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I have been having such a hard time getting caught up with things after returning from two very long trips. It is amazing how being gone for nearly 2 months can put you in a back log of things. Now that school is in and the kids are out for a few hours a day, I have actually been able to get close to being caught up, though I still feel that my list is at least a mile long.

I am working on my September schedule and should have that out here in the next day or so. I have also been very busy with taking some courses. I have decided to continue my own education and have enrolled in classes with the Gemological Institutes of America and am working towards a Graduate Gemologist diploma. It has been a lot of fun so far. I am about 1/2 way through the Diamonds and Diamond Grading course now. There is so much that goes into diamonds that I never before knew. I cannot wait to start some of the colored stones and gem identification courses. Those will be a lot of fun.

My plans to visit Ghana this semester have not panned out and my fingers are crossed for next semester. I have been asked to be on the faculty for a new university in Accra, Ghana, Africa. They have asked me to teach courses in web development (my pre-jewelry life) and of course, Jewelry design and skills. I am very excited for when I will be making that trip. I will be right next to some of the diamond and gem fields and will get to do a little bit of digging as well. That should be interesting.

While in Indonesia I purchased some of the most AMAZING gem stones. I have begun to use some of them in my work. I am still working on identifying a few of them as the sweet man who dug them out of the ground told me that the majority of them were Amethyst. But as you will see in the next few months as I begin to work with more and more of them, that just isn’t the case.

I have more pieces that need to have pictures taken, but in the meantime, here are a few that I have finished.

This is a purple amethyst that I purchased in Indonesia. The color has not been done justice in this picture. The stone absolutely glows in the light. It has the most unique polish on it that I have ever seen. Well, all the cabs I bought from this place have the same thing, but it really is something to behold.

Melissa Muir Jewelry
Melissa Muir Jewelry

Another stone with fantastic color. This one is a blue onyx. It is slightly transparent and when held up to the light you can see the designs I have cut out behind the stone. I love this one and it will be very difficult to part with when I sell it. The color in the picture is almost as good as the real piece, but not quite. In person it is just fabulous.


Apparently I am now quite photo challenged. I cannot get a good picture of this piece to save my life. I am not sure what the stone is. I suspect either a very included crystal quartz or a low quality moonstone. But either way, the cut is wonderful and the stone is 1/2 transparent. I have cut out some really nice designs behind the stone and you can see it better in the second picture with the light shining from behind.

Melissa Muir Jewelry

<Melissa Muir Jewelry

This last piece is one that I made while teaching a “wire wrapped paisley” class. It is one of my favorites of this style. I have used one of the most beautiful Pink Amethysts. It sparkles so much when the light hits it. The cut is absolutely wonderful. The color is just a kiss of pink.

Melissa Muir Jewelry

Melissa Muir Jewelry

I will post more when I post my schedule in the next couple of days. I am sure hoping to spend a lot more time in the studio soon (preschool starts next week for the youngest one.)

5 thoughts on “New pendants and other stuff

  1. Lois

    Your work constantly amazes me. I wish I could play with fire, lol. What gauge wire did you use in the last one? It looks so delicate and lovely.

  2. Melissa

    Thank you so much Lois. You too can play with fire, wanna come over? It is so much fun. You know, it is funny, I recall checking out a book when I very first got started in Jewelry and they showed someone working with a torch. At that time, I thought it was truly amazing that someone could work with a torch and a little bit of metal and end up with these great things. I didn’t even dream that I would be able to ever do anything like that, and here I am now. I have come such a long way, and have such a long way to go still. Thanks for your support!

  3. Swati

    Oh these are all sooooooooo gorgeous!!! And the stones you have got from Indonesia…make me want to hop on the next plane and rush there. LOL! Wish we lived closer so we could play with metal and stones together. Each and every piece is simple delectable!


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