My Giveaway Just Got Better

I am so excited to announce that Pepetools has just made my Giveaway even BETTER! They have offered to add a Superior Ring Bending Tool.

The Superior Ring Bending Tool winner will be announced Sunday, December 14, 2014. 

To Enter: Just leave a comment on this blog post. 

Of course, I would enjoy having you as a blog reader, so if you don’t want to miss a post, tutorial, or video, just enter your email on the right where it says “Subscribe.”

Thank you so much to Pepetools for sponsoring this Giveaway and making it a great one. I know that some jewelry designer is going to have a FABULOUS Christmas for sure!

The Newly Redesigned Pepetools #301.00A Euro Ring Bending Tool

This PepeTools strong, versatile ring bending tool out performs all other bending tools. The base and handle performs at a high level of torque while allowing the user to exert less resistance in bending metals. Matching outer dies included!

Creativity is the only limit with this product.

Improvements over previous edition:

  • Aluminum machined & powder coated base
  • Dies and post machined from solid steel, then hardened 40-44 HRC
  • Includes 14 dies
  • Round: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, and 22mm
  • Post : 60deg and 90deg
  • 24mm shank for increased durability

148 thoughts on “My Giveaway Just Got Better

    1. vince izzo

      This is one of those tools that you always want to buy, but you pass it up for what you need. Thanks for the free shot at it, who ever wins will have fun with this tool.

    2. Jody Oker

      Wowza! I am currently a spoon jeweler, silversmith by trade, I bend all of my rings the old fashion way with a rawhide mallet and a ring mandrel. Something like this would be so amazing to add to my bench. Sometimes I feel as though I’m still in the stone age with the equipment that I use. But needless to say it’s all does the trick for me. Some upgrades would be absolutely beautiful though! I hope you choose me for the winner! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try! Jodi

  1. Dianne Ziegler

    I’d like you to do a segment on that tool you are giving away……I’ve never seen one used before you did one with earrings…..but I’d like to have it taken further with some of the other shapes on that tool to see its full potential. Thanks.

  2. Nancy MacArthur

    I am so thrilled that I found your blog. It is so educational. I am looking forward to your new posts and further developing my metal working skills.

  3. Geri colgrove

    A segment on the S. Ring Bending tool would be super. Just friended you on FB, subscribed on YouTube and am now a follower on Pinterest…a first for me on all respects. I am not a blogger, but love getting yours. Congrats on your beautiful daughter…incredible miracle. Love. Thx for sharing.

  4. Cynthia Hlokoff

    Love your videos/tutorials. You are an amazing artist. I have learned so much from you.
    Would it be possible to do some Precious Clay (silver and gold) projects? i could use a little incentive in this area.
    Thanks again Melissa. Your work is amazing.

  5. Peggy Neer

    I was one of the lucky ones to have joined Craftcast last night with Melissa Muir as the instructor. You know when you have a good instructor when you leave the class inspired and that is exactly what happened. She is a good instructor, very clear and concise. I’ve been visiting her tutorials on You Tube and checking her out on her other social media. Oh and yes I’m ordering some items off her website. Thanks Melissa for a great class.

  6. Nancy MacArthur

    Wow. I had no idea how badly I need (actually want) this tool until I watched your video demonstrating it. I am really impressed not only with the tool but with your demonstration. This is a great tool and your video shows how easy it is to learn to use.

  7. Mary Lou Riddle

    love your work and love your videos. Very informative and your easy to watch and I’ve learned so much. Keep up the good work ! Happy birthday to your little one.

  8. Meredith

    Melissa, I love your work and will always follow your blog, youtube, and facebook entries even if you aren’t giving things away. It has been so fun to see how far you have come since we took that first soldering class together. You have become a wonderful teacher, and dear friend and I hope we can get together in 2015 and have fun in your studio or mine. 🙂

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      Thanks so much Meredith. Can you believe how far we both have come since that first class in Fairfax all those years ago? And then the first time we got together to do our soldering at your kitchen table. SO MUCH FUN! i never dreamed it would go this far… EVER. I really hope we can get together this next year.

  9. Leslie DeWitt

    I am excited to say that I now follow you on your blog, FB, Pinterest, and subscribe to your YouTube Channel. I look forward to seeing more of your fantastic tutorials. You are such an inspiration!

  10. Glenda Skarie


    I love your videos. I wish you continue to do this.

    You ask for suggestions, here is one:
    Shank Size Bracelet and Ring Sizing Template Jewelry Making Tool Measures Circumfrance Wire and Sheet Gauge Size from

    A lot of people are asking how to measure ring shanks and bracelets. This is a great tool.

    I hope this helps,


  11. michelle

    Just saw your post on facebook! I am now following you on your blog and when I get done here I will follow you on facebook! I would love to win! 🙂 but I looks like I win anyway. I get to learn a lot from your blog and videos! I cant suggest any new ideas until I check them out. Thank you so much!

  12. Doug Mills

    I am such a huge fan of yours Melissa. I am curious as to how that ring bender would speed up my work.
    Keep up the great work with your videos and hopefully one day I’ll be able to attend one of your classes !!

  13. Dave Wilson -Celtic Dreams

    Like Melissa I make tool videos, but I do so here in the UK. Pepe tools aren’t easy to get here, with only one supplier. A company in the UK (who shall remain nameless) has made a copy of two Pepe products, the jump ring maker and the ring bender. They gave me a jump ring maker and asked me to test one and I sent it back to them, saying that I could not endorse it as the quality was so poor. It pained me to send back hundreds of pounds of (free) tool. But I told them that they had tried to copy Pepe and failed. So I returned the tool along with a scathing review…..They have not asked me to look at the ring bender copy….

