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Catching up – iCreateFlix Featured Artist

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. Our Fourth was wonderful. I hosted the first of many (I hope) parties here at our new home. It was so much fun to have a large group of family and friends here. Of course that also meant that I spent quite a bit of time cooking and cleaning…. and unpacking. Yes, I am still unpacking and trying to get this house in order. There has been so much work to be done. With the girls out of school for the Summer I feel like I am a chicken without a head running around. I know that I am busy, I know that I am getting a lot of things and projects done, but I feel like I am not making progress. I am sure that I am really making progress, but it just doesn’t feel like it. I am so far behind in my blogging and videos. I was hoping to have my business up and running, but I can’t even afford to get my business license yet. Sigh, Hopefully soon.


I have had the opportunity to host my video workshops and tutorials with a new website called They invited me to be their featured artist this past week. It was kind of fun where I was even interviewed for my first podcast. If you would like to listen to it, you can find it here: It is kind of long. So I just opened another browser window and let it run while I was doing other computer work.
In addition, they featured me in a blog post. That can be found here: They did a nice little write up.
I was also asked to participate as a guest blogger where I  talk about my Top Ten Metalsmithing Tools.
It was a lot of fun. In fact, the podcast came out on Tuesday, July 2nd. Which also happened to be my birthday. What did I do for my birthday? Well, I got to sit around in the hot house while I waited for the AC repair guys to fix our BRAND SPANKING NEW AC. Oh that was loads of fun. But some of my new friends were sweet and took my girls to a water park and brought me lunch from one of my favorite cafe’s. My oldest made me Red Velvet Cupcakes and we had pancakes for dinner. LOL. It was a very low key and restful day.
What am I working on now? Well, I was working on getting a piercing workshop filmed. But you know how you get rusty with your skills if you don’t use them? Well, that is where I am. Between having three kids at home, two moves within a year, setting up a new house and everything else, I feel like I am so rusty. So I have halted the filming for right now and am trying to just create in the studio. Of course, as I work in the studio, I am finding what works and what doesn’t, as far as the flow goes. I am also finding that I am still missing some tools. That is frustrating.
So bear with me. I am getting back into the swing of things. People often comment on how amazed they are that I am able to do all the things that I do. Well, let me tell you, there is an awful lot that isn’t getting done right now. And sadly, that includes my blog and Tool Time Tuesday. But my house is getting a little more put together and that makes me feel better. And hopefully once I get it in order, I will have more time for creating and working in the studio.

Art Jewelry Magazine Acrylic Challenge

I have been totally stressed. There are so many things going on. That is part of the reason that I haven’t been posting lately. There hasn’t been time to do the things I need to, not to mention all the new things that have just cropped up. Oh, we are moving, by the way. Where? UTAH! I am very nervous about this. I swore I would never return to Utah. I LOVE living away from Utah. I have been enjoying my adventures living in the DC area, Ohio and now Washington along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. The timing is good though. As you might remember, my dad’s health hasn’t been doing well and this will be good for us to be close to them to be able to help out. The job seems to be a MUCH better fit for my husband. Sadly, the housing market is a HOT market, prices and interest rates are on the rise and the houses are snapped up almost as soon as they are listed, for asking price or higher. *Sigh* Let the search for the new studio begin. Cross your fingers and wish me luck.

Acrylic Challenge

About a month ago, I was informed that I had been selected by Art Jewelry Magazine to participate in a challenge using acrylic in a piece of jewelry. There were five readers and three of their editors participating in the challenge. They sent me three pieces of transparent acrylic, green, red and blue (I was really hoping I would be one of the lucky ones to get a slice of purple, but alas, I was not.)

The challenge won’t be appearing in the magazine, but it will be in their early December Newsletter (I think). So if you get that, be sure to keep your eyes open for it. I am really excited to see what some of the other artists come up with.
I have been thinking about this project really hard since I found out I had been among those selected for this challenge. It seems that my creativity has been taking a very long vacation. It has been really frustrating and quite discouraging. When I try to make something in the studio, the ideas are just not there. Then when I try to work through it anyway, I find that I am not at all pleased with the results and things look very amateurish and not up to my old standards.
Thursday night I was down to the wire. I needed to have the piece(s) sent off no later than Saturday in order for them to arrive to the magazine by their deadline. I have worked with acrylic before, but nothing seemed to be coming to me. I was literally in the phase of where I wanted to just throw up. I went to bed somewhat defeated, but determined that it would all come together on Friday after I took the baby to the sitter and got the girls off to school.
I sat looking at the pieces of acrylic that I had formed. I sat there for a good 2 hours just trying to come up with some settings for them, and of course I said a lot of prayers too. I had already done the prep work of sawing, shaping, forming and polishing. So it was just a matter of coming up with a way to set and secure the pieces and I was totally at a loss….. and then an idea came to me…. and then the next step…. and then the next. And by the afternoon and several mishaps and extra filing and polishing, I was done! I am very pleased with how these turned out.
I am sure the intent was for us to use multiple pieces of acrylic in one piece, and perhaps not. I am sad that I didn’t get the red piece used, but I do have a couple of ideas for that one now, and will do those soon…. I hope.


