Okay, I know this is late, but in my defense I really did work on this a LOT. I can only tell you how much I despise Corel VideoStudio Pro 4x. OH MY GOODNESS. That program actually had me saying words that aren’t good for my children to hear. Then after that whole debacle, I tried to use iMovie on my Mac, and that wasn’t a whole lot better. LOL. But I did get one video from each program to work and uploaded. But I swear, I am totally traumatized. That is really sad considering I used to be a computer trainer. I am not used to being the dumb one when it comes to technology. But let me tell you, I have jumped in with both feet and am learning a lot.

Today I finally made a HUGE purchase, thanks to all of you who have purchased my tutorials and tools. I bought the Adobe Creative Suite 6. I am so excited and overwhelmed at the same time. The version I have been using was just CS. That’s right, 6 versions ago. That was before the time Adobe bought Macromedia. It has been a while. And to make it all worse or better, depending on how you look at it, I bought the Mac version. So not only do I get to learn a new computer, but all new software at the same time. Yay Me. (*HeadDesk*)

Why am I doing this to myself? I am doing it for you. Well, Okay, in the end it really is all about me, but still, you benefit too. I am gearing things up to offer online courses. I mentioned this on my Tool Time Tuesday Post earlier this week. I am so excited. I have been working on this for a while and it is fun to see it finally coming together. I plan to have my first class start on August 15th.

I have really struggled since we have moved here to Washington. Not because I don’t like it, because that isn’t the case at all. I could die happy here. It is just really frustrating to be in a space that won’t allow me to teach classes. That is my passion. Since I can’t have you all over here, I figured it was time to take my classes to you. You will be able to log in and view the classes, download the handouts and participate with others via a forum set up for the specific class. I am still working on the particulars as far as the formats and such, but it is coming together.

That brings me to a great question for you and part of my giveaway. I have identified a list of classes to offer, and eventually they will most likely all be offered. We will just have to see how well received they are. But I would like to know which one you would be most interested in.

  • Chain Making (Introductory soldering class)
  • Bezel Setting
  • Ring Making
  • Creative Findings
  • Riveted Bracelet/Pendant/earrings
  • Piercing
  • My Wire Angels
  • Fold Formed Pendant/earrings
  • Tube Setting

I have a much longer list than this, but I thought these would be good classes to begin with. If you have other suggestions I would LOVE to hear them.

I will keep you updated on the progress and registration date for the first workshop.

On to the Giveaway!

Why am I doing it? Well, there are a few reasons. This month marks one year since I have been doing my Tool Time Tuesday posts in Video format. This month, I finally hit 300 subscribers on my YouTube Page. I would love to hit 100,000 views on my YouTube Channel. I would also like your help in getting my blog out there so others can participate in the Tool Time Tuesday features.

Kevin Potter of Potter USA has been a great sponsor of my blog and he has donated one silhouette die and one pancake die for me to give away. I am also going to give away one of my beautiful Black Walnut Swage Blocks. There will be at least one other (maybe 2) gift(s) given away. So you have four chances to win, maybe five.

How to Enter:

You can increase the number of entries by doing a number of things.

  • Subscribe to my blog (Upper Right – You will receive an email each time I make a blog post)
  • Leave a comment on this blog with your suggestion of the class I should offer first.
  • Like my Facebook Page
  • Follow me on Pinterest and/or Pin at least one of my tutorials/videos or jewelry images.
  • Link to my blog from yours (I will link back to yours too – just leave the address in the comments)
  • Create a blog/Facebook/Tiwtter/Google+ post announcing my giveaway
    • Tell them to leave a comment letting me know they heard it from you and you will get an extra entry and they will get an entry too.
  • Subscribe to my YouTube Channel
  • Leave me a comment telling me how many of these items you did. Each one is good for one extra entry.

That gives you a total of 9+ chances to enter. If you are already subscribed to my blog/pinterest/facebook, just let me know and I will give you credit for those. I will also do a blog post with links back to the blogs that link to me. It will be a great way to get people to your blog too.

I will announce the winners next Wednesday, June 20th.

Today I uploaded 2 new videos. As I said before, Kevin Potter of Potter USA has been a great sponsor of my blog and has been so helpful as I have learned about the hydraulic press. These two videos are my 29th and 30th videos on YouTube. So enjoy.

