So, what’s new?

Just when you think life couldn’t get busier, it always seems to do it. The last couple of weeks have been so packed full of events and tasks I haven’t had a chance to just sit and relax, let alone update my blog or websites.

There are a lot of really good things going on just now. I am very excited about a few of them in particular. The guild is growing quickly and we have a lot of interest. I have met some wonderful people that have jumped right in and are helping out. I never knew that starting this thing was going to be such a large task, but it has been and what a fun ride it has been so far.  We have held two meetings here in the Akron area and our first Columbus meeting is this Wednesday night. I am excited to meet up with some of my friends down there and meet other new people as well.

It looks like we (the guild) will be doing a book fair with Barnes and Noble to help raise funds for a literacy organization called First Book. I will post more information about that soon. There is a lot that still has to be worked out, but it all has to be submitted by next week, so I really will have information soon.

I have been working with both Beads ‘N More and Embellish to work on my class schedule. I have my classes now booked with them through June. I will finish up my Norton Schedule here soon and will post all three months classes here and on my website. (

Some of the classes I have scheduled is Filigree, Wire Wrapping, Resin and textured metals. Here are some of the pictures of the various classes I am currently working on.





What classes are left for this month?
3/26 – Reef Knot Bracelet – Norton
3/27 – Braided Bracelet – Norton
3/28 – Bezel Set Rings – Beads ‘N More
3/31 – Creative Ear Wire – Norton

Here are a couple of Early April Class dates:
Beads ‘N More: Uniontown, OH
4/2 – Intro to Wire
4/4 am – Wire wrapped Cabochon Pendants
4/4 pm – Wire wrapped paisley (pictured above)
4/16 – Resin pendants (pictured above)

Embellish : Rocky River, OH
4/14 – Intro to Wire
4/14 – Wire Wrapped Paisley
4/16 – Textured Pendants
4/22 – Victorian Earrings
4/29 – Captured Sparkle Pendant

Norton Studio:
4/7 – Filigree Cross – Just in time for Easter. $65
4/9 – Wire Rings $25
4/15 – Open Studio 10:30 am – 2:30 pm – $60

Just because something isn’t currently on the schedule doesn’t mean it can’t be added. If you would like to request a class, please let me know and we will see what we can do to get it on the schedule.

I received an order from a friend this past week for one of my angels and this is what I came up with for her. I hope she likes it.






7 thoughts on “So, what’s new?

  1. Cheryl

    Glad to see your creativity is back! Wonderful as usual! Sounds like your guild has you busy, too! Love the resin!

  2. Melissa

    Thanks Cheryl. I wish it would come back on a permanent basis. This whole in and out thing is getting to me.


  3. Arlene Lassig

    Oh My melissa!!! Wow! I had no idea you had become so accomplished at such an exquisite art. Woman you blow me away! Klaus and I went to see you dad yesterday and he mentioned your jewelry and I asked him to send me your web site. This morning he called and we went through them together. He is sooo proud of you. AND he should be. He loved talking with someone who would appreciate it artistically. Gorgeous, outstanding and inspiring. I have made some clay jewelry with my neighbor across the street. Nothing like these! He said you are coming here before your trip to India. If you bring any jewelry with I would LOVE to see it!!!! call me.
    Love Arlene


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