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Tool Time Tuesday – Texture Your Metal with Cupcake Wrappers?!?!?! *Giveaway*

Seriously! You can use cupcake wrappers to texture your metal if you know what you are doing. There have been so many advances in technology that leads to new objects that can be used in a number of ways. One such product is the decorative cupcake wrapper. They are laser cut papers with a consistency of a mid weight card stock. And that means they are perfect for texturing metal in a rolling mill.

Cupcakes and Texture

Watch this super short video to see how I use these decorative wrappers to impart a beautiful texture on my metal.

Video link:

Where do you find these wrappers? Well, I found mine on Amazon as well as in the craft store. They are all the rage right now, so they aren’t too difficult. But I did go through a TON of listings and picked out about 16 of them and found the ones with the best prices.

I like using water color paper and this is the one I use:

140 pound Water Color Paper:

Here are the ones I like best…. and most are on their way to me right now as I type this. 😀

Affiliate links for other cupcake designs on Amazon:
multi_blueCombo pack – 6 designs

Twist Flower Lace:

Ghost Cupcake Wrappers:


Spider Web:

White Snowflake:

Snow Flake 2:


Vine Lace:

Art Nouveau:

Vine Lace:

Fine Vine Lace:

Heart Filigree:


White Flower:

Filigree flower lace


I am giving away 20 of these wrappers (4 wrappers to 5 different winners.) Be sure to watch the video, Subscribe to my channel and leave your comment on the YouTube video to be entered. I will be doing a new video on Friday to announce the winners and answer some of the questions asked. I would like to do the Friday videos regularly. So be sure to pose your questions. Thanks for all your support and good luck on winning.

Long over due post – TONS of Videos

I could go on and on about how busy I have been, but that doesn’t really help anything at all. As you can see, I still haven’t figured out the balance between motherhood and work. There seems to be so much going on that every now and then something has to be dropped. Sometimes that is a video, or a blog post, or a piece of jewelry. I have tried very hard to make sure that I don’t drop the balls that involve my family, though sad to say, every now and then one of those gets dropped as well. Luckily, my girls have been very forgiving up to this point.

So what is going on? Well, all three girls are now in school. We still struggle with how to help Kate work through her learning disabilities. It sure makes things difficult when doing homework and trying to keep up with the other two. She just doesn’t seem to retain the information. And I am not sure how to help that. She is making great improvements in school, but we are still so far away, it feels. Riley has finally hit that maturity level where I finally feel like I can just let her take the reigns and do what she needs to without much oversight and prompting from me. That has been a relief. She is doing really well in school. She hates the “B” days when she has Gym and LOVES her “A” Days because she has calculus. I am not entirely sure she is my kid, LOL. Kiari is making huge improvements as well. It is so fun to watch her learn and grow. She is so sharp. I remember back to when she was born (10 1/2 weeks early and only just more than 3 pounds) and thinking what her future would be like. I am so blessed that she is sharp as a tack and picks up on things quickly. She sure has gotten fun.

Fun Family Trip to Las Vegas - M&M world

Fun Family Trip to Las Vegas – M&M world


I have finally been able to work a little in the studio. I try to get everything done during the day while the girls are at school so I can spend all my time with them when they are home. That gives us the opportunity to work on homework and our new family VLOG on YouTube. We even already have four videos out there. Our channel is called MUIR MANIA. It is still a work in progress, but the girls are thrilled to have a channel they can be a part of. If you would like to follow some of our crazy antics and just know about what is going on in life, please subscribe. They are thrilled with each new subscriber. And once we hit 100, we get a personalized channel name.

Link to subscribe to our Channel:

And be sure to check out our first four videos. We will have lots more crafts, treats and just family updates. It is a family video blog, so there will probably be a little of everything.

5 Fun Halloween Treats:

4 More Fun Halloween Treats:

Kelsi – Our story of Preeclampsia and Infant Loss:

Muir Mania – Vegas style:

Tool Time Tuesday RECAP

Well, I have been severely lacking in posting my Tool Time Tuesday Posts. So let me catch you up. Because while I am behind there too, I have at least made a few videos. Here is what you may have missed.

Fun tip: Removing a pancake die tab quickly with the hydraulic press:

Sand Casting: From Start to Finish

Using the JoolTool:

There are so many files. What is the difference?

