It is time!!!! My Craftsy Class will be Live 5/31.

If you are one of my faithful readers, then you know how busy it has been for me10612_Set_Stills_042_retouched_10612 lately, as shown by the scarcity of my blog posts and videos lately. This year alone I have been to Texas twice, Las Vegas, Tucson and Colorado, and I am returning to Las Vegas this week for the JCK show where I will be working with Pepetools and Otto Frei. It seems I have not had more than 3 weeks between trips and a few of them were every other week for a little while. I have been teaching an intensive course at my oldest daughter’s school for the past week and a half. And all in the mix of traveling, we made the decision to put my middle daughter into a new school that is far more intense than the school she was attending. To say that I have had a lot on my plate would be a complete understatement. I am hopeful that things will settle down a little after the girls finish school on the 10th of June. However, that brings up a whole new 10612_Set_Stills_005_retouched_10612thing…. SUMMER BREAK.  Kids home all day. But I did tell them that they are all attending “Jewelry Camp” this summer. It is time to get my minions working for me. HAHAHA.



Back in March I flew to Denver, Colorado to film with Craftsy. They are a TOP NOTCH company. It was so much fun and very different to make a film with a crew and support team. It makes my little operation here in my home studio seem so … so… amateur? But no worries. I will continue to make my videos anyway. I have been working on a schedule to get things recorded and out on a much more regular basis.

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Well, the time has come and my Craftsy video will be launched on Tuesday, May 31st. I am thrilled and they did a great job with the entire production. They are even offering a chance for YOU to win the class for free. All you have to do is go and visit this link to enter:

What is my class about? Well, using the hydraulic press of course! There are six sections to the video and multiple projects in each. The class is 2 hours long and full of great information.

10612_Set_Stills_012_retouched_10612People have asked me if I am going to make kits for people who do not have a press so they can still participate and make the projects without a press. Yes, I will. But it will be after I return from the JCK show.

I have also been asked if I make more money on the class if it is purchased through my link rather than just the Craftsy link. Yes. I do. So I would really appreciate it if you purchase through the link I will provide. In addition, I will offer a discount link on Tuesday when the class goes live.

Here are some of the fun projects I show you in the video:




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Check back with me on Tuesday and I will give you the link for a great discount on the class.

YouTube Celebration Giveaway

Did you know that I hit my first goal of getting 10,000 subscribers on YouTube? Well, I did. Thank you all so much for your support. To celebrate I am going to be doing a HUGE giveaway. I have over $3,500 worth of amazing tools, supplies, classes and Gift Certificates to giveaway. I will be doing this in June after I return from the JCK show in Las Vegas. So stay tuned for the announcement on those. I will announce it here on my blog, in my email list, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Periscope.

2 thoughts on “It is time!!!! My Craftsy Class will be Live 5/31.

  1. Lecia Woessner

    Wow! Melissa! Just Wow! And a great big CONGRATULATIONS!!! You definitely have a seriously hectic schedule that I imagine is both exciting & stressful! If it gets to be too much for you, just give me a call & I’d be happy to take your place! I mean what metalsmith wouldn’t want to work with companies like Pepe, Otto Frei & Craftsy? I think that you’ve taken your place in the big leagues! And I know that it’s well-deserved! I get worn out just from reading your blog!!! Anyway, looking forward to your Craftsy video & for everything else that you’ve got planned for the future. Thanks for all you do to help people that are trying to learn this skill!


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