Tool Time Tuesday – Center Positioning Dies

Measurable progress is finally being made on the first volume of my book. I am very excited about it. I have set a deadline for myself of Thanksgiving. That is a tall order, so we will see what happens. Of course in this time, I am still trying to run a house, remodel, paint and volunteer at the girls’ schools. But I am working on it.

I haven’t really had any time in the studio to play around yet. Although I did get the chance to make a bracelet and pendant while using this weeks Tool Time Tuesday featured tool, Pepe Tools Center Positioning Dies. I love these little things. They allow you to create perfectly concentric washers. You simply punch a hole using the desired inner diameter, switch to the position of the desired outer diameter die, insert the center positioning die to align the hole of first hole, then use the larger punch to punch out the outer ring, and VOILA, you have a perfect washer.

These are great for a number of uses. You see these washers all the time for stamped jewelry. But I like to texture them up and use them as different design elements. Today, the video I am posting shows you how to make a beautiful silver drop pendant with some blue coin pearls.

One of the great things about these dies is that you can make your washers how you want them. There are some washers that you can buy already made, but you don’t get to determine the metal thickness or even how large your hole is or the outer diameter. Now you can.

Video link:

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4 thoughts on “Tool Time Tuesday – Center Positioning Dies

  1. Melissa Muir

    Thank you so much. I am glad you are enjoying them. It is nice to do them, because they make me get into the studio.  

  2. Janet Hickey

    Melissa – you’re very inspirational. I purchased these two Pepe tool sets a year ago based on your work with them. They are magnificent (I think of tools as an ART form). Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share your techniques.

  3. Melissa Muir

    Thank you so much Janet. What a kind thing to say. I am so glad I could be a source of inspiration. 


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