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What a busy few days it has been for me. This is the last week of summer before school starts. Sorry that I missed this week’s Tool Time Tuesday. But I had a really good reason. My oldest is away at girls camp for the week. As many of you might recall, we moved into our home nearly 5 months ago now. We had all sorts of plans of jumping in and getting the studio set up and the girls bedrooms all done and ready. Then came reality. We moved in and right away Riley’s bedroom was flooded….. just after I put in brand new carpet. *Sigh* So we pulled out part of the wall, repaired the damage in her room, repaired the roof where the leak was happening and thought we were good to go. Then…. the AC went out. So for all this time, the girls have been living out of their boxes and unorganized rooms. Riley’s bed was in the middle of the room and you could barely walk into her room. So on Tuesday, I got it into my head that it would be  really fun to have her come home to a finished bedroom. I painted ALL Freaking day on Tuesday (hence, no tool time tuesday.) I still have a few touches to put into the room and it will be done. She comes home tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to see her face.





Monday all the girls start back to school on Monday. Even my baby will be starting full time preschool/daycare. This will allow me to have the days to work on things and then be a mom in the afternoons when they all get home from school.

Speaking of school…. For the month of August, the Synchroblog post was to be based on a pinterest pin that inspired us. Kate has really long hair and she is a total “princess.” She loves it when I do fancy things to her hair. I found this cute pin at: and she wanted me to try it immediately. Now, keep in mind, that I did this quickly this morning and it was the first time we had tried it. So it will be nice when we get to school. But still, Kate is in love with it and loves me for doing fun things to her hair.


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12 thoughts on “August Synchroblog

  1. Janice

    Nice hairdo! I love braids! With really long hair, I sometimes sleep in braids! Keeps my hair from getting knotty.

  2. Beth Brolick

    You not only are a great jewelry artist….you’re a wizard too! The bedroom is lovely and what a great surprise your daughter is coming home to!

  3. Elenor

    I think you deserve a pass on not getting to things…you’ve had so much going on! The room turned out great and the hairstyle is so sweet – nice to see something that doesn’t make little girls look like they are 20. Those are the types of things your girls will remember when they grow up – that you took the time to do their hair and surprise them with a room makeover!

  4. Debbie R

    The room looks so fresh and pretty. Kudos to you for those long hours of painting. Really paid off ! Over – the -door shelving is a great idea.

  5. Melissa Muir

    Thanks so much. She got home today and LOVES her room. The shelves were already here in the home when we bought it. So we didn’t have to do any of that. I honestly don’t think I would have thought to do it otherwise. They are nice to have, but difficult to get to as they are up 7 feet.


  6. Chris Kerr

    The room looks lovely! So organized and friendly~~ You are a wonderful mom! The hairstyle is so pretty AND keeps her hair out of her eyes. Double win!

  7. Melissa Muir

    Braids really are fun on little girls with long hair. I also liked them when mine was long to keep my hair under control wen sleeping.  

  8. Melissa Muir

    Thanks. Things really have been crazy. I hate it when the little girls look like they are 20 also. I love that Kate just wants to be a princess.  

  9. Melissa Muir

    Thanks Chris. I wish her room would stay cleaned and organized. She has only been home since yesterday afternoon and it is already getting a bit messy. LOL. Such is life with a teenager.

  10. Lori Coffelt

    The room looks great and so does the braid. I love it when my niece will let me braid her hair. Pinterest has some amazing braids on it for sure.
    I really love your studio too. Where did you get all the benches? Are they all the same? Do you have a rolling stool or several? Would love to see more of the studio it’s functions and those of other bloggers. I think it helps give those of us starting out inspiration.
    PS When on earth do you get everything done???????????


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