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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. It was the first in our new home. It was a lot of fun. And, nothing like a nasty cold to hit right before the holidays to put you behind schedule… and that is exactly what happened to me. Yuck.

Rather than overload this message with my 30-days-of-art (which I am slightly behind on – Thank you stupid cold) I figured we would just jump right to the good stuff.
There area  couple of videos that I didn’t get posted. Of course we have to have the videos.
The first video is of the Arbor Press Offered by PotterUSA. I show how to assemble, temporarily mount it to the bench top, and of course, how to use it.


The second video is how to use the newly redesigned Ring Shank BeRing Shank Bending Tool by Pepe Tools. In this video I demonstrate how I make my Spinner Rings. The more I use this tool, the more I really like it. It just might find itself permanently mounted to my bench soon.

Video Link:


Now for the super exciting part! I finally reached over 2,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. WOOT! Thank you all for your support. To celebrate, I am going to give away one of my new Cherrywood Swage Blocks.  The cherrywood came from my Brother-in-law’s property in Florida. Of course, in the hands of my talented Father-in-law, they have become a beautiful tool for your studio. I have 28 of “first quality” blocks in stock. I also have an addition 10 “second quality.” The reason for the “second quality” is because Cherrywood has more knots than the black walnut. So some of the grooves have a small knot that makes some of the grooves only partially usable. These are still amazing blocks, and I have no problem using the “Seconds” but some people might not want them.


The First Quality Blocks are $52.50 (includes domestic shipping) and are available on my website.

The Second Quality Blocks are $37.50 (includes domestic shipping)

Even if you purchase a block and then win the giveaway, I will refund your money. But what is that you say? You are one of my readers that doesn’t make jewelry and have no need for this beautiful block? Well, I will also give away a pair of earrings. They haven’t been made yet, so I can’t post a picture. But I will when I get them done.

How do you enter? Just leave me a comment on this post. Easy Peasy. I will number the comments and have select a number for me and that will be our winner. I will draw a winner on Wednesday Evening (12/4/13). Good luck!

Thank you all again for your support. It has been a crazy few years. I am hoping that 2014 is a good one for us now that we are settled and can get back to a normal routine. NO MORE MOVING. LOL.

All content and images on this blog are the property of Melissa Muir and use of them in any context is strictly prohibited unless written permission is first obtained. Please feel free to repin any of the pictures of pieces done by Melissa Muir only.

103 thoughts on “Catching up – Give away

  1. Karen

    Oh, how I wish I lived closer to you to come to some classes, but love all the informational videos you do.

  2. Julie

    What a pleasure it would be to create something on a hand made swage block. I enjoy learning from your videos. Thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge.

  3. Beth Wicker

    Your videos are always so instructive – thanks so much! I constantly refer folks to this site to see how to use various tools before purchasing them.

  4. Linda Greene

    I always enjoy your emails not only for the educational content, but the fact that reading about your busy life and the fact that it sometimes interferes with your art make me feel less guilty!

  5. Denise Avery

    Wow! This is very generous of you! I would love to have one of your swage blocks. I have put it on my wish list for Christmas this year.

  6. Linda Cowden

    I have enjoyed your tutorials and receive your posts by email. Thank you for sharing your skills with so many. It is important for us to share our skills so that the art can continue and grow.

  7. Diana Hopkins

    I don’t know what I’d do with a swage block, but I’m pretty sure I’d know what to do with a pair of earrings! Congrats on 2000 followers!

  8. Denny Diamond

    Your posts are always a pleasure to read (even without a fabulous giveaway!)
    Keep up the great work, and I hope 2014 will prove to be much more relaxing for you and your family!

  9. joan garner

    I love all of your posts! Thanks to you I was finally able to get the confidence to set my first stones! You make every goal seem reachable! Thank you so much!

  10. Sandra Yavorcik

    I love each and every blog you put out. I constantly refresh my knowledge of tools and their uses, always learning a new app or technique, thanks. Sandy Yavorcik

  11. Angela Mullis

    I would so love to win one of these blocks!!!! Pretty please count me in for this amazing giveaway! Thanks a bunch!!!

  12. Ruth Scott

    I enjoyed your post and these wonderful new tools. I use an Arbor Press to punch out discs….now I see there are many more available uses. Thank you, Ruth Scott

  13. Polly Anna Randol

    Melissa, great videos! And I’d love to win one of your blocks. Thanks for all you do and I hope you’ll be settled in your new home for a long time to come.

  14. Gayle Beach

    I look forward to your post and videos, they have encouraged and inspired me. Thank you for your generous sharing .

  15. Skye Fresh

    Love your tool time videos & blog! Glad you’re feeling better too 🙂 I’m such a tool junkie and would love to win that block! Thanks for the opportunity Melissa!

  16. Joan Durocher

    I don’t know what to do with a swage block, but I would love to learn. The wood in the picture is so beautiful!

  17. Kathy Bush

    Love your videos and the cherry swage blocks look beautiful. It’s so generous of you to offer these great gifts to us. Thank you so much!

  18. Leslie G

    I would absolutely love to win one of your swage blocks. Thanks for such a generous give-a-way. Love your videos too, BTW.

