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Busy Night in the Studio

It seems that I have not been in the studio to make jewelry for the sake of making jewelry. I love the Tool Time Tuesday posts because I knew they would make me post on my blog and get into the studio at least once a week. I am glad that people are enjoying them as well. My readership has increased about 25% too, so that is great. Thank you to those that have subscribed and regularly visit and feel that what I have to say is worth reading.

Last night and again tonight I was able to get into the studio to play with some new components and tools. Yes, I have even more new tools. I think I have an illness. I wonder if there is a 12 step program for tool-a-holics.

This is a picture of the piece I featured on my Tool Time Tuesday post . Copper, sterling silver and 6mm cz.

This bracelet is made with etch pieces that I did tonight using my new Electro-Etching kit by Sherri Haab. I will be writing a Tool Time Tuesday post on this coming up pretty quickly.

These earrings have been textured with my Raw Silk hammer and the sterling swirls have been forged. I hand made all the ear wires.

Again, textured with my Raw Silk hammer and forged silver.

This is probably my favorite pair. I call them English Ivy. The leaves have been textured with Raw Silk, forged swirls and stamped circles.

I used one of my texture hammers on this pair of earrings.

This is a fun little pendant I thought I would offer as mother’s pendants. The ring, is actually pretty small. I made this one for Kate, and Riley will be helping me to make hers later this week.

I have come into a great deal of copper lately, so you can expect to see a LOT of copper and mixed metal pieces from me pretty soon. I have begun to populate my Etsy shop once again and will be adding things to my website as well.

Thank you to those of you that have purchased my Angel Tutorial. I would love to hear any feedback (good or bad) that you might have to help me make future tutorials even better.

Also, I thought it would be kind of fun to do a give away. I now have over 100 blog subscribers. Once I hit 150 I will do a give away of some sort. Not sure what I will give away yet. It could be a piece of jewelry, a tool, or tutorial, but it will be pretty cool whatever the prize. So spread the word.

Valentine Earrings

Since I will only be around for the first couple of weeks in February, what better time to do Valentine jewelry. So I came up with a couple more quick projects to teach. I have already shown you the ring and pendant, now enjoy two pairs of earrings. The first is a set of post back earrings. Right now the are made in copper as they are my prototypes, but I will certainly make these in sterling as well.



This next pair is based on the same design only they are hanging from french ear wires. Again, just in copper for now, but I will make some in Sterling.


Happy New Year 2010!

This year is off to a busy start. I hope that everyone had a good holiday. As many of you know the end of the years are always a bit more difficult for me. This year was a good one, but one in which we still really miss our little Angel Kelsi. I am currently working on a piece for a good friend and myself that I hope to have done this week to show. I was really hoping to have it done by her birthday, but it didn’t happen. I will post more about it when it is finished.

Where am I going with this jewelry stuff?

I have been thinking about my business, blog, jewelry and just life and trying to figure out which direction to take things. I have so many things I would like to do, but I don’t want my home life to suffer in trying to accomplish them. I haven’t quite figured everything out yet, but hopefully I will be able to soon.

Year of Jewelry, Ohio JMAG, Gemology

I have signed up for the Year of Jewelry Challenge once again. For the first time since starting the challenge, in which we make a piece of jewelry every week for the entire year, I did not complete it. This past year was one in which there were some very large events going on. Between being gone to Indonesia and helping my mother as she dealt with breast cancer I was gone for nearly two months there alone. I am not even sure that I have photographed 52 pieces of jewelry this past year. The Ohio Jewelry and Metal Arts Guild is another venture that has taken up MUCH of my time. We have some great things coming up this year and I am looking forward to it.

I have started training to become a gemologist and have recently earned the Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P.) diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). I have quite a bit of work to do to earn my Graduate Gemologist diploma, but working hard on it all the same.

Tool Time Tuesdays

Starting tomorrow, January 5th I will be starting a new weekly blog post here on my blog called Tool Time Tuesdays. I am teaming up with a friend of mine that has a fabulous online jewelry supply shop, Every Tuesday we will select a tool that we use
and love, or hate. We will review the uses, benefits and drawbacks. We will provide our opinion of the tool and tell you where you can purchase the tool or perhaps even how to make it.

I have also been thinking of doing studio spotlights. I need to think about how to make this one work a little more, but sometimes it is so much fun to see how others work and get to know them a little bit better also.

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First Jewelry of the Year

I am actually off to a fairly decent start this year. I have just finished a few pieces today. The first is a “Rewind button” for a friend of mine that is going through a difficult time. I have a few other “buttons” that I am going to try out just as soon as I get off of the computer. So you will probably see a few more of them tomorrow.  The second piece is a pair of earrings I made as a custom order. There are 24 little crystals in these earrings. The wire used is only 26 gauge – that is really thin. They are about 2″ long. The last picture is a small army of angels I made for another friend on a custom order.

Melissa Muir Jewelry

Melissa Muir Jewelry
Melissa Muir Jewelry

Melissa Muir Jewelry

Well, that is it for tonight. Good night all, and I will “talk” with you tomorrow with our First Tool Time Tuesday!

