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Workshops all over the place

I know that my in-person workshops have been VERY FEW and VERY FAR between, and that probably won’t change any time soon. So here is your chance to take some of my workshops in person.  I am pleased to say that they have been filling rather quickly and some are already full. But if you hurry, you can snag one of the remaining seats.

2016 Workshop Schedule

Tucson, AZ Gem Show – All classes at Potter USA

All workshops are limited to 6 students. So don’t wait too long to sign up. All workshops are in the evening (5:30 pm – 9:30pm) at Kevin Potter’s shop in Tucson. I will be using the JoolTool in each of these workshops, especially for the finishing details. So if you have been wanting to know more about the Hydraulic Press, JoolTool (you can even bring your own) and Sand Casting, these are going to be great workshops.

Feb 1 – Sand Casting
Feb 2 – Hollow Form & Shadow Box Jewelry (JoolTool and Hydraulic Press)
Feb 3 – Cab it, Form it and Set it (JoolTool and Hydraulic Press)
Feb 4 – Potter USA Open House
Feb 5 – Sand Casting – FULL

To Register, please visit my online shop

Tucson AZ Gem Show Workshops

February – March
The Makery Arts Jewelry Retreat – Texas.

Sunday Feb 28 – Friday March 4, 2016. 5 full days with 3 gourmet meals a day at the Sage Hill Inn. We will be learning all sorts of stone setting techniques including Stone-On-Stone, taught by myself, Francesca Watson and master maker, Jim Dunakin. This retreat is already more than 1/2 full. I was able to teach last year and it was SOOOO much fun. Nothing but jewelry making, creativity exchanging and lots of laughter. Everyone came out of there enthused, excited and creatively refreshed.

For more information and to register, please visit The Makery Arts Website.

Makery Arts Jewelry Making Retreat

March – April
Glass Craft and Bead Expo – Las Vegas, NV

This is a new show for me and I am so excited. I understand that the Glass Craft and Bead expo is the “Gem Show” for the glass world. And I am excited that it is only about 6 hours drive from my home here in Utah. I will be teaching 6 workshops, 4 full-day workshops and 2 evening workshops. Registration is now open. Again, space is limited, so I wouldn’t wait too long to register.

For more information, class descriptions, and registration, please visit the Glass Craft and Bead Expo webisteClick on the course titles below to be taken to each individual course for registration.




Melissa Muir - Glass Craft Expo Workshops


September – October
Makery Arts – Bulverde Texas

Workshops are still being determined, but classes will be held September 29 – October 2nd. More information coming soon.

Progress and feeling great

I want to tell you all thank you so much for all your love and encouragement over the past little while. The last couple of years have been so hard for me with the moves and trials we have had. I really suffered emotionally and it is crazy. The kicker for me was when my blog had to move and I lost all my subscribers, photos and had to redo them all. That was so frustrating that I just had to stop even visiting my blog because it just made me so mad. But, The fog has lifted. I am creating again. I feel great again. I have ideas again. I am ready to go and moving quickly. Thank you.

This past week my friend and jewelry artist, Mary Govaars, came and worked with me for 7 solid days. What did we do? We got my book organized. She helped me identify ALL of the projects. She also helped me to see that I have at least two books that I will be writing. There is just too much for one. That is a good problem to have, right? We laid out the sections and flow of the projects. All of the projects and steps have been written and are currently being edited and verified. The book progresses beautifully from beginner projects all the way to advanced. There are more beginner to intermediate projects than advanced, but the second book will pick up where this one leaves off and readers will continue to grow their skills. I am so revved up and excited, I am almost like a kid in the candy store and can hardly wait for my kids to leave for school so I can get in to the studio and play. I haven’t felt that for such a long time. It is wonderful.

Fold and Hydraulic Formed Pendant - Melissa Muir

Fold and Hydraulic Formed Pendant – Melissa Muir

This pendant is one that I started working on when my friend Francesca Watson came to visit in October. It actually had several melt downs and went through a fair amount of silver trying to make the bail. However, I changed it up, finally bought my acetylene tank and got my torch set back up, and there were very loud squeals of delight and celebration coming from my studio when everything worked and I didn’t melt it again. If you were within about 30 miles, I am sure you heard the squeals. I floated on clouds for the next two days knowing that I finally got this project done. It feels so good to be back.

