See How It Is Done

There have been a lot of threads on FB in various jewelry making groups that I belong to about people asking the artist to drop their price. You also hear a lot of people saying that something is too much. I honestly believe that is because these “customers” don’t know the true value of the piece.

We are so used to paying for cheap crap that is manufactured in factories that pay a pittance of a wage and provide horrible living and working conditions for their employees (salves really, if you ask me.) People don’t understand what really goes into making a piece. It isn’t just the materials. You also have to consider the tools purchased, the time it takes to learn to use those tools, not to mention the time it takes to learn the skill of the trade, whether it be wire wrapping, metalsmithing, or any of the other mediums out there. Then you have to consider that these people have to pay rent, utilities, packaging, web hosting, booth fees, etc. Even when all of that is taken into account, the most important thing is the artistry of the artist. Because really, you can have all the tools in the world and still be lousy at creating art.


When a person purchases a piece from me, they aren’t paying for the materials in the piece. They are paying for a piece of art that I created with my own hands, my heart and my creativity. If they want to pay less for that, they will have to find someone else to give it to them, but then it won’t be a piece by – MELISSA MUIR! 🙂


This week I spent a day in the studio with my tripod and camera following me around capturing nearly every step of the process. There were a few things that I didn’t film and I cut out quite a bit of the process as it is represented by a short little clip of each step. When I did the editing of the remaining video, it was still over 30 minutes long. So I sped everything up 50% added some great music and voila, a fun to watch video.

So please join me for a few minutes and see how I take a flat piece of copper and transform it into this beautiful 3D piece of art jewelry.

10 thoughts on “See How It Is Done

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      Thanks Kim. I love this video. I am glad that other people are liking it too. I love watching it sped up a bit so you can watch the metal really move. That is my favorite part.

  1. Marcela Colina

    Melissa beautiful share of your art! I love your words on your newsletter, we all have to deal with a lot of non appreciative people but there are a bunch that love and really appreciate “hand-made” art, your post shows that it takes a lot of love and caring to create something beautiful and unique!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Diana

    Thanks for a great video! So few people realise how much work goes into designing and producing jewelry or any type of art. It was fascinating to watch how you shaped the metal and customized the wood block as you went along.


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