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In December I had submitted two of my pieces to Art Jewelry Magazine for possible publication. One piece I had submitted only as an entry to the gallery of work they showcase in each issue. The other I submitted as a project/tutorial. Well, just last week I heard back from them with their decisions. They didn’t want the piece for the gallery. They wanted me to do a project on it instead. And they also liked the second one and would like a project for that as well. I AM SO EXCITED.

So which pieces are going to be in Art Jewelry?

Winter Lily – I even made this one in copper so I could make certain I could actually recreate it.

Melissa Muir Jewelry


The second piece to be accepted is that fabulous Fine Silver chain everyone loves.

Melissa Muir Jewelry

I don’t know which issues they are going to be in yet, but I will certainly keep everyone posted here. So just watch for updates.

Also, some people have asked me lately if I could let them know when I update my Design Journal. You can actually subscribe to the Design Journal and it will shoot you an email every time I make a new post. At the bottom right, under the menus, there is a box that says subscribe. Just enter your email and you will be ready to go. Thank you to all of you that take the time to leave me comments. I really appreciate it.

9 thoughts on “Art Jewelry Magazine

  1. Illaya

    I am so happy that the publishers were smart enough to accept both pieces for project tutorials. My heart just melts every time I see that Lily brooch. Hooray and big kudos to you.

  2. Melissa


    Thank you so much! I am really excited about this. I started photographing the steps yesterday and have most of the tutorial written for the Lily. I can’t believe how much work this is. I have been writing my hand outs for my classes, but this just seems more difficult to me. I guess it is because it is for an international audience rather than just a handful of personal students. HA!

    I will be certain to post when the article date and issue has been set.


  3. Sheela

    I’ve gushed over your Winter Lilies over at CWJ Forums but they’re gorgeous enough to warrant a 2nd truckload of gush so – GUSH. These are beautiful, Melissa 😉

    xoxoxo Sheela

  4. Chona Sumangil

    Could you please send me a free catalog thru the mail? Here is chona Sumangil, 1309 Chickasaw Dr, Richardson, Tx 75080

  5. Melissa


    I tried to email you but it didn’t go through. I do not have a catalog of my work other than what is here on my site. If you have any questions regarding any of the pieces please feel free to ask.


  6. Melissa

    Thank you very much for the kind compliments. I really appreciate them. I am also excited to see what is next. Now all I have to do is get over some of the creative stumbling blocks.


  7. briethike

    It’s good article. as we are in a very advanced generation so we should use new technology and application for each and every thing.


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