Talkin’ Tools

If you enjoy Tool Time Tuesday, then I would like to introduce you to my friend Kathleen Krucoff.  She offers a feature on her blog Mystical Mytical Metalwork called Talkin’ Tools. In her first installment, in a long time anyway, she talks about chasing hammers. Her work has evolved and right now she is really into chasing and Repouse’, and she shares her favorite tools for the different techniques she is trying. it is always good to hear about tools from a number of people. Everyone has their opinions and way of doing things. So take a few minutes and check it out. You might find another blog you love to read and is full of great information and resources.

Speaking of Tool Time Tuesday, I will be back tomorrow with another installment. So I will see you all again tomorrow!

Finally Making Some New Pieces

As you know, I have really struggled lately (like for the past 4 years) to get back into the groove of things. Between having a baby (now 4 years old) and moving across the country a couple of times, setting up a new house and trying to figure out what I want to do, it has been awful. But This year…. This year is going to be different. We are now in a  routine. The house still has a LOT of projects and I need to figure out how to get organized, but I am finding I finally have some time to myself. I have set many new goals. Utah isn’t the easiest place to have a jewelry making business. The people here are just different and value things a bit differently. Let me just say, there is a reason why I can do what I do. I grew up here. I knew the mentality of Utah when it comes to being creative and “crafty.”


I have been approached by several online places to offer my workshops and videos. For a while now I have wanted to have my own video subscription service on my website with projects and such. This year, all of that is going to happen. Dates  have already been set for multiple national teaching opportunities. I will be teaching in Tucson at the Gem show next month. In March I will be teaching in the San Antonio/Austin area. Then in July, I will be teaching in Las Vegas. I am so thrilled to be “getting back to it.”


The other day my husband came home from work and I left the kids in his charge and retreated to the studio. He came in and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was tired of not creating and listening to the awful enemies in my head. So I figured that if I just came in the studio and forced myself to create something, then perhaps my creative muse would awaken and I could get back to “me.” The Me that used to sit and just pull out a stone or two and create. When I was that “ME” things just came together. That is where I am going to get back to. I am excited to get back to ME. This should be a fun year. Want to see what I have done so far? They aren’t perfect but I am sure pleased with them. It is a fabulous start.



I am also really excited that this week a good friend of mine is coming in from California to help me get the layout of my book going. I am  hoping to have the first volume of my book out in just the next couple of months. We will see how it all goes. I may be even further behind than I think. Then again, I may be further ahead than I think. Cross your fingers that things go well. 🙂




Next week I may be a bit quiet as we get our nose to the grind stone and really push to get everything going.

I have been going through my studio and found that I have a lot of things I don’t use. This includes tools and beads and such. So in an effort to raise money for the costs associated with  publishing my book, and hopefully getting a few things in Tucson, I will be holding a destash. I haven’t figured out how I am going to run it yet, but I need to get some things cleared out. I just don’t use some of this stuff and it might as well go to someone who can use it.

But in the meantime, I am so excited to be back. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and support.MelissaMuir-YOJ2015-Week1


See How It Is Done

There have been a lot of threads on FB in various jewelry making groups that I belong to about people asking the artist to drop their price. You also hear a lot of people saying that something is too much. I honestly believe that is because these “customers” don’t know the true value of the piece.

We are so used to paying for cheap crap that is manufactured in factories that pay a pittance of a wage and provide horrible living and working conditions for their employees (salves really, if you ask me.) People don’t understand what really goes into making a piece. It isn’t just the materials. You also have to consider the tools purchased, the time it takes to learn to use those tools, not to mention the time it takes to learn the skill of the trade, whether it be wire wrapping, metalsmithing, or any of the other mediums out there. Then you have to consider that these people have to pay rent, utilities, packaging, web hosting, booth fees, etc. Even when all of that is taken into account, the most important thing is the artistry of the artist. Because really, you can have all the tools in the world and still be lousy at creating art.