A few more recent pieces

The last month, I have actually made quite a few pieces, mostly earrings, but here are a few of the pendants that I worked on in the past little while.

This first one is an angel that I made with a dichroic stone that one of my students gave to me for this specific purpose. (Thanks Julie!) The second piece is a 4mm Iolite. I wish the picture showed it better, but the stone is a lovely deep blue/purple.
Melissa Muir Jewelry
Melissa Muir Jewelry

I am not sure of the stone type of this next piece. But the composition of the piece turned out exactly how I wanted it. I wanted it to look like it had been melted and burned. The outer border on the right looks as though it has melted away, while the upper left bezel looks as though it has been burned just along the edge. I love the way the back of this piece turned out too.
Torched - Front
Melissa Muir Jewelry

This next one turned out just a bit differently than I had expected. I had designed it to hang upside down from what it is now. However, the flash in the stone required it to be hung as you now see it. It still works and looks nice, and you should see this stone flash. Vivid blues, greens and even a touch of red.
Labridorite Swirl - Front
Melissa Muir Jewelry

I created this one while playing around with some scraps. I liked it so much that I decided to make a pair of earrings to go with it.
Melissa Muir Jewelry
Melissa Muir Jewelry

This first piece is a fire agate. I like the flow and concept of this one. The last piece is one that has not been done any justice in this picture. The three stones are the most beautiful fire opals. They graduate in color from Red (first stone) to Orange (second stone) to an orange/Yellow (last stone).  It is about 2 1/2″ long from the top of the bail to the bottom swirl.
Melissa Muir Jewelry
Melissa Muir Jewelry


I hope to share some more pieces coming up shortly. I am working on teachers gifts for my girls’ teachers at school and church. Plus there is one special piece that I am working on for a very close friend of mine that was there for me during Kelsi’s birth and death. I will have that one done in the next week, just in time for her 5th birthday.

Tube Settings

Today a friend of mine came over and we worked on tube settings. Tube settings are similar to bezel settings only that you don’t have to create the bezels. You use tubes that are cut to size and then drill out the middle so that you can set your stone down inside of the tube. After fitting the stone, the top edge is then folded over the stone in the same way that you would with a bezel. I created two pieces today and I am rather proud of them both.

The first is a pretty little Iolite. The stone color is a dark blue/purple, even though you can’t really tell in the picture. The disc it has been set on has been textured and domed. The second is a leaf I forged and gave a light patina. The stone on the leaf is a 4 mm CZ.

The next two pictures show classes that I will be teaching at Embellish in Rocky River on Saturday, October 24th. They are my gypsy bracelet and earrings. The class should be fun and the jewelry is a lot of fun to wear too.

Gypsy Bracelet
Gypsy Earrings

Necklaces, Pendants and Earrings

As promised here are a few other pieces that I have recently finished. It sure has been nice to be back in the studio. I can’t wait until I figure out how to balance everything and make it in there even more.

This first set it made with some lampwork beads from one of my favorite glass artists. her name is Laura Critchfield. She does some of the most amazing things with glass rods and a torch.


The next two pieces are earrings I have had fun with. The first pair is simply some sterling sheet, textured and oxidized. I love these things. The ear wire isn’t really bent, just the way the light hit it. The second pair is a beautiful faceted set of Botswana Agates. They have the most wonderful colors of pink, purple and gray.


These next two pieces are some that I have done in classes while teaching various techniques. The first one I made while teaching a soldering and bezel setting course. The star pendant was one that I did Saturday while teaching piercing, soldering and riveting. The beautiful little bead was made by Cheryl Gangle. It has been riveted on to the piece after balling up the one end of the wire.


This next piece is a great one. I am afraid the stunning color of the dark purple amethyst doesn’t show very well in this picture, but believe me, the color is wonderful. I textured a piece of sterling silver, punched out the disc and soldered the bezel on. I had a d different type of bail in mind when making the piece, but changed my mind after the stone had been set. I really like the gracefulness of this bail much better than the one that had been planned.


The last piece is one of my favorites, aren’t they all?

This is made with one of the fabulous stones I got while in Indonesia. The color is a deep red/pink. It is crystal clear!  You can’t see it in the picture, but you can see right through the to designs on the back of the pendant and the light really bounces around inside this one. I haven’t identified the stone with certainty yet, but I am thinking it is either Spinel or perhaps even a type of Beryl. Either way it is a stunning stone. Just like the amethyst in the previous post, it just glows in the light. The design in the “petals” have been pierced and drilled. It turned out much better than I thought it would. But I do like it all the same.

Melissa Muir Jewelry

Snow Storm in Ohio = Great time in the studio

Okay, so we totally got hit with SNOW!!!! I am so tired of shoveling that stupid white stuff. I now have mounds of snow over 4 feet tall in my front yard. I am getting really good at throwing the snow over them too. I had to shovel my walks three times today. I hope you are all staying warm and safe this weekend. I know there were quite a few places affected by the storm. I will take pictures of the place tomorrow and you can see what I mean. I totally want a snow blower.  HAHA

So what do you do when you get a foot of snow? Well, this is what I did. Not all of these were made today. Some of them were made yesterday.

