tips.

  2. Jacki

    I would like to see some storage suggestions for pliers and cutters. I have a small rack for mine, but it seems like it may put pressure on the joints.

  3. Melissa Muir

    Thanks for the idea Jacki. I will see what I can do this week while I wait for some tools to arrive in the mail.

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      Hi Lynn,

      Doing pretty well. Thank you. I hope you are as well. I cannot remember where I got them. But I know it was a larger company that sells things like that to retail shops. I will see if I can find out who it was. It has been such a long time. OH, I do remember. It was Robert H. Hamm, or something like that. Good luck.


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