When a person purchases a piece from me, they aren’t paying for the materials in the piece. They are paying for a piece of art that I created with my own hands, my heart and my creativity. If they want to pay less for that, they will have to find someone else to give it to them, but then it won’t be a piece by – MELISSA MUIR! 🙂


This week I spent a day in the studio with my tripod and camera following me around capturing nearly every step of the process. There were a few things that I didn’t film and I cut out quite a bit of the process as it is represented by a short little clip of each step. When I did the editing of the remaining video, it was still over 30 minutes long. So I sped everything up 50% added some great music and voila, a fun to watch video.

So please join me for a few minutes and see how I take a flat piece of copper and transform it into this beautiful 3D piece of art jewelry.

Tool Time Tuesday – Using Spacers in the Hydraulic Press

First, let me tell you how much I appreciate all of you. I received so many comments, phone calls and emails after my last blog post about bullying. Thank you so much. I truly feel loved. I am so sad to hear how many people have also been through that and still, as I do, deal with the lasting effects. I am glad to know that I do not stand alone.

This week has been off to a good start. Last week we were working in the studio with an electrician to get some more outlets in the studio. I am so happy about that. I seriously had something like 8 – 10 outlets in the studio and it is just no fun to trip over the cords, unplug and plug in equipment because you need something different. Now that things are finally sort of cleaned back up, I started to play a little bit. I had a large tool company ask me to evaluate some hammers for them and thought it was time to pull them out and run them through the ranks.

This is the result of my efforts yesterday….


This little bowl started life as a 3″ copper disc. I hammered it into a sand bag to get the initial shape and then followed that by forming on a stake and then finally a large 2″ dapping punch. It was so much fun to just hammer away for a while.

I liked it so much that I decided to see what I could accomplish using the hydraulic press. Here are my efforts from that little experiment. I will play around with it more. In the meantime, I will make little bases for these mini bowls as well.


And yes, I do believe this will be a project in my book.

Okay, on to the real reason of this post, TOOL TIME TUESDAY!!!

I have had a lot of people ask me about spacers and the hydraulic press. So I decided to make a quick video to show you how I work with the presses in my studio. Enjoy.

Video Link:

All content and images on this blog are the property of Melissa Muir and use of them in any context is strictly prohibited unless written permission is first obtained. Please feel free to repin any of the pictures of pieces done by Melissa Muir only.

30 Days of Art Challenge

November already? How can that be possible? And not only that, but we are already 9 days in. Time just flies by anymore. I could swear we just started this year. I am sure that I am not the only who feels this way. I think that as I get older that time just goes faster and faster. Sometimes it makes it hard to enjoy it.

How was your Halloween? Ours was pretty fun. Riley is getting a little old for it, but she still enjoyed dressing up for school and going out with the girls. We didn’t really decorate this year. I don’t know where all of my stuff it. Imagine that. But the two younger girls really had a great time.


I have been working on my book and I am sad to say that it has been going much slower than I would like. Also, as I was working on it, I realized that I need more experience in the section that I was writing. So I have changed the focus of the first volume. While that is good, it does mean that I am starting over from the beginning on this one. Luckily, it is going much more smoothly than the section on making your own pancake dies.
Because of all that is going on with kids, schools, remodels and everything else, I haven’t really had time to actually get into doing any kind of art at all. I mean nothing. So I decided to give myself a 30 Days of Art challenge here in November. I have to make or work on at least one piece of art a day. It doesn’t have to be finished, but I have to do something. Some days I get 3 or 4 pieces done, others, I am lucky to sneak one in before going to bed.
So let me show you a little of what I have been doing.
Day 1 – Spinner Ring. This is the ring that I made during the demonstration video for Pepetools Ring Shank Bender.
Day 2 – Silver Synclastic Earrings I made using my Arbor Press from Potter USA
Day 3 – A great big bow for my front gate. I have never made a bow before, so don’t pick on me.

