Kisses In The Mist

This is the week 2 piece called Kisses in the mist. I really like this piece. When I was trying to think of a color scheme for it, I kept thinking of the mornings here in Ohio where the mist is a really light shade of gray. We have a large field behind our home and my studio looks out to that field. The mist just hangs there in the mornings, it is really kind of neat. Here is a picture looking out of my studio.



Here are the pieces that I designed. I thought that if we were to have kisses in the mist they would be light and subtle, so I used Rose Quartz beads surrounded by Rutilated Quartz. The chain is hand made using square wire formed into a pretty “S” link. The pendant design took several hours just to get it right. I used 18ga Round wire for that. I really like the look, but I don’t know that I am going to attempt it again any time soon.





One thought on “Kisses In The Mist

  1. Swati

    I love the jewelry…and wow…what a wonderful studio you have!!!!! I am so jealous! LOL!! That open field, all the glass around…what a VIEW!! A recipe for creativity!!


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