Goals and Cleaning Up

As you already have read, we are preparing for a big interstate move.
Those are just never much fun. Although they are really good for
cleaning out the house of unnecessary junk…. unless you are one of
those artists that looks at everything and thinks, “But I can use
that… for something.” Sadly, I am one of those people. I try so hard
not to be and I am really trying hard to let go of things, but I really
stink at it.

Tonight I went into my studio and it was just so
hard to look at. There is “stuff” EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t hardly see my
table tops at all. To prove it, just check out these photos.

spent about an hour cleaning things up and replacing tools to their
proper place. While I am not done, at least I can see my bench tops once
again and am able to move around a little bit without having to shove
things out of my way just so I can work on something.

Do you have goals or are you just a dreamer?

Most of the time I am a dreamer. But every now and then I do the right thing and make that dream a goal. Sometimes I don’t take the goal seriously, but put that dream down on paper or some other surface. I have done this a number of time. It is fun when we make our moves to find the list of traits my “future husband” will have. Riley got a kick out of that one
when we found it a few months back.

One thing that was
interesting to come across about 2 weeks ago while we were cleaning out
our storage room, was a group of dry erase boards I had bought when I
first got started making jewelry. I thought the boards were really cool
as they had a thick black frame and a clear piece of acrylic for the
writing surface. Turns out the surface really sucks as it doesn’t erase.
UGH! But the concept was totally cool. Good thing I bought them on
clearance and didn’t pay full price.

Anyway, I digress. The
really neat thing about them was what was written on them. When we first
moved to Ohio Kate was just 10 weeks old. By the time she was about 3
1/2 – 4 months old, I had decided to give jewelry a try. I worked for a
few months and began to accumulate various tools and materials. By
February of the following year (2007) I knew I had a natural talent that
could be further developed into something good and I made a list of my
dream tools and set up at the time. We moved to our current home almost 3
years ago and the boards got put into the storage room and I didn’t
give them a second thought.

Well, here is the original list of my dream tools.
Goals So let’s see what we have here….

A torch. Now at the time, I had only a Blazer Micro Torch. So I wanted a “Big Girl Torch” In this case I was after an Acetylene/Air torch.

Rolling Mill… and boy do I have a nice one.

Bench Shear – Yup, got that one too.

Sand Blasting Unit – Well, what do you know. I just got that one last week. WOOHOO!

Great Studio and Classroom Space. Now, keep in mind, this list was made a year or more before we bought my current house. My studio at the time was the formal dining room of the home we were renting.

Polishing Machine. I am not the best at using this machine, but it sure is fun to have.

Tree stump – I haven’t done anything with it, but I have a great one!

Stake set – This is the only item on the list that I don’t have yet.

So, without really thinking about it and without looking at this list, I have acquired pretty much everything on it. Even though they were passive goals, by writing them down they became goals instead of just a dream. I remember hearing the phrase once “A dream is only a wish until you write it down.”

I have made a new list of dreams and goals. Since I no longer need this one, I erased it and wrote a new one.

Drill Press – This has been on my “want” list forever. in fact, a couple of times it has been in my “cart” but I never hit the final button. Perhaps now it will happen.

Hydraulic Press – Another really good one, but I haven’t ever really put a whole lot of effort or thought into actually getting this one.

Fabulous Studio Space. I allowed myself to put a few things out there and I need to make it even more full by listing EVERYTHING I want. But it includes:

* 3x my current space (If you are going to dream, dream BIG!)
* Not in my house – This is a big one for me!
* Apartment – This means that I would like to have an apartment with it. I would like to have a place to offer people when they come in from out of town.

Kiln – Yes, I have a couple. But I would like a different one. I want to sell the Kilns I currently have and get one that is digital and set up for some of the work I am going to be doing.

I need to put the stake set back up on this list. I forgot to do that. But this is a start for the next round of goals. I will be making another list of goals that involve my desired income, publications, awards, shows and such. I never really shared my lists with anyone before, so I don’t think it is a matter of letting people know what your goals are. But there is certainly something to be said for “putting it out to the Universe.” I was taught many years ago that if you want something, let the universe know and the universe will deliver. You also must be very careful for what you ask for…. boy do I know that one.

I am also a firm believer that you get what you ask for whether it be negative or positive. I try to remain positive as much as possible. I have had more than one person, heck more than 20 people tell me that I seem to have the “golden touch.” This applies to being somewhat successful in my endeavors in developing my jewelry talent and business. Until recently, I hadn’t been turned down for any of my artist “call for entries.” I am numerous books and a couple of magazines. And that was all without really trying.

So now, in my personal life, I am going to put out to the universe my desire that I have the most amazing daughter that sleeps through the night, or at least in 6 – 7 hour stretches. I could handle that.

What about you? What dreams are you going to turn into goals? Please share. Perhaps I need to add to my dreams/goals list.

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