The first video discusses and shows some of the differences between the old style press and his new style.

The second video shows how to use the new embossing/design dies

Thanks for everything. Have a great weekend everyone.

99 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY!!!!

  1. Dale Hoffman

    Melissa, what a great giveaway. I already receive your fantastic posts, but am commenting to enter πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Which YouTube? Any and all of them πŸ™‚ please.

  2. carolyn

    Thanks for the give-away opportunity! My choices for a class would be bezel setting & creative findings…I can’t decide on just one! I live near Portland, so I’m just waiting for the day when you offer classes in person. I already subscribe to your blog thru google reader & enjoy your posts so much!

  3. Kenji

    Looks like a GREAT giveaway! I think you might offer the chain making with the soldering as the soldering is really the base of a lot of other techniques. Also, I think that soldering is one of those techniques that poses probles for the novice as well as more experienced jewelry desingners.

  4. Teena

    Found you today via Karen, I find your work very inspiring,
    Have posted on my page about your giveaway, have liked your page, following you on pinterest, repinned your tutorial and subscribed o your blog

  5. Susan

    Hi Melissa,

    OK – I’m subscribed to the blog, liked your facebook page as me and as cserpentDesigns (is that 1 more entry? LOL!), I left a comment to tell which tutorial I think you should do first, I followed you on Pinterest and posted one of your pretties, I linked to your blog from mine – mine is http://cserpentDesigns.blogspotcom,
    I put up a post in my blog about your giveaway and posted it in facebook and I subscribed to your utube channel!

    So I’ve done them all.


    Love your posts and the help you give anyone who asks!

    Susan (http://wwwcserpentDesignscom)

  6. Susan

    Hi Melissa,

    OK – I’m subscribed to the blog, liked your facebook page as me and as cserpentDesigns (is that 1 more entry? LOL!), I left a comment to tell which tutorial I think you should do first, I followed you on Pinterest and posted one of your pretties, I linked to your blog from mine – mine is http://cserpentDesigns.blogspotcom,
    I put up a post in my blog about your giveaway and posted it in facebook and I subscribed to your utube channel!

    So I’ve done them all.


    Love your posts and the help you give anyone who asks!

    Susan (http://wwwcserpentDesignscom)

  7. Heather

    Hi Melissa,
    I have been a blog subscriber for a while now. Love your posts so much. As for the classes I would like to see the Tube setting first, then the riveting, then the foldforming. Those are my top three. As for other entries I did all of them except for the blog link because I don’t currently blog. For the pinterest one I pinned 3 of your videos I think. Just wanted to let you know. I would love to win one of the dies or your great swage block or honestly whatever you decide to giveaway would be great I’m sure. Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the good work with this great blog. I look forward to each and every post. Thanks so much for all that you share. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Kenji

    Hello Melissa,
    Here are the things that I did:
    Left a comment on your blog
    Subscribed to your blo
    Like on FB
    Follow on Pinterest
    Linked to your blog from wwwkenembijouxcom/wp
    Subscribed to YouTube

    Good luck Melissa!

  9. Kenji

    Looks like a GREAT giveaway! I think you might offer the chain making with the soldering as the soldering is really the base of a lot of other techniques. Also, I think that soldering is one of those techniques that poses problems for the novice as well as more experienced jewelry desingners.

  10. Danielle

    Congratulations! You’re moving right along and getting a LOT done behind the scenes to reach your goal and teach on the net! Sooo excited for you! I think your first class should be soldering basics, followed by making rings, cuz who doesn’t love to make something they can wear with their new found knowledge?!

  11. Marjorie

    Great Article, Wonderful to Hear and See more about Eddie. =)
    Liked FB Page, Shared Article on FB, Subscribed to Blog and YouTube Channel, Followed on Pinterest, RePinned one from your Tut-Board.

  12. Beverly

    Would be interested in the fold formed and tube setting classes. PS: Well done on putting this all together! I too just switched to a Mac and it seems like everything is taking double the time…

  13. Pat Carlucci

    Hi Melissa, your Ohio friends surely do miss you! I would love the chain making class or ring making class but any class you teach is never a disappointment! Well, I’ve done all the things you’ve mentioned above except link to your blog from my blog because I don’t have a blog.