Okay, here are some pieces from me. It has been a while huh?

This first one was made for a challenge on one of my jewelry forums. We were challenged to use 10 gauge wire in our design. So in this one, all the silver started as 10 gauge…. and that is THICK! I hand pierced the copper with a jewelers saw. It is fun. I only broke one blade. YAY!

Melissa Muir Jewelry

next one is based on another that I had done a long time ago. Everyone
liked it so much so I decided to do something similar. This time there
is no stone and it is mixed metal.
Melissa Muir Jewelry

next group is one that I made for a friend of mine for a jewelry swap.
She likes copper and silver and I was happy to oblige. I hope she likes it.

I am teaching this class next week and wanted to come up with a wire heart with beads… so here it is. This is similar to the one below.

this is what I did today in between rounds of shoveling over a foot of
stinking snow! I DON’T LIKE SNOW! But I am in love with this pendant.
The stone is an imitation opal.

As always, I love to hear your comments and suggestions. Stay safe and dry and warm everyone!

Why Yes, I do still make jewelry

I am having such a hard time keeping up with photographing my pieces lately. Well, here are a few that I have made in the last few days. Some I like better than others. One in particular might actually get torn apart and reused in another fashion. We will just have to see.

Tomorrow I am off to North Carolina for a week of nothing but jewelry making. The schedule is packed full of new techniques and I cannot wait to get started.




Melissa Muir Jewelry

Melissa Muir Jewelry

Melissa Muir Jewelry

Saree Giftimg class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-964″ src=”×300.jpg” alt=”Melissa Muir Jewelry” width=”300″ height=”300″ />alt=”” width=”350″ align=”left” border=”0″ />
Okay, so that is it for now. I hope you enjoyed them. Please give me any feedback you might have on these. I am particularly interested to see if you like or dislike the same ones I do.

Oh, and the first piece is HUGE! I know it doesn’t look like it, but it really is. The piece in gold is made with a glass cab that didn’t go quite right according to my friend. I actually made her dig it out of the garbage and bring it to me. She still doesn’t like the stone. And truth be told, it is one of my favorites. Hopefully she will like what I did to it….. and you know who you are! hehehe

The last two pictures are pieces that were made for a couple of friends.  I hope they like them.

Angels, Pendants and Earrings – Getting back to wire.

I have finally had a little bit of time to get some new things posted to my website. I will be adding more as I can. I would have had it all done last night, but my internet connection didn’t think that it was a good time to be up and running. How frustrating! Even today it is still being really fickle. I hate that! Anyway, here are just a few of the pieces that have either been recently posted or will be shortly.

PE_pin_175First, the Preeclampsia Awareness Pin has been listed on the front page
of my website. The cost is $12.50. The price includes shipping and 100%
of the proceeds goes to the Preeclampsia foundation. This pin has been cast in Pewter and looks wonderful on. All the preeclampsia survivors at the foundation fundraiser received one and it was really neat. These also make great gifts for mothers and fathers. There is just something really special about that little foot on the heart.

The next few images are a few of my angels. I have recently made these since they seem to sell well. I personally think they are really pretty, but of course I am some what biased.
Melissa Muir Jewelry

Melissa Muir Jewelry
Melissa Muir Jewelry

I have also made a couple of other wire wrapped pendants. I haven’t done that kind of work for a while and it sure felt good to make a few more. I really do enjoy all of the different things I do. I love to see how the wire takes shape and I am almost always amazed at the finished piece.
Melissa Muir Jewelry

Melissa Muir Jewelry

I also made a few new pairs of earrings. I can’t decide which are my favorite. I love forming the copper cones. Now that is really neat to watch. I start out with a triangular shape and form it with nothing more than a hammer and forming block. I really like the contrast of the black onyx against the matte finish on the black onyx. I don’t have many more onyx beads like this, so I am afraid there won’t be many pairs or pieces of jewelry to go with them. I want to make a pendant that matches them. The last pair is made with a beautiful purple crystal, much darker and more rich than they appear on my computer screen. They are done using the same technique as my Victorian earrings. I called these Angel Earrings as they also use the same wrapping technique as my small wire angels. I cannot take 100% credit for the design of these however, they were actually inspired by an article in one of the Step-By-Step Wire magazines.
Melissa Muir Jewelry
Melissa Muir Jewelry
Melissa Muir Jewelry
Melissa Muir Jewelry

I am hoping to have the rest of these items listed on my storefront by this evening. It is my goal to remove the sold section from my storefront, as I can now display those items on my website in the Gallery.

I would love to hear any comments, feedback or suggestions you might have.

a few more things

Unfortunately today hasn’t been very productive. I am still working
pretty hard though. Here are a couple of things I have been working on
over the past couple of days.

A new ring: Green aventurine

Onyx earrings

More of my spiculum earrings.