  19. Jules

    I don’t have a swag block yet but have been checking these out for a while. Not that I need another tool but I’m sure I will find some cool things to make if I win!!

  20. Amy

    I’ve been really enjoying watching your videos on tools and techniques! Thanks so much for posting them for all to learn and grow as artists/craftspeople! Happy Holidays! (**I hope I win**).

  21. Lee Anne

    Beautiful blocks. He does such a great job! You have such a talented family! Hope I win! Thanks for the chance..

  22. Angie S.

    No more moving indeed!!! While I would love to win a pair of earrings from you (I already own the beautiful swage block!) I must concede as I have already been the lucky recipient of your drawings! (LUCKY ME!!!) I’m happy you are all settled and hopefully feeling better! Cheers to you!

  23. Joyce Lucht

    Your videos are so good. Well organized, thorough, clearly presented. I always learn a lot. Thanks, Melissa.


  24. Allie

    I would love to be the lucky recipient of the wood blocks, but I’m doubtful you’ll want to ship them to Canada. 🙂 Too bad for me…..

  25. Amelia

    I’ve never commented before, but really enjoy reading your journal and I’ve found your videos very helpful! The swage blocks are beautiful, you’re so lucky to have a father-in-law with the wood working talents yours has.

  26. Melissa Muir


    I totally ship them to Canada. It says I don’t when you first order it, but that is just because I have to calculate the shipping differently. 
  27. Lin Parkin

    Adore your blog, especially the tool time tuesdays, I didn’t know you had a utubre channel so headed there.

    Would Love to win one of those blocks, they look beautiful. I live in Fl. too and will have to check out cherry wood trees. Thanks, keep up your wonderful reviews.

  28. Robin Meyer

    Seriously can’t wait to get one of these. Would like to understand the difference between the 2 a little better though. Thanks.

  29. sally

    Cherrywood and Walnut…..might be too pretty to use!! Thanks for all your support and tutorials!! Can we comment and enter more than once!!??!!

  30. Patricia Ford Ferguson

    always look forward to your post, am a friend/customer of Kevin Potter, that’s how I found you, and am very glad I did. passionate lifetime student!!!

  31. Beverly

    Sorry to hear you had a cold…it seems the coldb and flu season has hit early here on the West coast. As always, I love watching your instructional vids. Have I ever told you how calming and reassuring your voice is? Seriously!

  32. Audie

    Thank you for all of your informative emails, I save all of them to my yahoo, just in case of computer failure.

    Faithful reader,


  33. Sue Jones

    I’ve so wanted to try this technique but didn’t know where to start. Would love to try it with one of your swage blocks.

  34. Dana

    Your you tube videos have not only encouraged me to play more with metals but have also helped me tremendously! I would love to own one of your swage blocks 🙂

  35. Delia STONE

    Would love to have a swage block to play with. So many experiements to indulge, so little time and money for new tools. lol

  36. Carol Dillman

    You are so inspiring. Wish I could just shadow you (no I am not a stalker) and absorb all of your jewelry making knowledge. Thanks for all that you share.

  37. Melissa Meman

    I would love a swage block! I read your posts all the time, Melissa, although I am not much of a commenter!!

  38. Kimmy Rockett

    I would be honored to win one of your Swage Blocks. I have watched all of your videos. I would love to try the swage block out, using your tips.

  39. Marye Peisinger

    Your video reviews are very informative. They really give an insight into the tools and how to properly handle them, along with extra tips. Keep up the fabulous work for us novice artisans.

  40. Ema Kilroy

    I love your work and enjoy your videos so much. You are one lucky girl to have all those fantastic tools to work with! I am still pinning after a rolling mill and now I think want that ring shank tool and of course I will need a studio proper to house all these fabulous tools. Thanks for the chance to win Melissa.

  41. Maria LaMalfa

    Would love to win one of these swage blocks. Love the craftsmanship and beautiful wood. Oh, yeah, it’s also a very neat tool, LOL. Thanks always for your many youtube tuts!

  42. Marcy

    I want one of those blocks lol! Now, off to watch the videos!!! Thanks for making all of these videos available to us, Melissa!

  43. Chris Kerr

    Oooooo please put me in the drawing! Please please! Even if I don’t win this lovely lovely block…a girl can dream! Have a blessed Wednesday you awesome gal~

  44. Dianne Karg Baron

    Isn’t it wonderful to have a talented FIL who makes tools for you? Congratulations on your success! It’s well deserved!

  45. Mary Laporte

    Your Swage block is on my Santa’s Wish list Have wanted on for a long time. Happy Holidays to you and family !!! 🙂

  46. Denny Pizarro

    I have learned so much from your blogs and videos. You are very generous with your knowledge and I appreciate you for that.

  47. Karen

    What a beautiful tool! Would love to win one. Thank you so much for the opportunity and for all of the info and videos you do.

  48. Jana

    I hope I’m still on time to join the fun! Such a great giveaway!
    Thank you, Melissa! And congrats on the YouTube subscribers!

  49. Bea Morris

    This will make a fine Christmas present….for me. Please count me in for a swage block. Thanks for the giveaway. Merry Christmas. Bea


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