    So I guess I’ll need to buy one. But having seen the imitations – only a Pepe will do. Beware of imitations – there is a difference. Buy Pepe and buy with confidence. (….or at least try and win one).

    Sincerely & Fraternally

    Dave Wilson – Celtic Dreams.

  14. Claire McGrath

    Dear Melissa,

    I “met” you through a you tube video. I was desperately trying to make rings, but couldn’t make them look nice enough. After watching your tutorial several times, I took the plunge. You didn’t know it, but you created a monster bender in me. Everytime someone admires something I made I have to go make more. It is lots of fun and the bender is a wonderful tool. Just as you described. Thanks for your discovery and sharing. Please do more!

    Claire McGrath

  15. Tracy Hruska

    This would be a huge help in moving into the ring design crafts…. I have wanted one but could not afford it. Thank you to you and Pepe tools, very generous during the holidays

  16. Gary

    I’m amazed at how they continue to create such useful and well thought out tools and items.
    Just when you believe you seen everything they surprise you with improvements.
    Keep up the good work.

  17. Barbara

    Oh my! What a wonderful resource this blog is, following in all its platforms now! Thank you and Pepe Tools for making this happen 🙂

  18. sandi m

    Pepe Tools are the best. And, Melissa, your tuts are always so thorough – you are a great teacher and Pepe is so lucky to have to you represent their products and to demonstrate to us designers how to use them. I’ve been following you since you were on the other side of the country!! Yes, you’ve come a long way ….

  19. Char Ouellette

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I too have the Pepe guillotine shear and can’t remember how I got along without it (well yes I can but I don’t want to go there again).

    Love your informative videos Melissa! Keep up the good work,

  20. Shannon

    I have been an admirer for a long time. This give away just shows again how great you are. What a wonderful Christmas present this would be. Good luck everyone and happy holidays Melissa.

  21. Terry Rune

    I love Pepe tools! I purchased their disc cutting kit and it’s wonderful. They have VERY fine tools, well made and sturdy!

  22. Eddie Traylor

    Thank you so much for offering this to us. I am super excited to hear about this.
    I always wanted to buy one of these, but I had to buy other tools to get other jobs done.

    Thank you again, Good luck to everyone!

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      Thanks Karen,

      We should get together. I don’t know hardly anyone in Utah that does any sort of jewelry. There are a few, but less than I can count on 2 hands.

    1. Cristy Deckard

      Thought I’d let you, I’m now following you on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter as well as subscribing to your blog. Thanks for posting all of this fantastic information.

  23. Mandy Monnot

    I teach metal smithing in an urban school district in Racine, WI. With the hundreds of rings we make each school year, this tool would be so HANDY!


    Watch your this tool…would really help teaching my students..they r big on purchasing equipment…they would love this tool also

  25. melissa branzell

    I love your posts. The videos you do have helped greatly. I just got finally a used rolling mill,and was not sure how to use it . Your video helped, now I am a rolling mill fool!! Lol. Keep up the great work.

  26. Hratch Babikian

    Hi Melissa , are you related to Tom? Well I got hooked onto your blogs and videos through kevin potter , very greatful to see some instructionals on video that are so much simpler to understand then any book or pamphlet , I own a few older Pepe tools and use them daily, im happy to see that they are always trying to be helpful with our metalsmiths culture, and you have been a big helpful part of it. This likes a very nice tool , I have been shopping for ring bender , metal bender for a little while, so maybe this tool will fit the bill, thank you for all the hard work and help you offer.cheers

  27. Melissa Cox

    WOW!! How generous! I have followed your works for years and admire your designs. You give me so much inspiration. I would be so honored to win your amazing gift!!!
    Melissa Cox, The Vintage Locket

  28. Kimberly Idalski

    This looks like an amazing tool. I’m disabled and this looks like it would truly help me be able to create in ways I never have before. Crossing my fingers. Thank you and Pepe Tools for such a generous giveaway. Joining your blog and following. Have an amazing holiday season. Kim

  29. Alecia

    I just found you on Facebook which led me to your website. I’ve subscribed to your blog notifications, and look forward to learning from you. Thanks for a heart to teach others!

  30. Hugh Hadley

    Merry Christmas ! I have two different Pepe disc cutters already, love their line of tools.
    I’d love to win the Euro Ring-Bending Tool. Thanks for the opportunity, Melissa.

  31. Beth Tivol

    Sometimes getting the ends of thick stock flush can be so “challenging”. 🙂 I’ve been wishing for one of these for so long! How wonderful of you and Pepe to give one away and make someone’s work more stress-free!

  32. Tad

    So glad you made the video tutorial on using the pepe ring bender. Happier to see the chance to win one. I really want to try this and you made it look so simple. I tried just using a hammer and anvil and can’t get it to work well. Wanted to make everyone in the family a ring from old silverware.

    Thanks for making this possible.

  33. missy powell

    Happy Holidays Melissa and family! Mele Kalikimaka too ;0) thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge. It has been invaluable to my growth as a metalsmith. I have been following you for some time now and so proud to see how much you have grown. I hope Potter USA has linked your tutorials on his tool website or will in the future… just saying ;0) It would have been nice to see them together last years black Friday when I purchased $500.00 of the hydraulic press accessories. I wouldn’t have made the purchase without your instructions! Thank you, Missy


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