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Thank You!!!!

I wanted to post quickly to say THANK YOU to all of you that have supported me these past few years. I got into really doing jewelry just after Kelsi passed away. It has been something that has helped me quite a bit in the process of healing.

I am so touched by the kindness and generosity of my blog readers. The Preeclampsia Promise Walk is tomorrow morning. I only set up my team yesterday afternoon. I figured I would give myself a goal of $100. I knew I could raise that much because I intended on donating at least that amount myself. I never dreamed that I would be able to donate more than 5 times that amount. Each new donation brought tears to my eyes and love to my heart. Several of you have also placed orders for the Wire Angel Tutorial and I will be donating 100% of that to the foundation tomorrow.

You know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know that times are tough economically right now and it isn’t possible for everyone to give a monetary donation. I am so grateful for the emotional support that you all continue to give me as I deal with anniversaries and other emotions that crop up from time to time.

There is still time to donate and no amount is too small. I believe our team page will be up for a little while, though I am not sure how long. The Kelsi’s Angels Team Page.

My dream is that one day every woman will know about preeclampsia and will never have to go through what I have. Too many mothers and babies die each year. Too many lives are affected because of it and I hope that all of this brings us one step closer to a cure and prevention.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.


For A Great Cause

Many of you know the reason behind the name of my company, Kelsi’s Closet Jewelbox, but some of you may not. Kelsi is my second daughter. She was born 16 weeks early, yes, really. She weighed only 13 oz. and was 8 1/2″ long. My sweet baby came out crying and it shattered the silence in the OR. None of us expected to hear a sound. Why was she born so soon? I had developed Preeclampsia, a condition that happens only in pregnancy. Some cases are far more severe than others. I was already a preeclampsia survivor and I had no idea that it could take the life of a baby, or mother for that matter, but it does, and it did for me. Kelsi_foot

I am a very fortunate person to be sitting at my computer typing this out at this very moment. I was very sick and my liver was beginning to shut down. But I recovered. I have many friends who have not recovered. I have friends that went into seizures, heart, liver and kidney failure. Some have had strokes and sadly, I have lost a few friends, and there are many others that I have never known who have lost their lives to Preeclampsia.

I have had four children. I have had preeclampsia twice and I would have had it with my last baby had we not delivered her at 29 weeks. But it was right there and the doctor saw no need for me to suffer through it again.

My sweet angel Kelsi did not survive. But by sharing our experience, other babies and mothers have. People may get sick of me talking about it, but I vow that no mother will have to go through what I did because of a lack of knowledge because I didn’t share.


This weekend the Preeclampsia Foundation is having one of their annual walks in Portland. It is on Saturday. I didn’t realize the date was so close, so I am getting a very late start on things, but I have set up a team: Kelsi’s Angels. I have set a goal to raise $100, though I would really hope that I might be able to do more than that. If you are able, it is a great cause to support.  Donations can be made at: The Kelsi’s Angels Team Page.

You may already be aware, but I also donate a portion of the sales from the Wire Angel Tutorial that I created in honor of Kelsi. So it is also another great way to support the PE Foundation.


Thank you all for your support.

Events and classes this week – May 4 – 9th

Well, I had the very best of intentions for the weekend. On my list of things to accomplish were getting my schedule for May and June out, Finish sorting and repackaging all those enamels, pricing and listing enamels and copper for sale on my sites and a few other things including cleaning the house, etc. . What happened? Well, I got totally wiped out with one of the nastiest colds I have had in a long time. I actually canceled classes and didn’t even turn on my computer for 4 days. Yes, it was that bad. But today, I am feeling human again. I am working on my schedule now and hope to have the final schedule for May and June by the end of this week. I am just working with the shops where I teach. With that said, I do have a couple of classes this week.

Thursday, May 6, 6:00 – 9:00 pm  – Victorian earrings. I haven’t done this one for a long time.
Saturday, May 8, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm – Layered Riveted Pendant

Special Events starting this week:

As many of you know I do a lot of work for the Preeclampsia Foundation in helping to raise awareness and funds. I never want another mother or father to go through what my family went through due to non-education. I never knew how serious preeclampsia was until it took the life of my daughter. It still frightens me how serious things were even for me. It is sad to know how many women lose their lives to this awful disease. More women will be affected by preeclampsia then will be by breast cancer.

This week begins many walks that will be held in honor of all those that have been touched by preeclampsia. One walk in particular will have several of my angels and the preeclampsia pins I designed. This one will be at Crown Point Shores South, San Diego – May 8th – Registration begins 8:30am – Ceremony begins at 9:30 am.

I believe the angels will be auctioned off and the pins for sale. I have only 2 left here in my own personal stock for sale. Hopefully I can get some more. They are sweet gifts as the design is just full of love.

There are many walks being held on different days. Please consider supporting this great cause by participating. To see if there is a walk near you, please visit The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia Website .

I would like to share a poem that I wrote around Kelsi’s 2nd or 3rd birthday.


Imagine a healthy 28 year old woman
Imagine the shock of an unexpected pregnancy
Imagine the happiness when Riley found out she was going to be a big sister
Imagine the excitement of early pregnancy
Imagine the doctors visits and tests
Imagine the fright of an irregular test result
Imagine learning it is a GIRL
Imagine learning that things might not be all right
Imagine the nervousness and sleepless nights
Imagine the prayers for a healthy baby
Imagine the first bump from within
Imagine a growing belly
Imagine those pesky stretch marks
Imagine an increase in blood pressure
Imagine more blood work and monitoring
Imagine the headaches
Imagine 23 weeks into the pregnancy
Imagine Christmas day with friends and family
Imagine the pain of that night
Imagine waking with a blood pressure of 170/110
Imagine the lab results showing bad liver function
Imagine the doctor’s face after the ultrasound
Imagine learning your baby will be born within a week, 4 months early
Imagine the emergency c-section
Imagine the cry of a 24 week old baby
Imagine, 13 ounces and 8 1/2 inches
Imagine watching your baby lose her fight
Imagine saying the words to stop the machines
Imagine holding her as she leaves this world
Imagine the grief and sorrow

Imagine the determination that no mother will go through this due to a lack of education!

Until the day I die, I will continue to do what I can to make sure people are educated about preeclampsia, its signs and symptoms. Thank you all for allowing me to share Kelsi with you all.

From here on out the price of my angel tutorial is $10. I will be donating a portion of funds from this tutorial to the preeclampsia foundation so that they can do everything possible to educate others and fund research.

Tool Time Tuesday is being written by my friend Jeanette at As soon as she is done I will get it posted.