Paisleys & Wire

I was teaching my wire wrapped heart class earlier this week. I figured I had enough hearts and really wanted to make another paisley, so I worked on both a heart and a paisley at the same time. It is great because I was able to show the techniques but come up with two very different pieces at the same time. Here are the two pieces that I worked on while I was teaching the class.


Earlier in the week I also made another paisley pendant. Both of the paisley pendants use a beautifully faceted Brazilian Amethyst Briolette. The one above has already been sold. I also taught a wire wrapped pendant where I made this little blue pendant. The stone is a dichroic cabochon.

amethystpaisley2  blueheart
I will be working pretty hard in the studio tonight and tomorrow to finish up some custom orders. So I should have some pretty good things to show this week before I leave for Utah.

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