Bead Soup and Hiking

Last year I participated in the Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by Lori Anderson. I have been in such a rut and having a hard time getting into the groove of things so I thought about it and thought about it and on the very last day of sign ups, I decided to sign up once again for another Bead Soup Blog Party. Last week I received the name of my partner and am so excited to be exchanging beads and findings with Kumi Fisher. You can see some of her great work on her website and blog. and

Kumi, I am very excited to be your partner and so humbled by what you have written about me. Thank you!
You can see our blog reveal on August 11th, so stay tuned to see what crazy things we have come up with to send each other.
And a great big Thank You to everyone that has visited my YouTube Page. This week I hit over 100,000 views on my page. What a milestone and I am so excited.
I am sorry that I haven’t come up with a good Tool Time Tuesday this week. So what have I bee up to? Well, the weather has been fantastic here in Washington and my girls and I have been taking advantage of that.
I have decided that I am NEVER leaving Washington. Just look at these pictures.



Not only have we been hiking but I just got my new bike and this morning my oldest and I took the baby for a bike ride. I am thoroughly enjoying my time here. Tomorrow we are hiking to visit two waterfalls and we are all excited to enjoy this new lifestyle we are living. I will be back later this week with a good Tool Time Tuesday, even though it won’t be Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “Bead Soup and Hiking

  1. Susan Whelan

    As someone who lives on the other coast I can tell you that the beauty of our surroundings is hard on the frequency of a blog. Especially in the summertime! After seeing the pictures, it would be a shame to think of you as indoors.

  2. Shing Hsieh

    What a gorgeous place you live! Your girls are beautiful and look so happy. Thanks for the photos and all the great videos, tips and overall positive outlook on life. I found your blog recently and it’s the first I’ve subscribed to!

  3. Melissa Muir

    Well, I blew it today. We were on our way down the mountain and rolled my ankle. Now I have to take it easy for at least a month. :*( But oh it is beautiful.

  4. Melissa Muir

    That has to be the highest compliment you could possibly give me. Thank you. And yes, this place really is beautiful. 

  5. Melissa Muir

    Oh I am very excited. I am also running late. So yours will be sent off on Monday. I am excited to be your partner too. Thanks Kumi.


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