  14. Katie Margolis

    Ok…I liked u on Facebook, plus posted a link to this pat. I also posted it in my local jewelerysociety page. I pinned u on pintrestandsubscribed to your utube channel! Whew!

  15. Linda Luttrell

    Hi Melissa,
    I have liked your fb page, didn’t know you had a separate one,subscribed to your youtube channel, am already a subscriber of your blog and pinterest, will get you my blog info when I get my computer back hopefully today, and will repost this on facebook. I would like to see your online class on creative findings. I think this makes all 9.

  16. Dianne Miller

    When I have time I’m going back to look through the whole blog – I guess I’d like to see riveting or fold forming, need work on my riveting and don’t know anything about fold forming yet. my blog is wwwartbydianne.blogspotcom. Will get a link up there after the weekend – I’m about to head out for a couple days. Much thanks for this, found out from Twisted and Bent btw.

  17. Nicole Valentine Rimmer

    How fun! I’ve liked your FB page, subscribed to your blog, followed and re pined you on pinterest. I love the idea of a creative findings class! Thanks for running a give away what a fun idea!

  18. Nicole Valentine Rimmer

    How fun! I’ve liked your FB page, subscribed to your blog, followed and re pined you on pinterest. I love the idea of a creative findings class! Thanks for running a give away what a fun idea!

  19. stephanie pfeiffer

    Hi Melissa,

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for online classes.

    My vote is for tube setting or ring making for the first class.


  20. Suzanne Cavataio

    Thanks Melissa!
    I just liked your facebook page, started following you on Pinterest, and subscribed to your blog.

    Katie Margolis sent me!

    Can’t wait to read and see more!

  21. Angie Simonsen

    Hi Melissa!
    I already follow your blog!
    I follow you on Pinterest and have pinned you!
    I follow your FB page.
    I also follow your YouTube channel already!

    I will work on the other entries later today, I need to get to work!

  22. Lucia Tremont

    Thanks for all your wonderful information and tutorials … My interest regarding classes would be intro soldering, fold forming, and I puchashed a sinusodial snake to do clastic and anti clastic forming. I work with copper enameling.

  23. Michelle

    Hi, Nice giveaway! I am already suscribed to your blog and You tube channel, but I will get busy on the rest of the list!
    I really want a Bezel setting class!
    Chain Making would be great too.
    All the others sound great, those are my top two though.

  24. Debbie Guerra

    Thanks for all of the great YouTube videos.
    My vote for your on-line classes is:

    fold forming
    spinner rings
    tube setting


  25. Tamara Wright

    Hi Melissa:
    I pinned several items
    I liked your FB page
    I subscribed to your blog
    I am a subscriber to your You-Tube Videos
    and I left a comment on my FB page extolling your give-away. Now can I have my prize. LOL

  26. Robin Myers

    Hi Melissa, I subscribe to your blog, have liked your facebook page, subscribed to your You Tube. For classes, I think the soldering, riveting, or ring class would be the easiest to start out with. The others are more difficult items, and would possibly be better to wait until you are experienced with the format. Good luck with all the new endeavors. Robin

  27. mike ma

    thanks for all the work you are’ve introduced me to Potterusa which I have shared with several metalworkers in the Lapidary club in Vancouver…look forward to your continued tooltime videos and would love to participate in your on;ine video courses…thanks again

  28. mike ma

    look forward to your continued good works on educating us in tools/ideas et. al. look forward to your new ventures in sharing..

    thanks again

  29. Barb C-S

    Melissa, I am already subscribed to your blog and youTube channel, like your FB page and follow your Pinterest boards. I’ve repinned your pins to my How-To and Art (jewelry) boards. Now3 I’ll get busy with the rest.

    As for your classes, I would love them all, but prefer:
    Chain Making (Intro soldering)
    Bezel Setting
    Creative Findings
    Tube Setting

    Thanks. For everything!

  30. Angelica

    I vote for creative findings! I also like you on facebook, subscribed to the blog, follow and repinned your ruby and silver heart. So, 4 πŸ™‚

  31. Lisa

    I love online classes because I can work at my own pace. I would be interested in soldering, bezel setting, ring making and fold forming. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck with the classes!

