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Happy New Year 2010!

This year is off to a busy start. I hope that everyone had a good holiday. As many of you know the end of the years are always a bit more difficult for me. This year was a good one, but one in which we still really miss our little Angel Kelsi. I am currently working on a piece for a good friend and myself that I hope to have done this week to show. I was really hoping to have it done by her birthday, but it didn’t happen. I will post more about it when it is finished.

Where am I going with this jewelry stuff?

I have been thinking about my business, blog, jewelry and just life and trying to figure out which direction to take things. I have so many things I would like to do, but I don’t want my home life to suffer in trying to accomplish them. I haven’t quite figured everything out yet, but hopefully I will be able to soon.

Year of Jewelry, Ohio JMAG, Gemology

I have signed up for the Year of Jewelry Challenge once again. For the first time since starting the challenge, in which we make a piece of jewelry every week for the entire year, I did not complete it. This past year was one in which there were some very large events going on. Between being gone to Indonesia and helping my mother as she dealt with breast cancer I was gone for nearly two months there alone. I am not even sure that I have photographed 52 pieces of jewelry this past year. The Ohio Jewelry and Metal Arts Guild is another venture that has taken up MUCH of my time. We have some great things coming up this year and I am looking forward to it.

I have started training to become a gemologist and have recently earned the Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P.) diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). I have quite a bit of work to do to earn my Graduate Gemologist diploma, but working hard on it all the same.

Tool Time Tuesdays

Starting tomorrow, January 5th I will be starting a new weekly blog post here on my blog called Tool Time Tuesdays. I am teaming up with a friend of mine that has a fabulous online jewelry supply shop, Every Tuesday we will select a tool that we use
and love, or hate. We will review the uses, benefits and drawbacks. We will provide our opinion of the tool and tell you where you can purchase the tool or perhaps even how to make it.

I have also been thinking of doing studio spotlights. I need to think about how to make this one work a little more, but sometimes it is so much fun to see how others work and get to know them a little bit better also.

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First Jewelry of the Year

I am actually off to a fairly decent start this year. I have just finished a few pieces today. The first is a “Rewind button” for a friend of mine that is going through a difficult time. I have a few other “buttons” that I am going to try out just as soon as I get off of the computer. So you will probably see a few more of them tomorrow.  The second piece is a pair of earrings I made as a custom order. There are 24 little crystals in these earrings. The wire used is only 26 gauge – that is really thin. They are about 2″ long. The last picture is a small army of angels I made for another friend on a custom order.

Melissa Muir Jewelry

Melissa Muir Jewelry
Melissa Muir Jewelry

Melissa Muir Jewelry

Well, that is it for tonight. Good night all, and I will “talk” with you tomorrow with our First Tool Time Tuesday!

Mailing List

Hey everyone.

I now have a way to email out announcements regarding my classes and any specials I have in my store. If you would like to participate, please take a moment to sign up. You can opt-out at any time. After you sign up, you will receive an email with a link to confirm you really want to be a part.

I will send out surveys so I can get an idea of what classes people want to take, when they want them to be offered, and of course, I will send out a schedule of classes.

When you sign up, be sure to check your email and confirm that you want to be on the list.

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