Tool Time Tuesday – Adjusting your Rolling Mill

Well hello there. Yes, I know, I have been gone a very long time. Whew, have I been busy. It sure seems like that is the starting of each of my posts now, but it is true. Since the last time I posted I have painted 3 bedrooms and hallway (ceilings included,) created a guest bedroom, Cleaned up my flowerbeds and tamed an overgrown courtyard, packed up a lot of my studio, hosted an out of state jewelry artist retreat, unpacked my studio (sort of), had a blog cast interview on Hydraulic Presses, hosted a 3-day workshop with Andrea Kennington and, and, and….. I know there is more, but that is a good list of what I have been up to.

If you would like to hear the blogcast that Kevin Potter and I did with Cara Rae of iCreateFlix, just click here: We talk all about Hydraulic Presses. It was fun. And from now until probably Thanksgiving or so, my focus will be nothing but Hydraulic Presses as I get ready to release the first volume of my new book. Stay tuned….

Today I finally made it back into the studio to do a video. Over the weekend, I had the great opportunity to host Andrea Kennington and Julie Brooks for a weekend workshop. If you ever get the opportunity to take a workshop with them, I would highly suggest it. It was fantastic. I can’t wait to show you all what I have learned. It was so much fun to actually work in my studio. It was also the first workshop I have taken personally in a VERY long time. Oh it was bliss. I promise to blog about it soon, that and the retreat.

One of the things that I learned in Andrea’s workshop was how to adjust the rollers on my mill. I have a Durston Rolling Mill and I never knew that the rollers could be adjusted. It turns out there is a little snap ring at the base of the stem of the adjusting handle that is meant to be there for shipping only. NOBODY EVER TOLD ME!!!! Simply remove the snap ring, the handle can come out and the rollers can be adjusted.

Why in the world would you adjust the rollers? Well, over time, as you use the mill, it will eventually just need an adjustment. All the pressure you put on the rollers from various metals will move them out of alignment. All rolling mills will need to be adjusted from time time.

I visited my local automotive store today and picked up two sets of some really inexpensive feeler gauges ($3) so that I could be sure that each roller was precisely lined up. In this video I show you how I do it. Enjoy.

Link to the video:

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2 thoughts on “Tool Time Tuesday – Adjusting your Rolling Mill

  1. Linda Greene

    I can not tell you how pleased I was to watch your video on adjusting and calibrating a rolling mill! I will buy a set of feeler gauges today as I think my Durston rolling mill is slightly out of alignment. Also I now know what those funny looking pliers in the garage tool drawer are for! Who knew?!
    Thank you Melissa, I love your posts.

  2. Melissa Muir

    Thanks Linda, I didn’t even know that you could adjust your own rollers on a mill like this until Andrea Kennington showed me. I also had no idea what those pliers were either. It is so much fun to have simple mysteries solved so easily.  


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