This is what I started with…. obviously I had more green. I just forgot to take a picture of them before I got started.
I started by forming the acrylic
Then added the tube set CZ in sterling. It turned out so pretty and feminine. I wish I could have done a better job with the photography.
This is a shot from the side to show you the puffed form.
The blue is a beautiful transparent cobalt. Again, I have formed this so that it is not just a flat piece of acrylic.
There is a swirl that is embossed in the center. You can also see a little of the wave shape.

From the side to show more of the depth to the piece. I LOVE this color.

From the other side to show a little more of the setting.
It was such an honor to be chosen for the challenge. What a great opportunity it was to participate. I am very excited to see what the others have done with their pieces of acrylic.

Mixed Metal Jewelry Workshop – New Book

I am finally home. I arrived about 2:00 am yesterday morning and I am still beat! My darling husband had the house cleaned up for me when I came home and I was amazed and filled with love. Then I walked downstairs into my classroom and found out where everything had been moved too.  HAHAHAHA

As I went through the mail, I came a cross a package from a publishing company that looked a lot like a book. I didn’t recall ordering any books. I did know that there are two books that I am in coming out this spring so I quickly opened it. The book inside is the latest publication from Mary Hettmansperger called Mixed Metal Jewelry Workshop. It is filled with great new projects with a very organic feel. I didn’t write anything for this particular book, rather I am one of the artists with a featured gallery piece.

In the wee hours of this morning I sent her an email thanking her for featuring one of my pieces and congratulating her on another job well done. She wrote back letting me know what a difficult decision it was to select the few that made it into the book. Apparently there were over 900 submissions. The editors narrowed it down to 250 for her to look at. She selected 90 from there and then the group was further refined to about 30. It truly is an honor to have my piece selected for this book when I am sure there are MANY talented artists and great pieces that didn’t make it.

I haven’t had the chance to sit and really study the book yet, but I have gone through it quickly. Mary began as a fiber artist and uses many of the fiber techniques in the projects she uses in the books. It really is a fun book and I am looking forward to studying it further and trying my hand at a few of them. The book is set to release on April 6th. You may be able to pre-order it on Amazon or other locations.



Art Jewelry’s Top 10 in December 2009

Today I received the Art Jewelry Magazine Newsletter. I was pleasantly surprised to see a picture of my Winter Lily. They are promoting the Art Jewelry Desktop Wallpapers. It is so much fun to see my pieces when they go out in others publications.

Down at the bottom it lists the top 10 downloaded projects for the month of December. I was surprised to see a picture of my fused silver chain as well. What a cool thing to have that be in the top ten. I just had to share my excitement.

Did you see Today’s Tool Time Tuesday? If not be sure to check it out .

New piece, New Guild, New Art Jewelry News

Okay, I have seriously dropped the ball on updating my blog. I am sorry about that. Things this month have been absolutely insane. I became an auntie again when my little sister had a beautiful baby girl at the beginning of the month. I went to Texas, where the weather was WONDERFUL, to help her out for about a week. It was so much fun. And I now have a serious case of spring fever.

Melissa Muir Jewelry

I did make a piece for her, but I am not sure she likes it that much.
Heck, I am not sure I like it that much. Both she and the baby have
February birthdays, so I put two beautiful amethysts in this one of
her. The small one is for her sweet baby and the larger one is for her.
I stamped the baby’s name and birth date on the back, but didn’t get a
picture of that part. Sadly, the picture on this one isn’t the greatest

New Guild

In other news. After a lot of work and effort, things are now underway for the new Ohio Jewelry and Metal Arts Guild. Our first meeting is in the Norton City Library in Norton, OH on Saturday, February 28th at 10:30 am.

I have started up a website and it can be accessed at: Even better than that, I started up an online forum to go along with the guild. Anyone can join, you don’t have to live in Ohio. But more information can be found on the guild website. I am very excited with the enthusiasm of local artists wanting to join and help out.

Art Jewelry News

I adore the people at Art Jewelry magazine. They have been wonderful to work with and they have been very supportive of me and my work. They have also just recently created desktop wallpapers that you can apply to your comptuer desktop. For the initial round of wallpapers they have included my fabulous fine silver chain that was featured in the January 2009 issue. I have it already loaded onto my own desktop. If you would like to see it, please check out their website
The editor that worked on my articles has written a blog post about it, along with the direction of how to download the images for you to include on your desktop as well.

In other Art Jewelry news, they have asked if they could include one of my pieces in the May 2009 Reader Gallery. So watch for my Victorian Necklace in that issue as well.

Art Jewelry Magazine – January

Dang, I am so behind with some of my posts. As you may already know I had another piece in the latest Art Jewelry magazine. The January issue hit the stands the first of this month. I am very excited to be featured once again and the editors have done an amazing job with the layout. I love everything they have done. They added some wonderful illustrations to help convey my steps and instructions.

I was even very happy to see that my piece is on the front cover. It isn’t the main piece, but Hey, I can still say that I have a piece on the front cover of Art Jewelry Magazine. Not too many people get to say that.

I have my copies on order and they should be here any day now. If anyone is interested in a copy please let me know.

Here are a couple of pictures from the magazine. Let me know what you think if you happen to get a chance to check it out.

Melissa Muir Jewelry

Melissa Muir Jewelry