Progress and feeling great

I want to tell you all thank you so much for all your love and encouragement over the past little while. The last couple of years have been so hard for me with the moves and trials we have had. I really suffered emotionally and it is crazy. The kicker for me was when my blog had to move and I lost all my subscribers, photos and had to redo them all. That was so frustrating that I just had to stop even visiting my blog because it just made me so mad. But, The fog has lifted. I am creating again. I feel great again. I have ideas again. I am ready to go and moving quickly. Thank you.

This past week my friend and jewelry artist, Mary Govaars, came and worked with me for 7 solid days. What did we do? We got my book organized. She helped me identify ALL of the projects. She also helped me to see that I have at least two books that I will be writing. There is just too much for one. That is a good problem to have, right? We laid out the sections and flow of the projects. All of the projects and steps have been written and are currently being edited and verified. The book progresses beautifully from beginner projects all the way to advanced. There are more beginner to intermediate projects than advanced, but the second book will pick up where this one leaves off and readers will continue to grow their skills. I am so revved up and excited, I am almost like a kid in the candy store and can hardly wait for my kids to leave for school so I can get in to the studio and play. I haven’t felt that for such a long time. It is wonderful.

Fold and Hydraulic Formed Pendant - Melissa Muir

Fold and Hydraulic Formed Pendant – Melissa Muir

This pendant is one that I started working on when my friend Francesca Watson came to visit in October. It actually had several melt downs and went through a fair amount of silver trying to make the bail. However, I changed it up, finally bought my acetylene tank and got my torch set back up, and there were very loud squeals of delight and celebration coming from my studio when everything worked and I didn’t melt it again. If you were within about 30 miles, I am sure you heard the squeals. I floated on clouds for the next two days knowing that I finally got this project done. It feels so good to be back.

Talkin’ Tools

If you enjoy Tool Time Tuesday, then I would like to introduce you to my friend Kathleen Krucoff.  She offers a feature on her blog Mystical Mytical Metalwork called Talkin’ Tools. In her first installment, in a long time anyway, she talks about chasing hammers. Her work has evolved and right now she is really into chasing and Repouse’, and she shares her favorite tools for the different techniques she is trying. it is always good to hear about tools from a number of people. Everyone has their opinions and way of doing things. So take a few minutes and check it out. You might find another blog you love to read and is full of great information and resources.

Speaking of Tool Time Tuesday, I will be back tomorrow with another installment. So I will see you all again tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Progress and feeling great

  1. Elizabeth Norris

    Hi Melissa, I can relate your your frustrations (I feel like I’m going through something similar) but its great to hear you are creating again and I wish you all the very best with your books. How exciting ! Elizabeth

  2. Lecia Woessner

    Hey Melissa! I am so happy for you! There’s nothing like that feeling of finally getting back to “YOU” again! If that makes any sense! I can so relate to being so stressed out & overwhelmed that you can’t really think straight! Then you can’t really create because you’re in a fog & so out of touch with your muse that you start to wonder why you’re even trying to do this to begin with! Well, that’s how it gets for me! I think that I need to go to counseling with my muse to figure out what the problem is! Oh yea, I forgot to add the guilt that kicks in especially at the end of the day when you’re trying to go to sleep & you realize everything that you didn’t do that day…Ugh! It can be vicious!
    I’m looking forward to getting your book! I’m sure that it’s gonna be awesome! I just hope that I’ll have some of the tools that you’ll be using!
    Anyway, thank you Melissa for all that you do to help out your fellow metalsmiths, it is greatly appreciated!


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