I know it doesn’t look all that big, so let me give you a little perspective:

Day 4 – Copper and Silver Earrings. I used the Ring Shank Bender to coil the wire (12 gauge copper.) When I hammered them, they got all out of shape. Without annealing, I used the Ring Shank Bender AGAIN and reformed the earrings. I am really starting to like that tool a lot.
Day 5 – Quick bracelets made from 12 gauge aluminum


Day 6 – This is progress made on my first ever stained glass piece. I don’t know that I will ever master this one, but there is a HUGE panel in my near future. I need to cover up the window that looks out on the AC unit that was installed in the middle of my studio window.
Day 7 – This is just a prototype of a large wire angel. I was trying to figure out how difficult it would be to work with 12 gauge wire, as well as figuring out how much wire I would need. I will be making a Christmas ornament with three angels. It is a commissioned piece for a mom who lost her triplets earlier in the summer.
Day 8 – I was trying to do an experiment with a fold formed piece and the hydraulic press. Well, I made the fold formed piece too large and it wasn’t going to work the way I wanted it to so I made a little bit of abstract art for myself. It now sits in my window and brings me joy.

I actually had multiple pieces. This is a simple formed piece in the hydraulic press.

Day 9 – Doing more work on my book I was playing around with various techniques and this little guy emerged. I just need to figure out a bail for it. I actually really like how it turned out and watching it evolve was so much fun.

All content and images on this blog are the property of Melissa Muir and use of them in any context is strictly prohibited unless written permission is first obtained. Please feel free to repin any of the pictures of pieces done by Melissa Muir only.

Art Jewelry Magazine Acrylic Challenge

I have been totally stressed. There are so many things going on. That is part of the reason that I haven’t been posting lately. There hasn’t been time to do the things I need to, not to mention all the new things that have just cropped up. Oh, we are moving, by the way. Where? UTAH! I am very nervous about this. I swore I would never return to Utah. I LOVE living away from Utah. I have been enjoying my adventures living in the DC area, Ohio and now Washington along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. The timing is good though. As you might remember, my dad’s health hasn’t been doing well and this will be good for us to be close to them to be able to help out. The job seems to be a MUCH better fit for my husband. Sadly, the housing market is a HOT market, prices and interest rates are on the rise and the houses are snapped up almost as soon as they are listed, for asking price or higher. *Sigh* Let the search for the new studio begin. Cross your fingers and wish me luck.

Acrylic Challenge

About a month ago, I was informed that I had been selected by Art Jewelry Magazine to participate in a challenge using acrylic in a piece of jewelry. There were five readers and three of their editors participating in the challenge. They sent me three pieces of transparent acrylic, green, red and blue (I was really hoping I would be one of the lucky ones to get a slice of purple, but alas, I was not.)

The challenge won’t be appearing in the magazine, but it will be in their early December Newsletter (I think). So if you get that, be sure to keep your eyes open for it. I am really excited to see what some of the other artists come up with.
I have been thinking about this project really hard since I found out I had been among those selected for this challenge. It seems that my creativity has been taking a very long vacation. It has been really frustrating and quite discouraging. When I try to make something in the studio, the ideas are just not there. Then when I try to work through it anyway, I find that I am not at all pleased with the results and things look very amateurish and not up to my old standards.
Thursday night I was down to the wire. I needed to have the piece(s) sent off no later than Saturday in order for them to arrive to the magazine by their deadline. I have worked with acrylic before, but nothing seemed to be coming to me. I was literally in the phase of where I wanted to just throw up. I went to bed somewhat defeated, but determined that it would all come together on Friday after I took the baby to the sitter and got the girls off to school.
I sat looking at the pieces of acrylic that I had formed. I sat there for a good 2 hours just trying to come up with some settings for them, and of course I said a lot of prayers too. I had already done the prep work of sawing, shaping, forming and polishing. So it was just a matter of coming up with a way to set and secure the pieces and I was totally at a loss….. and then an idea came to me…. and then the next step…. and then the next. And by the afternoon and several mishaps and extra filing and polishing, I was done! I am very pleased with how these turned out.
I am sure the intent was for us to use multiple pieces of acrylic in one piece, and perhaps not. I am sad that I didn’t get the red piece used, but I do have a couple of ideas for that one now, and will do those soon…. I hope.