  32. Lisa

    I subscribed to your blog for 1 entry,
    “like” your facebook page for 1 entry,
    follow on you on Pinterest for 1 entry,and
    subscribe to your YouTube for 1 entry!

  33. Valerie Heck Esmont

    I would say start with the piercing work shop.
    I’ve liked your facebook page, I follow you on pinterest, put a link on my blog back to yours, subscribed to your youtube channel. And tonight I’ll write a blog post about your giveaway. Getting the word out!

  34. Lyn Stoll

    I’d love to see a tutorial on tube setting! It’s something I’ve never tried! I’ve liked your page on Facebook, subscribed to your blog, added a comment, and would love to win!

  35. Rose

    Hmmm… I like your page on Facebook and i’ve subscribed to your Youtube channel. I get your blog on my RSS feed, so I don’t subscribe here – oops! Oh, and I just followed you on Pinterest.

    I would like to see a bezel setting class.

    Miss you!

  36. michele

    Love your Tool Time Tuesdays! I am a new visitor to your blog. I can’t believe I didn’t discover it sooner.

  37. Sherry C

    Excited to see you will be offering online classes! While I can do a 5 & 1/2 hour drive, 38 hours is a little tougher, LOL.

    H’mmm. Difficult to pick just one. How about narrowing it down to 3, LOL.

    Tube setting
    Spinner Rings


  38. Sherry C

    Well, since I’ve already done some of these, this is a really easy contest, LOL. I have:

    – Subscribed to your blog
    – Left a comment on this blog with my suggestion of the class you should offer first.
    – Liked your Facebook Page
    – Follow you on Pinterest and pinned some of your tutorials/videos
    – Created a Facebook post announcing your giveaway
    – Subscribed to your YouTube Channel

  39. michele king

    Hi I would like the class on tube setting. Plus I did 4 other things, liked you on fb, subscribed, commented, and follow your blog

  40. Barrie

    Any class you offer will be excellent!! Wishing you all the best with the new classes! πŸ™‚ (and sign me up for the entry! LOL)

  41. Karen

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win! I’d love to see your first class be on spinner rings!

  42. Lori

    I followed you on pinterest, YouTube, blog, Facebook, and shared your giveaway on Facebook. I’d love to see the chain making class. Great giveaway, thanks!

  43. Perri Jackson

    Excellent offer and blog and youtube and and, and, Lady! Thanks for the opportunity – crossing my fingers!

  44. Dawn

    I am THRILLED you are going to be doing digital classes! I am already subscribed and have “liked” you on Facebook. Of course, I will double check that! There should be a “love” button just for Tool Time Tuesday”! Tube Setting would be one of my top picks for a class. Also, chain making.
    Congrats on one year!
    Cheers, Dawn

  45. Perri Jackson

    Hi Melissa! Came to the party late, but tried my best :^)
    I’d love to see you do a metal piercing class!
    Liked the Facebook page
    subscribed to the blog and the YouTube channel
    I already followed you on Pinterest – but pinned those really cute leaf and moon earrings!!
    Wrote a FB post sending people on over – even if it is last minute, folks from downunder could come see!

  46. Kim Nogueira

    HI Melissa,
    Tube setting is my number one choice for a class. I liked your FB a long time ago! Thanks for the amazing tips that you share!

  47. Lisa O'Hara

    Hi, Perri Jackson sent me to you. I followed you on FB, subscribed to you on YouTube and followed you on Pinterest. At least, I think I did. I’m still new to Pinterest. I subscribed to your blog. I don’t have one – yet!

    I’d like to see Fold Formed Pendant Earrings and Ring making.


  48. Maria Lothrop

    Liked your facebook page πŸ™‚

    I haven’t done any soldering work so I’d love the chain making class πŸ™‚

    Followed you on Pinterest <3

    Subscribed to your blog

    Left the post telling you how many I did <3

  49. Joanna-Gloria

    I would love it if you started with the ring making!!
    I am subscribed via email, liked you on FB (as Gloria Grahame) and loving this blog!!

  50. Deb E.

    Hi! No matter what you say, I can’t believe how organized you are! Thanks for the giveaway! I may be too late since the clock already struck 12 (ok, it’s 2 AM). No problem. I am new and looking forward to checking out all your videos, etc. I don’t have a blog, but I am now following you on Pinterest and subscribed to your blog and YouTube. The chain making and bezel setting would be my first choices in the voting. Have fun choosing, and congratulations to your winner!

