Catching up – 30 Days of Art

WOW! I am so far behind. I was doing really well too. Then of course, it is that time of year and the sickies hit our house. Luckily, it was a short lived one, but it got us all the same. It is amazing to me how just one or two days can throw everything off for weeks. So let’s get caught up shall we?

Day 6:


Day 7: A pendant made for my daughter Kate.


Day 8: Sterling textured earrings


Day 9: Copper and Sterling pendant

Day 10: Textured Copper Cuff

Day 11: Ever have an idea in your head that looks really neat? Then you
make it and it isn’t so neat? Yeah? Well, that is this piece. And then
the picture magnifies all of its super UN-GLORIOUSNESS and makes it even worse. LOL.


Day 12: Beautiful Happiness, at least those are what they said on the stamps.


Day 13: Sterling and Copper


Day 14: More copper… imagine that.


Day 15: Textured Copper and Forged Sterling Silver


Day 16: Rainy days. Sterling, copper, acrylic and glass (Front and back)


Day 17: Copper and Carnelian


Day 18: Copper and carnelian


Day 19: Shooting Stars


Day 20: Ring – Copper and Sterling


Okay, so I am still about 4 days behind, but at least I am finally much closer than I was.

See you soon!

14 thoughts on “Catching up – 30 Days of Art

  1. Heather

    Hi Melissa,
    Glad to see your post. Hope things are starting to settle down a little for you on the home front. I know you were talking about all the upcoming changes and busyness that you were facing.

    Just wanted to say I adore all the new pieces. I am curious what kind of reception have you gotten from customers about your use of copper? Have you had a good reception and feedback? I have been thinking of trying some new lines in copper and brass due to the rising cost of sterling and gold. The thing holding me back though is I’m wondering if people would be willing to pay for the handmade aspect of a piece made in alternative metals. I mean the overall metals materials cost may be a little lower for copper or brass but the cost of my time and skill needed to make the pieces by hand has not changed.

    I’m very curious to know if you feel that there is a cap or ceiling in terms of what you can ask for when pricing any pieces that you offer in copper simply because it is copper and not say “a precious metal” like silver or gold.

    Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic. Thanks for your time. Have a wonderful day. Again great new work thanks for sharing.

  2. Melissa Muir

    Thanks Heather. 

    Things are about to get crazy once again on the home front. I am really hoping we can find something easily in Utah. I am just ready to be settled and done for a few years.  
    In response to the jewelry. I honestly don’t know. I have had a lot of interest in the pieces I post, but I haven’t listed them for sale. I think partly because I too know the value of my time and work and sometimes it is so hard to do it in copper or mixed metals because I am uncertain as to how people are going to react to it. I never know how to price it. Because like you said, just because it is in a lower priced material, it doesn’t mean that the time or skill to make it is different than it would be in silver or gold. I have been tempted to make a few of these pieces in sterling and list them both. Then they can see what the cost of the material is going to do to the final price of the piece. If you look at some of the cuffs I have done. They will be listed anywhere between $75 and $150. If they were done in sterling silver, they would be closer to $250 – $350. Just because of the silver. 
    Other than that, I actually am making the pieces in mostly copper, because I have it on hand, and it is getting me back to being creative again. I am not really making things with the eye for selling them… though I should be. I am trying to figure out some new styles, techniques and just perfecting some of my skills. Truth be told, I don’t sell a lot of my stuff because 1) I am nervous about pricing them and seeing what people think,  2) I hate trying to figure out all the taxes and such associated with selling (Inventory, taxes, pricing, keeping records.) and 3) My self esteem with regards to my jewelry isn’t very high. LOL. 
  3. Heather

    Thanks Melissa. Well at least its a bit reassuring to know that I’m not the only one thinking this way. I really dislike the whole business type side of making jewelry but its so hard to justify all the investment into tools, stones, and metals if I don’t at least try to sell something. Thanks again for all of your great posts and info. I always look forward to reading them. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers for all your upcoming changes. Good luck with every thing.

  4. Melissa Muir

    Thanks Heather. Yeah, I really need to get my act together and get selling. I was just looking at my bank account and it isn’t in very good shape and I have a new studio to build. I need to get working. LOL.

  5. Melissa Muir

    Terri, After the response to the piece, I am considering it. I will let you know if I do decide to sell it. <3 Thanks!


  6. Eve Smith

    I always love reading your blog, Im surpised about you not selling much of your pieces as im sure you would have not problem selling all your pieces. It is hard pricing pieces, as you see some people that give their stuff away. Love the ring at the bottom.

  7. Melissa Muir

    Thank you Eve. I appreciate that. One of these days I will get up the courage to get my pieces priced and listed. I need to get that courage soon so I can get some money to build the new studio.  

  8. Diane

    I just found you today and am so pleased that I did! Your work is really beautiful and I am really learning a lot from your videos.I am sure I will learn even more from your blog as I continue on my way.


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