Simple Heart Pendant

This is a piece that I have come up with for a simple 1 hour workshop that will be offered at Embellish in Rocky River on Saturday, February 6th. It is made with 12 gauge copper and 20 gauge sterling silver. The crystals and drops are additional to the class fee, but there will be plenty of stones and crystals to choose from. I will be making more of these to show different variations. We will talk about forming larger gauges of wire and forging the wire to give it a different feel and strength.


7 thoughts on “Simple Heart Pendant

  1. Melissa

    Thanks Linda,

    The fun thing about this project is that will only be 1 hour and we are going to offer 3 workshops. And the best part is the project is only $15. Glad you like the piece. I didn’t know if people would like it or not because it is so simple. But I guess sometimes that is the kind people want.


  2. Melissa


    Thank you so much for stopping by. Hopefully you will stop by often. This really is a fun little project and oh so simple. I am really hoping it will be popular.



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