Online Workshop Review/Giveaway: Debora Mauser/Craftsy – Creative Wire Wrapping Techniques

As I mentioned in my previous post I have an online workshop review and a giveaway. I am very excited about this one because the star of the workshop is one of my good friends, Debora Mauser. Debora and I met probably 7 years ago when I attended a retreat in North Carolina. We hit it off right away and she remains one of my good friends to this day. In fact, she was one of my roommates in Tucson. Since meeting Debora all those years ago she has become a sought after instructor teaching at events and locations including William Holland, Bead and Button, Tucson Gem Show and many more. She has recently teamed up with to make a video on Creative Wire Wrapping Techniques.

I had the good fortune to be able to watch and review this workshop. I haven’t ever seen a Craftsy workshop before so it was fun to be able to see this in action. I have quite a few friends and colleagues that are currently filming for them and I am thrilled to see these professional videos available at such an affordable price. One of the things I like about the videos is that you have them for life. They never expire. You can return to the video and watch again and again as you would like. These videos also have the option of speeding up or slowing down the playback rate. This is really nice if you want to really see how something is done and need it just a bit slower. Or, if you have already heard the topic, but don’t want to miss anything, just increase the speed a bit. The videos are really well done.

Debora is very easy to watch and I love listening to her sweet Southern accent. See the picture above? She walks you through every little thing in that beautiful necklace. The workshop is laid out in 7 sections, each about 20 – 25 minutes long. Some of the lessons build on the techniques learned in the previous lesson. By combining techniques you can really step up the look of your components and end up with a truly artistic piece of jewelry.

She begins with hammering techniques to create paddles and chain links. You will learn troubleshooting techniques to address uneven hammer blows, texturing, proper wire working techniques and tools, along with the safe use of said tools. Learn multiple ways of creating coils and take that even further to created coiled embellishments. She also demonstrates wire weaving, lashing, and the proper way of connecting multiple pieces of wire together for a great focal piece. And there is so much more.

This workshop is technique based and not project based. At the end of the workshop you will have learned a number of wire techniques and be able to combine them all to create unique pieces, but you are not guided through an entire project from start to finish. You are left to your own creative devises for the execution of the final piece.

For the next two weeks (Until March 5, 2015), you use this link: Creative Wire Wrapping Techniques and you will receive 50% off your purchase of this workshop. That makes the course only $15. Even if you just go to the website it is on sale for $20.

To enter just click the link below and fill in the form so I will be able to contact you when you win. I will do a random drawing for names of the entries on Friday, February 27th.  There is just one condition, and even then, not really. Please leave a comment on your experience with online workshops. Have you taken any? Plan to take any? What would you like to see? You won’t be added to any lists, your name and information won’t be shared. Good Luck! 

Creative Wire Wrapping Techniques with Debora Mauser GIVEAWAY

29 thoughts on “Online Workshop Review/Giveaway: Debora Mauser/Craftsy – Creative Wire Wrapping Techniques

  1. Sally Hoffman

    I tried to leave a comment on Deb’s page but it wouldn’t let me. It did, however, submit my name without a comment and won’t let me correct it or leave another comment. Great post, Melissa!!!

  2. Maria

    I have taken a few video classes. I am a visual learner, so they were perfect for me. I like being able to start/stop videos. Some I have taken were live classes – a great opportunity to ask the instructor questions on the spot. Although teachers have been very gracious in answering my questions after the fact 🙂

    Many of the online classes came with PDF notes, which was useful. Saved a lot of time searching through videos for things like “what gauge wire was I supposed to use?” etc.

  3. Paula

    I have not yet taken online classes yet, but will be waiting for your classes to start so I can begin Melissa! Love your instruction,
    So easy to follow. And I am awaiting your new books.

  4. Joyce Lucht

    I have purchased several Craftsy classes and they are all excellent. Great verbal instruction and visual close-ups.

  5. Pat Cornish

    I have not taken a on-line workshop before but would love to win and be able to ck it off my list.

