Spinner Ring Tutorial is Finished!

Well, I finally got it done. Not only that, but I also made kits that can be purchased so you don’t have to worry about cutting the metal to the width needed for this tutorial. I also added kits for the Lily Pendant and Cone Earrings. So check them all out and let me know what you think.

The tutorial is just as in-depth and detailed as I usually am. So you know it will be easy to follow and understand.

This tutorial is not a beginner project. I do not go indepth about soldering basics. Please watch my introductory video on how to create a soldered band.

I have a kit for the Spinner Ring!


Don’t want to have to cut your own materials? This little kit is a great compliment to the tutorial. it includes:

  • 3 strips of 10mm wide copper that is 3 1/2″ long. I have cut this with my guillotine shear, so there is no need to remove any curves left by hand shears, or filing to do on the edges left by uneven cuts with a saw.
  • 12″ – 18 gauge Sterling Silver round wire.
  • Cost: only $8.50 and includes shipping (US Domestic.)
  • http://www.kcjewelbox.com/Spinner-Ring-Materials-Kit-Spinner-Ring-kit.htm



I have also come up with an all inclusive materials kit for the Lily Pendant and Cone Earrings project.

New Jewelry Making Tools Coming

New swage blocks are coming! I went to Portland a couple of weeks ago to pick out some more Black Walnut. They didn’t have the same size wood I had used for my previous blocks, but the had some that were beautifully marbled and colored and slightly larger. So I changed the design of the block a little and added a few more shallow grooves. They were shipped to me today and I will post pictures of them next week once I have them.

In addition, I have just purchased a great tool called a drill press vise and I am loving it. I wish I had had one a long time ago. It would have saved my fingers a number of times. Watch for the video on that one soon, and the product will be available in my shop (in limited quantities.)

3 thoughts on “Spinner Ring Tutorial is Finished!

  1. Jen Crossley

    Just found your blog I must say its AWESOME ,so much to read and catch up on.Cant wait to read about your hydraulic press I only have the press and jack so far know I need to find out what else I need.

  2. Melissa Muir

    Welcome Jen. Let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to answer them for you.

  3. Wendy

    You are such a talented artist, and I love that you share your craft with others, so they can also learn.


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