Fundametal Friday – Riveting Followup

The results are in and I agree, the new Friday Feature will be officially called “FUNDAMETAL FRIDAY.” And I have just posted my second Friday video. This particular video is the follow up for the questions from Tuesday’s video and the giveaway for Gwen Youngblood’s Riveting Essentials Kit. 

While answering some of the questions I have come up withs some links for quick access to various tools and workshops.

Where can I purchase the kit?
Well, I have several on their way to me right now. You can back order them on my site and I will send it as soon as I get it, or you can purchase from Amazon (though they are a bit more expensive than me.)

My Site:

Where can I get that little hammer you use?
Well, you can order that through me.

What is the link for the Craftsy Class?
Coupon code: 58c6e098-6320-40db-b4a9-4d72ffccddf8
Expires: 1/15/17

Are you teaching classes next year? YES! I AM!
All of my Tucson Workshops are listed here:


And my workshops for Glass Craft Expo are coming soon. They are working on the listings now. I have a few more that are coming up also and I will be introducing those soon.

Thank you so much for all of your support. Please join me for Tool Time Tuesdays and Fundametal Fridays each week.

Without further ado, here it today’s Fundametal Friday. Have a great weekend everyone.

Video Link:

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