This is what I started with…. obviously I had more green. I just forgot to take a picture of them before I got started.
I started by forming the acrylic
Then added the tube set CZ in sterling. It turned out so pretty and feminine. I wish I could have done a better job with the photography.
This is a shot from the side to show you the puffed form.
The blue is a beautiful transparent cobalt. Again, I have formed this so that it is not just a flat piece of acrylic.
There is a swirl that is embossed in the center. You can also see a little of the wave shape.

From the side to show more of the depth to the piece. I LOVE this color.

From the other side to show a little more of the setting.
It was such an honor to be chosen for the challenge. What a great opportunity it was to participate. I am very excited to see what the others have done with their pieces of acrylic.

Prong Setting Challenge Piece Finished

I belong to a new online community called Artisan Whimsy. I am on several groups over there, one of which is a metal group. They are doing a group challenge using prong setting as the theme. So this is a piece that I have been working on for a little while and the challenge was the perfect opportunity to finish it up.

The piece is made with sterling silver. The back plate is 24 gauge, though in hindsight, I should have bumped it up to 22 at least. There was a little too much warpage of the back plate when I soldered the prongs into place. The top piece is a 22 gauge and was formed with my hydraulic press then pierced with a freeform design. The stone set in the middle is a titanium coated druzy in royal purple/blue. The color changes depending on how the light hits it. The silver really makes it pop. The stone is set with wire prongs. Because of the irregular shape of the stone I had to use rivets with spacers to float the top piece over the stone. I need to get a picture of the piece from the side.
The bail is made from 3 pieces of 18 gauge wire. I soldered the three pieces together in the middle and then formed the bail by twisting the ends up and wrapping them through the rivet spacers to secure everything. I still need to make the chain for this piece. I guess that is the next step.
Anyway, it was a lot of fun to spend some time in the studio with my tools. It was a great exercise for my mind in trouble shooting and general creativity. It is something I feel I haven’t done for a long time. Hopefully this is just the start. My next piece is a real challenge for me. I was selected, along with 4 other people, to come up with a piece for Art Jewelry Magazine using acrylic. They sent me three pieces of acrylic and I need to use them in a piece. I have to have it sent to them within 2 more weeks. I have been thinking and thinking about what to make and I am still stumped, although, I have had a few ideas come to me. So please send me some good creative vibes.
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Who wants to take my online class? For Free?

I am a bit late on this post. My online class has been up and running for just over one full week. Things seem to be running smoothly. I am still adding little bits here and there as questions come up, but all in all, I think it is successful. 

As promised, I said I would offer a scholarship to one lucky person. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me what things you really want to learn. Yes, I am fishing for ideas. Ideas for new classes. Ideas for Tool Time Tuesday. Ideas for me to help improve my own skills. Ideas to help get me out of this depressing rut. This will also help me see if anyone is reading my blog anymore. I haven’t received comments for a long time now. Are you still out there? I am sorry for the Captcha crap when you enter comments. I have tried and tried to disable it, but am unable to do. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate ANY feedback I get. I will admit, it is very discouraging when there is only silence. So let me know what you think….. please. 
So if you would like the opportunity to take my current online workshop – Basic Soldering, be sure to leave your comment. I will announce the winner on Friday, October 19th. Even if you are already enrolled, be sure to enter. Your tuition will be refunded if you win. 

So what else is new? 

I have been busy, but I don’t seem to really have anything to show for it. I think that is the frustrating part. I am now a Board Member for the Creative Metal Arts Guild in Portland. Next month I will be revisiting my “old life,” When I present on web page design to the guild. That will be fun. I have been preparing and I have to admit, it is making me long to be in front of the computer classroom once again. I loved that career. 

Upcoming workshop

I have one opening left in the workshop I am teaching on Monday, October 22nd. It is my Lily Pendant and Cone Earrings class. I will be teaching people how to use my Swage Block. Of course, if you can’t make it and would like to learn, you can always purchase the step by step tutorial in my shop. If you are in the area and would like to attend, you can see more about the workshop on the Clear Skies Studios web page

What am I working on now?

