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Hello everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. Our Fourth was wonderful. I hosted the first of many (I hope) parties here at our new home. It was so much fun to have a large group of family and friends here. Of course that also meant that I spent quite a bit of time cooking and cleaning…. and unpacking. Yes, I am still unpacking and trying to get this house in order. There has been so much work to be done. With the girls out of school for the Summer I feel like I am a chicken without a head running around. I know that I am busy, I know that I am getting a lot of things and projects done, but I feel like I am not making progress. I am sure that I am really making progress, but it just doesn’t feel like it. I am so far behind in my blogging and videos. I was hoping to have my business up and running, but I can’t even afford to get my business license yet. Sigh, Hopefully soon.


I have had the opportunity to host my video workshops and tutorials with a new website called They invited me to be their featured artist this past week. It was kind of fun where I was even interviewed for my first podcast. If you would like to listen to it, you can find it here: It is kind of long. So I just opened another browser window and let it run while I was doing other computer work.
In addition, they featured me in a blog post. That can be found here: They did a nice little write up.
I was also asked to participate as a guest blogger where I  talk about my Top Ten Metalsmithing Tools.
It was a lot of fun. In fact, the podcast came out on Tuesday, July 2nd. Which also happened to be my birthday. What did I do for my birthday? Well, I got to sit around in the hot house while I waited for the AC repair guys to fix our BRAND SPANKING NEW AC. Oh that was loads of fun. But some of my new friends were sweet and took my girls to a water park and brought me lunch from one of my favorite cafe’s. My oldest made me Red Velvet Cupcakes and we had pancakes for dinner. LOL. It was a very low key and restful day.
What am I working on now? Well, I was working on getting a piercing workshop filmed. But you know how you get rusty with your skills if you don’t use them? Well, that is where I am. Between having three kids at home, two moves within a year, setting up a new house and everything else, I feel like I am so rusty. So I have halted the filming for right now and am trying to just create in the studio. Of course, as I work in the studio, I am finding what works and what doesn’t, as far as the flow goes. I am also finding that I am still missing some tools. That is frustrating.
So bear with me. I am getting back into the swing of things. People often comment on how amazed they are that I am able to do all the things that I do. Well, let me tell you, there is an awful lot that isn’t getting done right now. And sadly, that includes my blog and Tool Time Tuesday. But my house is getting a little more put together and that makes me feel better. And hopefully once I get it in order, I will have more time for creating and working in the studio.

4 thoughts on “Catching up – iCreateFlix Featured Artist

  1. Denny Diamond

    STOP!!! Take a deep breath. Exhale. Everything else will follow when it is ready. You know you will do it.
    I have all the faith in the world in you. If anyone can do it, it is you, Melissa.
    Take time and enjoy the process.



  2. Melissa Muir

    Thanks Denny, It will all come. I am just impatient. There just are not enough hours in the day to do all the painting, gardening, repairing, cooking, cleaning and tending to kids, let alone make it into the studio. The kids will all return to school in the fall and then I hope that I will actually have some more time to get everything done, especially the part where I get to play in the studio again. 

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