First class at Grand River Beads

Today was so much fun and busy. I had 8 students in my class and everyone was fabulous and very creative. We held our first basic soldering class at Grand River Beads in Rocky River, OH. I am hearing that it was a great success. Everyone finished at least one bracelet or necklace and they were all very well done.

I am really looking forward to the next class. I know that we already have a few students signed up for the next few classes and the owner asked me to check my schedule to see when we could add some more. We are going to start scheduling January and beyond. YAY!

2 thoughts on “First class at Grand River Beads

  1. Illaya Brown

    Congratulations. Many folks are artist and only a few can be both an Artist and a teacher. Many kudos to you for wanting to share yourself and your art.


  2. Melissa

    Thanks Illaya,

    I agree, it is rare to find an instructor that can do some of the other things. The one thing I can say that I usually do well (we all have bad days right?) is be an instructor. In my “previous life,” I was a computer instructor. I love teaching. I have enjoyed it so much. It is good to be back in that position once again.


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