Just this past week I have purchased the tools for working with Salt Water Etching. I really wanted to have a way that my girls could participate in some of my jewelry work. I am not comfortable with them working with the ferric chloride, especially since I no longer have good ventilation in my studio space (living room in the house we are renting.) So I got myself a battery charger and box of salt. I am currently playing with various resists to see which give me the best result. I am also thinking I will offer a mini online workshop on this (cost will only be about $15.) 
A friend of mine sent me a bunch of tools to demonstrate for Tool Time Tuesday. So I am working on getting some of those videos done up now and hope to present them over the next couple of weeks. I also have 2 more Featured Artists that I will be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks as well. 
The rains have started here in Vancouver, Washington. I was really bummed as I have really been enjoying my outdoor lifestyle including hiking and biking, especially the biking. Well, I have the best husband in the world. He purchased some fenders for my bike, so I wouldn’t get so muddy and wet from the water being flipped up from the tires. He also got me some long fingered and water resistant gloves so my fingers would stay a bit more warm. I also bought a rain resistant jacket to help keep me dry. I am much happier now knowing that I will still be able to ride when it isn’t raining too hard. In fact, I went out this morning and enjoyed the fog and colors of fall. 
Okay, that is enough for now. I will be back soon with a Tool Time Tuesday. In the meantime, be sure to enter your comment to be entered for the scholarship for this online course. Good luck! 

The studio is just about packed

What a great response to my Tool Time Tuesday Post. Thank you all of you that responded to it and left me comments. I have to say, it means a lot to me when you take the time to comment. It really makes it worth it to me to do them. I honestly almost didn’t post that one because I was afraid people thought it would be a stupid one. I am glad that wasn’t the case. Thank you again for the feedback. I love it when I come on here and have comments. It makes my day!

Oh, I have a piece that I made a little while back. I didn’t show anyone because I want to use it as a project in my book. But now that I will be teaching it in March at the Fraser Valley Bead Show in March, the picture will be out there, so I might as well share it with all of you. You can tell me if you like it or not.




Wow, what a week. I think I just about have it all done. There are the little bits of odds and ends here and there, but for the most part, I think it is just about done. I even have all the holes in the walls patched and now they just need to be sanded and painted.

I was really hoping to be further along than this, but that just can’t happen according to plan, right? On Monday my baby had to go in to have her tubes in. She was fighting a bit of a cold at that time, but we were all comfortable in going forward with the surgery. Well, the past couple of days, her cold has improved and then gotten worse. Last night my husband and I were up all night with her and we each had the pleasure of a cold shower. My poor baby had a fever of 106. I have had my kids have fevers up to 104, but NEVER 106. OH MY GOODNESS. With multiple cool baths and showers, a couple of rounds of tylenol and an antibiotic on board, we finally got the fever to break around 8:00 am this morning. Of course, by that time, we had had only about 2 hours of sleep. Talk about miserable, for all parties involved. Today she has been super clingy and we still haven’t gotten much accomplished. I was really hoping to have all the packing done here in the basement with all the boxes moved upstairs and ready to be loaded into the truck in 2 weeks. Oh well. At least I still have 2 weeks….. right?

So you want to see what I have been up to?

This is where the polishing machine and bench used to be.



Watch as the ventilation system comes down.


I have removed the vent hoods.


This is the shelf we built to hold the dust collector that I use for my ventilation motor.


Now the vent system is down and you can see the blower that I use for moving the air out of the studio.


My rolling mill looks like it has been met by a rather large group of spiders.


This shelf keeps getting empty and filled back up as we move things around while packing everything up.


All the copper is packed up and the pegboard has been taken down. The boxes on the floor are coming out of the storage room and we are culling and sorting them to see what to toss and what to keep.


The vise has been removed and even the bottle jack has been removed from my hydraulic press. We just need to wrap it up and move it upstairs with the rest of our stuff.


My peg board (wall of hammers) is down and the storage drawers are all empty and packed away.


All the mirrors and wall art has been removed. You can actually see all the pictures from the studio sitting on the cabinet there in the corner.  I just need to take care of some chemicals and get them disposed of and that will be done.


So there you have it. Once we get all the boxes up stairs and a bit more organized, I will take a picture to show how many boxes I filled. It is actually kind of embarrassing that I have as much as I do. But when you consider that I teach classes, it kind of makes sense for me to have multiples of various tools.