You know I love Tube Setting:

See you all tomorrow for an actual Tool Time Tuesday Post. 🙂

Thank You and An Update

I absolutely love my blog readers. Already Tracey Johnson at Rolling Mills Resource has seen donations come in since I put up my video and blog post. Several people contacted me and asked if she would offer some lower donation incentives. I passed that information on to her and she did. So there are now several levels of donations on her Go Fund Me Campaign.

There are now the following levels:

  • $25 donation =  $35 credit
  • $50 donation = $75 credit
  • $100 donation = $200 credit
  • $200 donation = $400 credit.

Please spread the word and again, THANK YOU! I love our artist community.

Contact Tracey or see her products at the following:

Rolling Mill Resource Products, Review and Opportunity

Hello everyone. This year has been so unbelievably busy with all my traveling and teaching. I am finally getting back into the swing of things and have exciting plans for my YouTube Channel and online workshops that will be offered here on my own website. Watch for some big design changes on my website coming soon too. I am very excited to be getting things back in order and playing in the studio once again. I have a few more administrative things to take care of and then I hope to really get back into it and get things rolling. My book is finally making progress again and I now have 4 of the 5 Sections laid out in rough draft form and we will soon begin the final editing and proofing. I am so excited to see this finally starting to come together. And my Craftsy video will be coming out soon. I will keep you posted, but it is just a few weeks away.

A few years ago, when I still lived in Ohio a Facebook friend of mine asked if she could send me some of her new rolling mill patterns that she had finally perfected and was ready to introduce to the world. Tracey Johnson spent over 10 years developing, testing, tweaking and perfecting the process. She is the one that developed the products now offered through her company Rolling Mill Resource. Since that time several companies have copied her and even claimed that they work with her. But make no mistake, she makes the BEST product on the market. I have tried several of the others and they just don’t compare. The others have some great designs, but they aren’t cut deep enough for a really nice impression – at least that is my experience and opinion.

Tracey began when Lasers were still about $100,000. But she had an idea and really wanted to get it developed. It all began with the idea to create templates, but then she had the idea for textured papers that could be run through the rolling mill. Her first bid for setting up just one design was over $800. Seeing how that wasn’t feasible, she contacted several companies to see if they would let her use their laser. She did everything she could, including offering to clean their bathrooms. She finally found someone that allowed her to do the research and development needed until she figured it all out. For three years she tested different types of papers, different lasers, trying out the best designs and figuring out the proper settings for optimal depth of her designs and patterns.


Diane Townsley

Eventually she was able to buy a 3rd hand laser. It worked for a very short while. She bought another 3rd hand laser (her current one) and it has begun to be very unreliable. Tracey has had to spend thousands of dollars to keep it up and running. Her laser works almost 24 hours a day. She will get a design set and started and set an alarm to wake her up so she can start the next design. She has been doing this for about 6 years or so now. While she has made a good go of things with her current set up, however, it is not sustainable long term. She NEEDS a new laser. Ideally, she will be able to raise enough money to buy a new laser (Currently over $13,000) and the parts to fix her current laser (About $3,000) so she can have two lasers running and be able to get some sleep.

LaserNowTracey has come up with a  great Go Fund Me Campaign. You can donate any amount if you don’t care to purchase but want to help a small business. But there are two great levels really benefit you.

  • Level 1
    • Donate $100
    • Receive $200 to spend in her Etsy shop.
  • Level 2
    • Donate $200
    • Receive $400 to spend in her Etsy shop.

Go Fund Me Link:

This is a serious WIN/WIN for everyone. Even $100 will go a long way as her prices are VERY reasonable. You will be able to redeem your gift certificate once she is able to procure the new laser and get it up and running.


Diane Townsley

Over the next couple of weeks I will be releasing several videos that show different ways of using her patterns with a rolling mill. I love that Tracey does not run a fly-by-night shop. She has invested everything she has into this and has a superior product, as should be expected as she is the ORIGINAL Creator of the process. Let’s help a small business and artist realize her dream.

In the meantime Check out this Tool Time Tuesday video (even though it is Wednesday) on how to use the papers with your rolling mill.

Direct Video link: