It has taken me WEEKS and WEEKS to upload all of the images back onto my blog. Back in April I found out that my previous blog would no longer be hosted and I would lose all of my content unless I moved it to somewhere new. I figured out how to move the content, however all the images were still linked to the old one. And the big kicker was that I wasn’t able to download the images from a server. My blog is 7 1/2 years old. I have 374 blog posts with over 1,000 images and videos on it. I was able to find a program to go through my site and download all the images (THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!) But it changed the names of the files in some cases or put them into folders and it has just been a nightmare. I have had to go through each post (19 pages of 20 posts per page) and reload all of the images. It is as good as beating your head against a wall.

I didn’t bother fixing any of the messed up formatting, that could just take years. At least all of the information and photos are back now. I thought about skipping it and just deleting everything, but there was just too much information out there that I know people can still use. So many of my Tool Time Tuesday posts are still being searched and read. I started getting comments form people telling me how they used to find my blog so helpful and asking what happened. Like I said, it isn’t as pretty as it could be, but I am not going to spend any more time on it. I am finally ready to be back to creating. I haven’t felt like that in ages.

It was very interesting to read through my blog and watch my progression. Some of it was very inspiring to me. I remember being so new at this and soooo excited. I had lost a lot of that excitement. I have been in such a dark place. A place where I no longer desire to make art. A place where I am afraid to make it…. feelings of inadequacy, failure and just darkness.

In the past few weeks I had two very good friends from Ohio come and visit me. That got me started. Then last week I spent the week in Phoenix teaching two 2-day workshops and that really got me going. Next week I am teaching a 3 day hydraulic press forming workshop. In three weeks I have another friend coming in from Texas and I just cannot wait. I am excited again. And especially now that my blog is finally caught up, I can move forward. I have a lot of new videos in the works as well as tutorials. I have new tools that I want to review and share with you. You will never believe the progress I have made on my book. My goal right now is to type out 1 to 2 projects per day (almost 1/2 way through them now.) Next weekend my daughter is going to help me walk through the projects and get them photographed. I AM FINALLY BACK!!!!! I missed me. I missed being creative. Creativity comes naturally to me, but not easily. I really have to work at it. But once I find that sweet spot, things fall together. Now it is just a matter of finding that sweet spot in all of my projects. 🙂


7 thoughts on “FINALLY UPDATED!

  1. Beth brolick

    Hi Melissa, Glad you are BACK! I would really love to take a hydraulic forming workshop with you. Do you have a workshop Schedule that I might obtain so that I can start planning?
    Thank you, Looking forward to hearing from you,

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      Hi Beth,

      Thanks! I don’t have a set schedule as of yet. But I would be happy to work with you on it. So if you have some dates or ideas, I would love to set something up.


  2. Bronwyn

    Wow! I really can’t wait to buy your book. Will you be making a companion dvd to the book? I will be first in line to buy it.

    I really like the claw settings on the butterfly. Do you have a tutorial for the technique?

    You have certainly been missed by me and I am really glad your Tool Time Tuesdays are back!

    Best regards

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      Thank you Bronwyn. I am thinking that there will be either a DVD companion, or a log-in to my site where people can view the videos. I haven’t figured it all out yet as I am self-publishing the book.

      I do not have a tutorial on the technique for the claw setting….. yet. 🙂 But I am sure there will be one at some point in time.

      Thanks so much. It feels good to be getting back. <3


  3. Kathleen

    I just recently signed up for your newsletter and thank you for your post, so very honest. I am glad to hear creativity is picking up for you and that you are feeling better. We have all been there sometime.
    Take care, looking forward to your future newsletters.

  4. Heidi

    Oh, Melissa!! I had no idea you were going through all of that with your blog. That would be more than enough to drain the creative out of anyone all by itself. Glad you are letting good be good enough so you can get back to moving forward creatively again. Just don’t forget to catch your breath once in a while! 🙂

    1. Melissa Muir Post author

      Thanks Heidi. Yeah, it hasn’t been the funnest of places, that is for sure. And it really is driving me bonkers that some of the formatting is off, but I just can’t let it get to me. It is time to move forward with it. And editing just isn’t as much fun as creating. 😀


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