Mixed Metal Jewelry Workshop – New Book

I am finally home. I arrived about 2:00 am yesterday morning and I am still beat! My darling husband had the house cleaned up for me when I came home and I was amazed and filled with love. Then I walked downstairs into my classroom and found out where everything had been moved too.  HAHAHAHA

As I went through the mail, I came a cross a package from a publishing company that looked a lot like a book. I didn’t recall ordering any books. I did know that there are two books that I am in coming out this spring so I quickly opened it. The book inside is the latest publication from Mary Hettmansperger called Mixed Metal Jewelry Workshop. It is filled with great new projects with a very organic feel. I didn’t write anything for this particular book, rather I am one of the artists with a featured gallery piece.

In the wee hours of this morning I sent her an email thanking her for featuring one of my pieces and congratulating her on another job well done. She wrote back letting me know what a difficult decision it was to select the few that made it into the book. Apparently there were over 900 submissions. The editors narrowed it down to 250 for her to look at. She selected 90 from there and then the group was further refined to about 30. It truly is an honor to have my piece selected for this book when I am sure there are MANY talented artists and great pieces that didn’t make it.

I haven’t had the chance to sit and really study the book yet, but I have gone through it quickly. Mary began as a fiber artist and uses many of the fiber techniques in the projects she uses in the books. It really is a fun book and I am looking forward to studying it further and trying my hand at a few of them. The book is set to release on April 6th. You may be able to pre-order it on Amazon or other locations.



3 thoughts on “Mixed Metal Jewelry Workshop – New Book

  1. Nancy Layer

    Melissa its beautiful and congratulations for making the book! How wonderful to know your work is that outstanding! Keep it up.

  2. olivia

    Congratulations on getting published! Your work is outstanding!:-) I met Mary at the Bead and Button Show 2 years ago and she has a beautiful spirit!

  3. Swati

    Woweeeee!!! That is awesome news!! Congratulations!!!! :-))))))))))))))) As for me, you know, jewelry and I have divorced each other :-P.


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