Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I cannot believe that it is already nearing the end of another year. The time just seems to go by faster and faster every year now. I have no idea how my sweet babies got so old and big so fast. I swear they were born just yesterday.

I am working really hard at getting my house ready for my Annual Holiday Open House next weekend. So I don’t have much to post just yet as far as pictures.

I have been thinking about my work and the pieces I make. This year is by far the most UNproductive and Uncreative year I have had since starting this business. Part of that is due to the fact that my kids are getting a bit older and requiring more attention during school, while at home, and during extra curricular activities. Other things involved include my time away while on vacation (Which I still need to post more pictures of) and my time spent with my mother as she dealt with breast cancer. The biggest time factor away from the studio though is the Ohio Jewelry and Metal Arts Guild. We have put so many hours of work into this guild. And for the most part it is doing well. I cannot believe that the guild is nearly 1 year old. I am very excited and we have a great group of people that attend and participate. I have learned so much and met the most amazing people.

I have fallen way behind in the Year of Jewelry challenge. I think I have only finished about 1/2 of it. I am trying to figure out if I should do it again next year. I don’t like being a person that doesn’t accomplish what I set out to do. There are just so many things on my plate and I am trying to figure out which items can be removed. Though this might be an item that needs to stay on there.

I bought a new torch a couple of weeks ago. I love it. I have only played with it twice, but I do love it. There are some new things I would really like to try with it. I have been coming up with my list of jewelry goals for next year. I will post them a bit after my open house is done with and I have the time to really sit and plot it all out.

I am also going to change some of the things in my blog. Up to now, it has been pretty much what I have been making, but I think I would also like to include some of the things that inspire me or my work. It might be an inspiration to some of you too.

With that said, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. May you be safe and comfortable. This year, my darling husband is working and the girls and I will spend the day together doing various activities, including cleaning the house and baking fun treats and hopefully making a bit of jewelry. This time of year is difficult for me and while I really miss my family, I am so grateful for my little girls. they are the light of my life. I thank God for them EVERY day.

Have a safe holiday weekend.

Here are a few pieces I made while teaching a tube setting workshop.
Melissa Muir Jewelry
Melissa Muir Jewelry
Melissa Muir Jewelry
Tube Setting Projects

The teardrop one was made by one of the students in the class. My two pieces both use mystic topaz.

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