Tool Time Tuesday – Bracelet Tutorial – Pepe Jump Ring Maker

Hey everyone, well, it is Tuesday once again which means TOOL TIME TUESDAY. Now, it will only be Tuesday here at my house for a few more minutes. But in my defense, I have been loading this video for over 5 hours, actually, I think it might be close to 7 hours. How sad. I really miss my FIOS connection.

Last week I did a tutorial on how to make a pendant using PEPE’s Center Positioning Dies. I had posted a picture of two projects on my Facebook page and asked people which project they would like to see me demonstrate. Naturally, everyone said both. Well, I figured I would rise to that challenge and have created another video, this time showing how to make a bracelet. The bracelet is made with similar techniques. The thing that is different about this project is that I also show you one of my newest tools….. The PEPE Jump Ring Maker – JMR2. They recently redesigned it and I do have to say I like it a lot. I love how compact it is. As you already know, I am already a fan of PEPE tools and it has been a fun opportunity to work with them in this fashion.

Without further ado, here is the link:
And the video. Enjoy.


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