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Hi Everyone,

Yes, I am still alive and kicking. Sorry for such a quiet time. Things have been absolutely crazy with my schedule around here lately. I wish it were because I was teaching up a storm, but that couldn’t be further from the truth if there was one.  So I figured it has been over a month, almost two, since my last post and I thought I would update you all on the latest progress of things. Hopefully I will get back into the Tool Time Tuesday mode here soon. If you have a tool or process that you would like to know more about, let me know. Part of my problem is that I am currently stumped.

On the baby front: Everything is going as well as can be expected. I am currently 23 weeks into this pregnancy. It is going so fast and so slow all at the same time. But at any rate, I should be having this one in just 13 short weeks. That will really fly by as we head into the holiday season. We did find out that we are having a GIRL!!!! Yes, I only know how to make girls. Blame it on my husband. HA! She is doing well. I had an appointment on Wednesday and the approximate her weight to be 1 lb 4 oz. That already beats my smallest baby by 5 oz. I will take that. She moves around a lot, which is annoying and oh so comforting all at the same time. We do not have a name picked out yet and have only started to discuss names. My oldest wants to name her Violet. I kind of like that name, but her dad is dead set against it, so I am afraid I won’t be having a Violet. My youngest insists that we name her Fruit Loops. Yes, you read that right. Fruit Loops Muir sounds just right to Kate. Sadly for her, I think even mom will veto that particular name.

Jet setting: My husband is currently finishing up his final year of training and has been interviewing for positions all over the place. The very wise people that he has been interviewing recognize the fact that he is married and will most likely not go to a place where I have not been or approve of. So being the wise people they are, they have also flown me out with him so I can check out the areas. We have been to Dallas, Tx, Reno, NV and Lake Havasu City, AZ. We will be taking several more trips starting next week to visit Denver CO, Grand Junction, CO and once more back to Reno as that seems to have everything he is looking for. He will not be interviewing in Reno again. They have offered to fly our entire family out so that we can get one more look at the area with the kids and see if they also like it. There are worse places to live than Reno…. right? I figure If I do end up in Reno, I am going to rent a house at Lake Tahoe and offer a jewelry retreat once a year. I will keep you posted on the progress of all of this. He would like to have his decision made before Christmas.


While we were in Texas we took the girls to get their pictures done. My sister lives in Dallas and my mom has been begging for photos of all the grand kids together. These are just two of my favorites of the girls.

New Jewelry: I haven’t worked much in the studio since finding out I was expecting again. First, I was so sick. I haven’t been this sick with any of my previous pregnancies and this one literally had me spending too much time on the bathroom floor or sofa. About 17 weeks I began to feel better, but I am still very tired and can’t seem to get enough sleep. So needless to say, my studio has been a bit neglected. In fact, it was kind of funny. I went down one night to work on a couple of sample projects and reached for a pair of pliers. As I was putting them back, I happened to notice a little spider had made itself at home. As I looked closer, I noticed that the entire underside of the pliers were covered in cob webs. Not the stringy ornate kind of web, but the ghostly haunted house thick kind. He found a new home in my shop vac. Poor little spider.

So here are some of the most recent (and only) projects I have made.
I was going to teach a quick etching class, but sadly, we didn’t get enough people to fill the class. So this would have been a short little 2 hour class where students would have made a couple of pieces. We thought it would be fun to have a little Halloween Theme, so that is what these pictures are.

The next was an introductory piercing class. But again, not enough students. I think perhaps my little spider scared them off. He does look like he got smashed. Poor little spider.

This  little soldered project was supposed to go on Wednesday night, but sadly it met with the same fate as the others. Oh well, at least I have a really cool spider to wear around Halloween.

All of the previous projects were made well over a month and a half ago. I haven’t made a thing since that time. So I finally went into the studio yesterday to make something new for me. I just bought the cutest black maternity shirt that is covered in, what else, swirls. This took just a couple of hours to make and I love it. It is a tad bit too small, but it is still comfortable and stays on well. So I may list this one for sale and try to make another for me. I also think I am going to patina the copper so it is black and leave the silver polished bright. I think I will play with that tonight so I can wear it to an Ohio Jewelry and Metal Arts Guild function tomorrow. It is HEAVY. It is made with 8 gauge sterling silver and copper. I was going to do it out of all silver, but with the cost of silver right now, I couldn’t justify using quite that much.

So in the meantime, send me your Tool Time Tuesday requests and I will get to work. Love you all!

5 thoughts on “Personal Update

  1. Maggie

    Good to hear from you at last and glad you’re doing well and feeling better finally. My daughter in law is due in Jan. and felt lousy for 3+ months too. She’s finally feeling better as well. I loved the Halloween theme, but Your silver/copper swirl bracelet wowed me! I’m actually glad youcombined the metals, and hope you will photograph it and share again after you patina the copper. I wonder how a bracelet like that would look with the green patina…
    My sister lives in Idaho and if you ever had a retreat in Tahoe, I might consider joining in. Be well and stay in touch.

  2. Valerie Jewell

    Was just thinking of you a few days ago, and wondering how things were going with the baby. so glad to hear that you are doing well. I miss your newsletters and tool tips. Hope you continue to be well and return to everything soon

  3. Jenn Duval

    First off I just want to say I enjoy reading your blog and love your work.
    I live in Hotchkiss,CO which is about 1hr 15min from Grand Junction, CO so if you have any questions about the area just let me know. Colorado is a beautiful place. I moved here from Ohio about 7yrs ago and just love it.
    Good luck to you.

  4. Pam R

    Where did you have the classes listed? I never saw them. Miss our open studio time. Good to hear you are back at it.

    I vote for Denver! I loved living there and miss it to this day.

  5. Shelley

    Such good news about the sprout — early congratulations to you all and thanks for keeping us in the loop. You have lots of friends in cyberspace that think of you even tho’ we’ve never met. The photos are gorgeous (of ALL of your creations, human and metallic) and thanks for sharing. I’d like to put my 2 cents’ worth in for Reno. I live in So Cal and visit family up by Reno often and can vouch for the beauty of the area as well as TONS of stuff to do with the kids. Best of luck with all of the decisions to be made.


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