    Thank you,

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      Good luck Pat. They really are useful and kind of nice. I would watch it in bed as I was trying to go to sleep. Then again, I dreamed all night about making jewelry. But I am not entirely sure that was a bad thing. LOL.

  6. Lee Anne

    I have not taken any on line classes as yet. I prefer the one on one.. you are there look at what I am doing and say… NO NO NO.. that is not what I showed you to do… do it this way! 😉

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      I think that is a concern for a lot of people. You should give it a try. Most workshops have a way to contact the instructor and ask questions. True, it probably isn’t immediate, but at least you aren’t always left on your own.

  7. Linda Luttrell

    I am taking my first online class now. It is Connie Fox’s Master Class: Learn to Work with Sheet Metal and Cold Connections through Craft University. I am really enjoying this class. I have learned a lot of little things that will make my jewelry easier to make and make the finished piece more attractive.

  8. Jan

    I have taken many online courses. I like the format for many reasons.

    First, I can watch it as many times as I like, which works well for me, since I tend to forget a detail or two when I go to do it on my own. I get a little refresher if I need it.

    Also, I can pause it at any point to catch up to where the teacher is. I just watched one video and replayed the same part probably four or five times so I could make sure I was getting that part correct. I love that aspect of an online course. It works well for me.

    But most of all, I like that the video is mine, to watch whenever I like. If I am working into the middle of the night (which I do a lot), I am not restricted by anyone else’s daylight schedule. It’s available 24/7.

    I’m glad I tried my first one and had success with it. It gave me the confidence to try more, and now I think I’m hooked!

  9. Polly Anna Randol

    I’ve taken quite a few online classes. I still prefer in-person classes but the ones online have their place too. The ones I prefer are the ones that last “forever” so that I can always go back and review something. I also like the ones that will provide a DVD after the class is over – same reason – I can go back and review if/when I need to. I also like having the PDF files for supply lists and material resources (as well as some that have given a PDF tutorial). Granted, my preferred in-person classes don’t give these options but my learning style seems to absorb in-person instruction better than online instruction so I don’t seem to need the review as much as with online instruction. Sometimes, I’ve taken an in-person class and then also taken that same class online (Barbara Lewis’ Painting with Fire is one I’ve done that with). That seems to be the best of all worlds. Additionally, I still very much like to have printed instruction, such as a book, that I can frequently refer to.

  10. Robin Myers

    I have done some on-line classes and some tutorials. I have gone to Beaducation, and Beadholique, to mention a few places that have on-line classes. I watch Beads, Baubles, and Jewels also. There are numerous You-Tube videos, some wonderful, others not very helpful, some just plain annoying at how poorly made they are. Looking forward to seeing if the on-line class is different from the in person class I had with Debora.

  11. Teri

    I couldn’t leave a comment when I used the give away link, but I have taken a few online craftsy classes before and love them! I le being able to pause and re watch any portion as needed. And I can learn from right here at home when I have time!

  12. Lynnea

    my only on line experience so far was with Keith LoBue.. I learned so much and have friends all over the world I met thru his onine workshop..I enjoyed being able to work at my own pace and review things as needed over the 7 week course.. so much so that I ordered the dvds

  13. Kristie Ramsey

    I have taken many online classes at Beaducation for long time now even before they were free and I love them! I did one Craftsy class and it was excellent too. I am excited about your classes! I can’t wait! I tried to leave a comment on Debora’s page too and it wouldn’t let me:( Maybe I did something wrong?

  14. Marika

    I have taken a few Craftsy classes before, I love them. I didn’t realize they have a new one on wire wrapping techniques. Love this place (and looove your blog too, but you know that already Melissa 🙂 )

  15. Lin

    I’ve taken three Craftsy classes and absolutely LOVE this platform. For those of us who can’t travel for many reasons but want to learn new techniques.. The ability to play a section over and over again, and i have many times emailed the instructors and always get a quick reply. Go for it Thanks Melissa I love your tooltime tuesday and all of your post

  16. Karen Cloutier

    I have signed up for a few classes through Craftsy. A big plus, the classes never expire. I highly recommend Craftsy!


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