New Pendants and a couple of angels

I have been very busy making several different pendants and a few new angels. I want to add a memorial section to my website. I want to give people a few types of angels that they choose from. My thinking is that I will give them the option of the birthstons and they can select from that. I still have to figure out how it will work since each angel is hand created and no two will ever be really alike. I will also add the Mother’s bracelets and I want to make some heart shaped pendants. I am still working out the designs on those.  But here is what I have to add to my website tonight.

Rainbow River


Shameless – I love this raspberry colored stone.



Blue Raspbery Ice


Mint Julep – The depth of this stone is AMAZING! It is a larger pendant with some good weight to it, but I like it.


Red Rose Angel


Red heart angel (Riley’s Angel – she liked this one and wanted to have an angel named after her)


Pink Heart Angel


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