    Best regards,

  51. Jean

    I love, love, love your YouTube videos! I don’t have the experience that most of my fellow artists have but when I sit and watch your videos it give’s me a little bit more confidence at what I may be able to do!

  52. Rose Yingling

    The class I would love to see you do first is Fold Formed Pendant/earrings

    I liked your faceBook page
    Already am subscribed to your blog
    I am now following you on pinterest
    Subscribed to your YouTube channel

  53. Lisa Klein Addison

    I think an awesome class would be the combination of hydraulic press and piercing! It sounds simple, but there are a few things that you have to do differently and be aware of and I’m sure folks who work in metal would appreciate your input! Also, a back to basics class with the nuances of sanding and polishing, or perhaps even different finishes you can do other than the high-shine polish?

    – Left a comment with a class suggestion
    – Subscribed to the blog
    – Liked your facebook page
    – Already follow you on Pintrest
    – Repinned two items on Pintrest
    – Subscribed to your YouTube Channel
    – Shared link to this contest on my Facebook page

    I’m very excited about this contest! I need these particular tools rather desperately! Hahaha!

    Love the tutorials, Melissa! Great work and I’ve learned quite a bit!

  54. Ann Sanicola

    I’m already subscribed to your blog, to your youtube channel and have liked your facebook page, and pinterest. So I guess I’m a fan. I’d love any of the Potter stuff if my name gets drawn.
    Great giveaway Melissa, thanks.

  55. Stacie Williams

    I’m following you on pinterest now. And liked your biz page on fb. Already subscribe to your blog & you tube channel. LOL. I feel like I’m properly stalking you now. BTW- Kiara is getting sooooo big! Wow.

  56. Maria Paray

    Oh, did I miss the giveaway??? I’m subscribed to blog, like FB, like Pinterest, subscribed to youtube. Would love to see tube setting, followed by creative findings. Posted to FB. So that’s 6 things, I think!

  57. Debbie Dixon

    Kevin’s tools are wonderful. Our class got to go on a field trip to his shop. Thank you for your tool time Tuesday. I have the reputation of being a tool addict. I love all your tips.

  58. Stacey Maddock

    hi there! i followed on pinterest, i pinned twice, i subscribed and i guess i’ve just commented. cheers!

  59. Jan Durkin

    Melissa, I stumbled upon your blog and your cool Tool Time Tuesdays through Deryn Mentock’s Boho Bliss class, as I am a student there, too. Of all of the great options you listed, I would be most interested in a Bezel Setting class. That’s what I want to add to my “box of tricks” next. Also, I did everything to enter the giveaway except link you to my blog since I don’t have one yet; I am following you on quite a few of your Pinterest pages, I subscribed to your blog and to your YouTube channel, I “liked” your FB page, I am giving you my choice of classes from the class list, and I’m posting on FB about this giveaway. So please enter me into the FANTABULOUS giveaway drawing!!! I’m so excited about this! I’m so happy to have come across all of your goodies, not just because of the giveaway, but because all of this good stuff you have in your blog and on Pinterest are right up my alley. Thanks so much!!! Jan Durkin

  60. jeanne

    ummm, 6 of the things, already was a blog subscriber, subscribed to youtubechannel, liked FB, posted comment on my FB w/link, blog linked your blog, selected bezel setting as first online class

  61. Elenor

    Hi, Melissa! I think I may be too late to actually enter the giveaway, but when I realized I wasn’t following you on pinterest, etc, I knew I had to change that!!

    I already subscribe to the blog, but I liked your FB page, followed you on Pinterest (fun!!), re-pinned a tutorial (there will be a LOT more of that – I love your stuff and think the world should check it out!), and subscribed to your youtube channel…duh! I kept going back and looking through the blog for your videos…I can get them all in one place! πŸ™‚

    Hope you are great – I know you wish you could give the classes in person, but I would never have been able to do that with you and if you offer them online, I may actually be able to attend one!!

  62. Chris Kerr

    Riveted bracelets! (tutorial suggestion) And please put me into your giveaway group!!! It’d be so wonderful to win, but even if I’m not that lucky, I can dream. πŸ™‚ Great gifts, Melissa.


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