Tool Time Tuesday – Disc Cutters in the Hydraulic Press

I have had a number of emails over the past couple of years asking about disc cutters. One of my very first Tool Time Tuesday posts was a comparison of disc cutters. Recently someone asked me if I had a different opinion of the “cheapie” disc cutters now since I had a hydraulic press.

I do not like the cheapie cutters when I have to use a hammer to punch out my disc. They tend to rattle the metal before making a cut and then I am left with metal that has been marked and dinged up and pretty much useless. Now that I have the hydraulic presses, yes, I suppose these cutters work. They still are nowhere near as good as a good quality cutter, but I no longer have to worry about the dings due to the metal moving on me. with a press, there is constant pressure pushing the cutter through. With my lower quality cutters, there is still a bit of a bur from the punch not having a perfect fit in the hole.

In this video I show you the difference between a good and not so high quality cutter. I also discuss a little about how I store and maintain my cutters. I also show you how to use a disc cutter, both with a hammer and the hydraulic press.

Video link:

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4 thoughts on “Tool Time Tuesday – Disc Cutters in the Hydraulic Press

  1. Lucia Tremont

    Hi Melissa,

    I always enjoy your posts, they have so much great information. I have a Swanstrom Disc Cutter and would like to use it to cut vintage metal tins. I am leery to do so, I don’t want to ruin or dull the cutter. Do you have any information or suggestions? Thanks!

  2. Melissa Muir

    You will do just fine with your cutters on the tins. One thing I neglected to show in the videos was the use of bur life or some other lubricant. Just roll your cutting edge in that before you cut and it will help to have a smooth clean punch. 

  3. Lori T

    Thanks for showing how to use the disc cutters. It helps me to be able to see something done right before I try it, especially if it’s something new. My Pepe disc cutter was delivered today- it’s like the one you show except it has a screw in the middle. I’m excited to get to use it this weekend! Thanks!


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